Muse In or Out on Eclipse Soundtrack?

Back in the fall Muse stated that they were excited to work on the Eclipse soundtrack. Then, about a month ago in a Contact Music article it sounded like they didn’t make the final cut. This frankly seemed odd to us just on the timing because the actors are still doing ADR work and frequently you don’t deal in soundtrack until after the ADR work is practically done. So now Twilighters Anonymous is reporting that Muse is back in.  Here’s the story according to Twilighters Anonymous.

“TA has a reporter who has been covering events down at the SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival in Austin, Texas all week. Well today that reporter happened to find themselves in conversation with informed sources from Chop Shop/Atlantic Records. The source has confirmed that Muse will indeed be on the Eclipse soundtrack.”

You can see the whole story on Twilighters Anonymous.

Twilighters Anonymous Interviews Charlie Bewley

Charlie Bewley Interview with Twilighters Anonymous from JACOB BLACK on Vimeo.

You can also read the transcript here.

Team Switzerland Friday

This week its our friends over at Twilighters Anonymous’ turn to host Team Switzerland. They have ecards, graphics and a poem.

At first I was Team Edward, with his golden eyes so stunning,
And caring ways, so humble too, and his mind is oh so cunning.
And might I add, I was rather impressed by his running!
[Although, with his alabaster skin, he is in need of sunning.]

But then Jacob came along,
And how I realised I was wrong!
He hadn’t been on the scene for long,
But soon I knew he was singing my song.

Not to mention when I saw those abs,
Definitely not an ounce of flab!
How I hyperventilated, oh it was fab.
But then reality poked me with a stab.

It was decision time.
Which of the men would be mine?
Edward who was so divine,
Or Jacob who was sublime?

Then Team Switzerland was found,
And I rejoiced, since I was no longer bound,
To choose between them, going round and round,
So from then on, it was Team Switzerland that I was crowned.

By TA member Georgia

Hop over to Twilighters Anonymous and check it all out!

Twilight Wins Vision Award

Twilight is being honored as this year’s Film of Vision, and in particular, Twilight producers Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian, Mark Morgan, and Guy Oseary will be honored. In addition to this amazing honor, Twilight stars Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos, and Ashley Greene, among others, are scheduled to attend.

Our friends over at Twilighters Anonymous will be on the Red carpet covering the event. You can catch their live feed info here at 4:30 Pacific time.

Mitch Hansen Band Live on Twilighters Anonymous

Twilight inspired band, the Mitch Hansen Band, will be live on Twilighters Anonymous tonight at 6:00pst. Check them out.

Mitch Hansen Band Goes Live

The Mitch Hansen Band  is one of two bands that started doing Twilight inspired music way back before there was a movie, and before there were four books. They have an upcoming live program in conjunction with Twilighters Anonymous.

According to TA:

“We have super exciting news to bring you TA’ers! The Twilight-inspired group, Mitch Hansen Band, will be joining us on May 27th for an exclusive video chat interview! Not only are they going to grant us a live video chat interview, but they will also be performing a few lives songs for us!”

Get the details on how to hear the program here.

Robert Pattinson Does More Press at Cannes

First Up is a video from ET Canada (via Robert Pattinson Online)

Next is an interview from Le Grand Journal. There is a fabulous English transcription and play-by-play over at Twilighters Anonymous.

Gil Birmingham on Facebook

Gil Birmingham’s management just got in touch to tell us that he launched a Facebook site. We know this will come as a wild surprise, but there are actually other fake site’s out there.  So if you want official Gil information, this is where you want to go.

Also, speaking of Gil, Twilighters Anonymous has a new interview with Gill up. Can you tell us what it was like filming New Moon?

GB: New Moon was a tremendous experience for me. It was great to be back working with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the cast. With the addition of the werewolf clan cast members, the energy on the set was at a whole new level. Filming New Moon, like Twilight, wasn’t easy. We spent long hours on location, in cold damp weather, sometimes well into the morning. What impressed me the most was the many dedicated fans who camped out in the cold all night while we were on location. They were really amazing!

Check it all out on TA.

ET Canada Interviews Jackson Rathbone

Via Twilighters Anonymous

Team Switzerland: TA Style

This week it’s Twilighters Anonymous’ turn to do the Team Swizerland post. and the goodies that they have come up with include a really cool wallpaper.

Check out TA for the full story and high-res download.