Judd Nelson Sings Dakota Fanning’s Praises

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Dakota Fanning On Elle’s Most Wanted List

Elle has a feature of pop art by Richard Phillips. He covers what he defines as the Most Wanted celebrities.

“Now he’s [Richard Phillips] upping the ante with Most Wanted, a series of 10 portraits of the hottest young celebrities—from Leo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson to the Taylors (Swift and Momsen), all rendered from those aforementioned red carpet images—opening at White Cube on January 28. The series began as an assignment for pastels of five leading men for V Man in the summer of 2009. “It’s hard to imagine a pastel having any consequence into today’s age, but when my pastel of Robert Pattinson went out into the media during Miami Art Basel, it was at the same time of the New Moon premiere and it went out onto the Internet like crazy. All the New Moon websites and blogs were going nuts; a drawing, an artwork of their star was an amazing thing. It gave me a sense that there was a real desire to see this work,” Phillips said during a recent studio visit, comparing the settings behind these “completely and deliberately synthesized experiences” to “the grain alcohol of media—you take all these rotten potatoes and put it through copper tubing and it’s going to come out a clear liquid.”

In speaking about Kristen Stewart and his inspiration, Phillips said,“I think the easiest one right off the bat was Kristen because of her relationship with Pattinson; plus, New Moon and Twilight were such a success. And just at that time she was hitting it big with The Runaways with Dakota Fanning. The Runaways was kind of a great but wasted opportunity, because the film was horribly directed and terribly shot, but their performances isolated from that were great.”

See the entire gallery here including Robert Pattinson and Dakota Fanning.

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W Magazine Features Dakota Fanning On Best Performances List

W Magazine in an intro to their best performances article states, “The most remarkable moments in film this past year weren’t 3-D action sequences but characters so real they hurt…In the end, the largest measure of these performances is not their adherence to fact but the vivacity and depth of the characterizations. This portfolio is a salute to their greatness. In choosing these actors, we were not trying to guess at nominations or awards. Rather, we were trying to acknowledge and salute the work, to acknowledge and thank the actors for telling the truth—even when the truth was fiction.”

They then single out 20 of the top character portrayals of the year.

Here’s what Dakota had to say about real life and screen life.

“It was important for me to go to a normal high school. I have a locker, which was a big deal. My mom had to buy me a lock and teach me how to use it. It’s the little things: Where do you go at lunch? How do you open the locker? I wanted a yearbook! Now I have a lot of signatures in my yearbook—‘Have a good summer’ and all that.”

See the entire list on W!

ET: Pop Culture Moments 2010

triobannerrevealTwilight and Twilight connected stars dominated this year’s ET Pop Culture  Moments list:

‘Valentine’s Day’ (February 12) – Director Garry Marshall’s ensemble romantic comedy may have fizzled at the box office like a bad date, but all eyes — and tabloids — were on cute couple Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, who dated briefly as a result of working together.

‘Remember Me’ (March 12) – Coming off the strength of his first two ‘Twilight’ hits, Robert Pattinson’s serious turn in this romantic drama got more press than box office for the film’s somewhat controversial 9/11 twist ending and the fact that most Twi-hards kept their distance.

The Runaways’ (March 19) – Coming off the strength off her first two ‘Twilight’ hits, expectations were high for Kristen Stewart’s turn as Joan Jett in this rock ‘n’ roll biopic of the all-girl ’70s band. Again, most Twi-hards kept their distance. On the plus side, former child star Dakota Fanning finally came into her own with her adult role as rocker Cherie Currie.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ (June 30) – Twi-hards continued to line up in droves, beginning with midnight screenings, to drink in the third chapter of the Stephenie Meyer vamps vs. werewolves saga this summer. The world got plenty of shirtless shots of Taylor Lautner, not to mention the big-screen ‘Twilight’ parody ‘Vampires Suck.'”

See the entire list on ET

Dakota Fanning Makes Best Actress Under 25 List

Film.com has released their Best Actress Under 25 List, and Dakota Fanning has made the cut.

Dakota Fanning
Age: 16
Let’s forget about the brooding little vampire she plays in the Twilight series. Can you say “paycheck”? Fanning started out young, mostly with roles on TV, and even graced an episode of Malcolm in the Middle like Emma Stone did. Fanning worked her way up, changing with the times and taking on more and more demanding roles. This past year she stepped into maybe her most demanding role yet — Cherie Currie in the band biopic The Runaways. Fanning takes on a lot for the role of the rock star who found herself buried in a life of drugs, booze, and sex at such a young age. One of the most interesting aspects of her role was that Fanning was the same age as Currie was during filming. Fanning portrays a young girl’s foray into the world of rock ‘n’ roll just as you’d expect it to happen. She’s come a long way since the screaming, crying girl running from killer aliens in War of the Worlds. The wide-eyed look of horror she sported in so many of her earlier films as a child has given way to a mature actress who is evolving with the types of roles she’s accepting.”

The list includes Ellen Page and Amanda Seyfried See the entire list in Film.com

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Dakota Fanning Does PSA For Mattel Children’s Hospital

Dakota has also done PSA work for Stand Up 2 Cancer and other organizations.

Visit the Set of Breaking Dawn…Legally!

Marc Malken over at E! broke the story on this one.

“Picture this: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and YOU hanging on the set of Breaking Dawn.

Sounds far-fetched, yes? Well, maybe not…

A set visit to Breaking Dawn is up for auction in eBay starting today at 4 p.m. PST. Proceeds benefit Stand Up to Cancer, the organization that works to speed up the research and approval of cancer treatments.”

See more at E!

With a little help from our friends at RPattzNews we found the auction. Just click here.

You may remember the PSA for Stand Up To Cancer that featured Dakota Fanning (see below). In a later interview with ET, Dakota talked about how how cancer has affected her life because both her father’s parents died of cancer.

ET: Behind the Scenes With Dakota Fannings Cancer PSA

You can see the entire PSA here

Dakota Fanning: Stand Up to Cancer

Dakota Fanning and other stars of young Hollywood are participating in a Stand Up to Cancer PSA and TV awareness program. Dakota narrates that PSA and participates in a vignette.

According to the Stand Up to Cancer press release:

“Change the Odds” puts cancer into perspective as a disease everyone must stand up to.

Through eight vignettes, the odds of several scenarios that are quite low, like becoming an astronaut (1 in 13,200,000) or getting trapped in an elevator (1 in 24,528), are contrasted with those of being diagnosed with cancer. In the United States, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.

“It is important for young people to be aware of the scope of the problem and the odds that they may face, both for their own future and for their loved ones,” said Ziskin, co-founder and executive producer of the Stand Up To Cancer telecast. “This piece is about how it is never too soon to take a stand against these devastating and epidemic diseases. Theirs may be the generation that gets us to the finish line. We are so grateful to all the young stars and to Marc Webb and Rich Lee for joining our cause so brilliantly.”

The PSA sends viewers to standup2cancer.org/changetheodds, where compelling content from featured talent and important facts about cancer will educate young people about ways they can reduce their cancer risks, including wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking and adding anti-cancer foods to their diets.

“We want to communicate that each and every one of us can play a part in changing the odds of getting cancer in our lifetimes, especially the younger generation,” said Webb. “Seeing these young stars get involved makes me so proud to be a part of the Stand Up To Cancer movement.”

“7PM CT. The one-hour fundraising event will be simulcast live and commercial-free on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HBO, Discovery Health, E!, MLB Network, The Style Network, VH1, HBO Latino, Showtime, TV One, G4 and hosted by network news anchors Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams.

The primary goal of SU2C is to raise funds for groundbreaking translational research to accelerate the delivery of new therapies to patients, getting them from the “bench to the bedside” as quickly as possible. SU2C brings together scientists from different disciplines across various institutions to work collaboratively, rather than competitively, at a critical time in the field of cancer research.

As in the landmark 2008 broadcast, this year’s SU2C telecast will feature live performances by legendary recording artists and stars from film, television and sports, presenting content that provides viewers with insights into cancer.

The star-studded SU2C television special builds continuing public support and donations for cutting-edge cancer research that translates at a rapid pace from the laboratory to treatments and technologies benefitting patients. One hundred percent of all donations received from the public will go directly to cancer research.

The 2008 telecast was viewed in more than 170 countries and helped raise over $100 million. More than $83 million has since been committed to five multi-disciplinary “Dream Teams” of researchers from more than 50 institutions, as well as to 13 young innovative scientists who are undertaking high-risk yet potentially high-reward projects to end the reign of cancer as a leading cause of death in the world today.

MTV: Dakota Fanning and Her Jane Cutout

So how do you like Dakota’s dad’s sense of humor?