Reelz Channel: The Cast of Eclipse at the Premiere

Naibe and Reels along with MTV were the first media outlets to embrace Twilight back when no one in media knew what it was. It’s great to see their coverage.

Eclipse | Kristen Stewart | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Kellan Lutz | Jackson Rathbone | Ashley Greene | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | BooBoo Stewart | Kiowa Gordon | Kiowa Gordon | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Dakota Fanning | Bryce Dallas Howard | Xavier Samuel | Summer Movies 2010


  1. I love how Jackson tries to dismiss his old love to Ashely. So cute!

  2. I have underestimated Kristin Stewart in the past, but she really seems to have an excellent grasp on the character

    • Stacey Hughes says

      I love the way Taylor Launter plays this character I love the way he can be 1 minute in love with Bella and the next mad at her!!