IESB: The Bad Vampire’s Interview, Eclipse Press Conference

BryceeclipseXavier Samuel, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dakota Fanning participated in the press roundtable.

Q: Dakota, you are so very evil in this. What was that like?

Dakota: This is the first time I’ve gotten to play the same character in a different film. It was really great.  I love playing this character. It’s a fun character to get to play. And, being a part of all that is Twilight is such an honor and still kind of surreal for me. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Q: What do you like about this character?

Dakota: She’s obviously not the nicest person, but it’s kind of fascinating to be able to play someone that takes pleasure in hurting people. That’s a weird thing to get to do and, obviously, something I’ve never done before.

Q: Bryce, how is it coming into this world for the first time?

Bryce: I had not only read the books, but one of my friends actually made this little pack of Post-It notes for me with Rob’s face, that said, “Live dangerously.” All of my friends were like, “Why are you so  obsessed?” I was just like, “It’s so dangerous. Their love is so dangerous.” It was very fast and it was very sudden. To be honest, I was intimidated going into it, for a variety of reasons, but I felt so lucky to get to meet this group of people. It’s a group of people that have genuine friendships and are so deeply committed to doing justice to these stories, and who always put the character and the story first. Obviously, that’s translated, and I think that’s why the movies are as beloved as they are.”

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  1. Sweet interview, I liked it

  2. Nothing against Bryce but they should have kept Rachelle… I saw the movie last night and it kind of disappointed me not seeing a continuity of Rachelle to finish her character’s story.

    • I haven’t watched the movie yet but I totally agree with you! CH said that the first option to play Victoria was BDH so if she was so obsessed with the movies and books why didn’t she just take the roll since the beginning? I’ll miss Rachelle

  3. Sorry but they needed a big name for the part, the whole story about Rachelle’s ‘conflict’for another movie is bogus, that’s what Summit wants you to believe. she couldn’t carry the part because she’s not an A-lister. Bryce is who they wanted to begin with, and she’s def. a better Victoria from what I’ve seen and she can pull off that kind of role brilliantly.

  4. Joan Bryant says:

    I agree with bea I think Bryce is a better Victoria. I could be a little biased though since I love her as an actress and loved her roles in Spiderman 3 and Terminator Salvation.

  5. I’m a Bryce supporter. Just from the reviews I’ve heard, she’s awesome in this movie (apparently the Edward vs. Victoria fight is epic!). Rachelle had her chance, and I’m sorry but she blew it.

  6. i totally disagree wit hmmm, only because BHD looks a little weird with tht color hair, i know her natrual hair color is red but i think they color it a little more, rachelle was awsome in all the movies!
    me and my older sis will miss her immensely!!!!! 🙁


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