Dakota Fanning on the Today Show: from Fangs to Pom-Poms

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Collider Interviews Kristen and Dakota Using Fan Questions


Steve, AKA Frosty, at Collider interviewed Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart using fan questions Tweeted to him. Incidentally, Steve is one of the best out there giving fans the opportunity to ask questions and embrace the stars that the love.

Check it all out on Collider!

The Runaways: Box Office Hit? Let’s Look at Some Facts.

DakotaKrisRun1It’s funny how fast things get judged. There are various reports out there comparing The Runaways’ opening weekend to Remember Me’s opening weekend. Unfortunately they seem to be over looking several key factors.

1.  The Runaways is only open in limited release. There are many cities that won’t get it until April.

2. On Friday, Twilight fans went to DVD release parties then played the DVD, slept in and then did it again. On Sunday they did everything else that they should have done the previous two days. They’ll see the flim next weekend.

3. The film is rated R which is going to cut into a chunk of the Twilight audience, not all of it, but a chunk of it.

In any case the film seems to be meeting with wide critical appeal from fans and critics. Let’s see what happens when it goes into wide release.

Kristen and Dakota also gave an interview to LAish. Check part of it out below.

LAist: One of the first things you did to get into character was cut your hair off.

Kristen: I needed to feel sweat dripping down my face. I would have felt like a fraud if I had a wig on. I’ve worn wigs in the past and they can look great. A lot of actresses won’t work without them. Dakota’s wig looked amazing, she worked really well with it. With the wardrobe and the hair it slowly becomes like a reality that you can believe. It can feel like this huge job, like, “How am I ever going to approach this?” And then you get on set and it all comes together. I can’t really bring myself to do anything until I’m on set. We didn’t see her do “Cherry Bomb” until we shot it. We were all floored. It was so cool.

LAist: Did you guys watch old videos of the band performing to prepare for your roles? I know I went home and watched them on YouTube after seeing the movie.

Dakota: You compared them, ooh.

Kristen: Yeah… you can do that…

LAist: No, you guys did such a good job.

Dakota: Yeah, there’s a lot of footage of them performing. When I first read the script I wasn’t familiar with who they were and who Cherie was. I had heard of Joan Jett and was familiar with her music, but not really “The Runaways.” So, I looked up their old videos and pictures of them and when I saw her perform “Cherry Bomb” I knew that I really wanted to do that.”

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning at SXSW Festival

Moviefone: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning talk about playing two rock and roll icons caught up in a whirlwind before that were 18-years-old.

“Cherie Currie and Joan Jett were 15 when they started the band. Where were you emotionally when you were that age?
Fanning: Where I’m at personally doesn’t really affect the roles that I choose. For this one, I really liked that I was 15 and Cherie was 15 when she was going through all of this because I never wanted it to be like I was pretending to be older and doing things that were too “old.” This was a real thing and she actually went through this when she was that age, and I liked that parallel and similarity to her. My mom told me when I read the script that I had on a cherry temporary tattoo, which is kind of weird. Cherie loves that story. I think she tells it to everybody!
Stewart: It’s funny how you remember your life in movies, like how old were you when you did this movie. I remember being 15 when I did ‘In The Land of Women.’ I was still in school, which was different, but like Dakota, I lived a really normal life that is really starkly different from theirs.”

Read more at Moviefone.

Dakota Fanning Teaches Jimmy Fallon New Tricks

It’s not quite as fun as tree climbing, but still great.

Dakota Fanning Answers Fan Questions on Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Stewart on Breaking Dawn

No, there is no confirmation of if or when the movie will be filmed, but Kristen talked to Fearnet about the possibilities and what she thinks about having to give birth and become a mother should the film be made. Dakota Fanning was there for the interview and even questioned if she would be in the film at all. Showing that she does know the books, Kristen told Dakota that she was, indeed, going to be in it! Read the whole interview over at Fearnet.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Faninng on Hit Fix and IESB

DakotaKrisRun1Yesterday was press day for the Runaways and two of the better interviews out there were done by IESB and Hit Fix.

First from IESB:

Q: What was it like for you guys to get into playing Joan Jett and Cherie Currie? Kristen, you and Joan seem to have a similar energy, but Dakota, you seem so different from Cherie Currie. How was it to portray these women?

Dakota: I think it’s a huge departure from other roles that I’ve played, and me, in real life. It’s obviously very different from things that I’ve done before, and it will be different for people to see, but I like that. I like surprising people with different things that I can do. That’s what I love to do. And, I hope to do more roles like this, in the future.

Kristen: Me and Joan really do understand each other, and that’s a rare thing. Connection is not something that’s common, or easy to describe. But, I really actually think that we both have a lot of idiosyncracies and ticks that are really different. I don’t have her little things that she does. And, I also think that, especially based on when I did this movie and how much time I had to think about doing the movie before I went to go make it, I’ve done a lot of press within that time and I was sort of wearing her. People projected that onto me, a little bit. I really do feel like it was an easy thing to step into, and it wasn’t a huge departure, but I do feel a little bit like I was just in that head space and projected that a little bit.” Read more here.

Next From Hit Fix:

Q: Can you talk about your own musical tastes?  And what you learned about rock n’ roll attitude from Cherie and Joan?

Stewart: Ah, I think that I have a pretty varied taste in music I think.  And it is primarily rock music big umbrella that I am, I am not into hip-hop.  But, I do like both. This was a cool experience because there are a lot of bands that Joan is really influenced by like the Stones which she is obsessed with and just sort of obvious.  Like, she listens to Zeppelin and loses her mind. And I just abbreviated both of those bands and I sound like…(Laughs.)  Um, it was cool to get to know music that was just like a little bit harder or just a bit obscure.  I mean Suzi Quatro is not something that is a staple of our generation.  So, and in terms of being able to play Rock n’ Roll? I really, really love this movie because in many ways they were the first girl band which is crazy and people don’t know that too. And there’s an aggression and an assertiveness that comes through their music. And at the same time its so feminine.  It’s a distinct aggression.  It’s not a male. And I love that and that’s why the movie is cool or should be cool.

Q: Dakota, can you talk about your musical tastes and what you learned about rock ‘n’ roll?

Fanning: Well I think my musical tastes have definitely been broadened by this movie and I have really found that I can’t get out of listening to the Runaways and Joan, because it brings back the memories of the movie and I love it so much and it makes me happy.  (Laughs).  So, I listen to that a lot.  Before that? I love music, but I’m not a huge music person.  I don’t listen to a ton of music, but that’s definitely changed after doing this. And I really wanted to be a part of this to bring the Runaways to them before because I wasn’t aware of them before and I feel that’s a lot of people in our generation and I think that’s wrong. Read more here.

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