If You Are a Fan on Facebook You May Not Be Getting All your Fandom News

Facebook has recently changed its policy in regards to what content it thinks you want to see. It doesn’t matter if you as a fan of anything from Twilight to chocolate ice cream have decided to like a page…it’s no longer enough.  Facebook will decide if you really want a page’s content based upon how many people comment on a specific article or give a specific article a thumbs up. In other words, if you are just a Facebook lurker, someone who is really interested in content but doesn’t comment on, or thumbs up anything, both you and we get hurt because you (as is your right) want to be a bit of an online introvert.

Over the years, I’ve been a regular visitor to many fansites. However, I was a big content reader not a frequent poster.  Starting in 2001, for a solid 7 years the first thing I did every day when I went online was look at Mugglenet. In those 7 years I don’t think I made more than 5 comments total.  Now with today’s options of viewing fansites via their Facebook feeds, had I chosen to participate on Mugglenet  by liking them on Facebook and viewing their content via the Facebook newsfeed I’d miss out. Why?  I would not see the Mugglenet facebook page content in my newsfeed  because Facebook would decide I was not interested because I didn’t comment or thumbs up, and they’d assume others didn’t want it either!  In short, I’d only see the content if I visited their Facebook page directly.

The Twilight Lexicon has roughly 65,000 Facebook fans. For us to reach all of the people who have chosen to like us on Facebook, the denizens at Facebook wants us to PAY for that privilege. EVERY TIME WE POST to the tune of approximately $200. As we post roughly 4-6 stories a day in slow months and 10-15 in busy months, you could see how economically this will be impossible. The costs inside of a week to ensure that everyone saw everything would be more than my mortgage payment FIVE TIMES OVER. On a slow month it would equal my son’s college tuition. So for free, we can reach roughly the 10% of you that comment. In any fandom or online enterprise only 10% leave a comment, this is not a statistic that only applies to Twilight.

To show how this goes beyond fandom, here’s who else this hurts: The mom and pop restaurants, community theatre groups, alumni groups…ANY GROUP WITH ROUGHLY OVER 450 FOLLOWERS IS NOW FACING THIS.

This screen capture of a story we posted today about the Breaking Dawn 2 calendar shows how Facebook decided only 11%, roughly  7K of our 65K followers, wanted to know this info.





This article from  Always Upward explains it really well:

Last week, an interesting (and by “interesting” I mean “stunning“) tidbit began appearing at the bottom of status updates posted by page admins, visible only to them—the number of people each post reached, accompanied by the percentage of their total fan base it represented.

The number shown doesn’t represent the number of your fans online at the moment; it’s the abysmally small number Facebook bothered to publish in newsfeeds. Yeah. You read that correctly. Most of your fans don’t receive your posts. At all. In any way, shape, or form. Facebook is only sharing them with fans who repeatedly return to your page, post on your page, comment on your page, or otherwise engage on your page. In other words, the minority.

The following day, another tidbit appeared, just to the right of the scary percentage—a “Promote” button. Tap that, and you’re asked to pay for the rest of your fans to see the post. Uh huh. Read that one correctly too. Pay to post. Not to advertise—to reach the fans you already have. The ones who thought clicking “like” added you to their newsfeeds.

The article cited above has a follow up that is also really good. There are some solutions proposed in both articles that may or may not work that you, the user, can take.


What our take on this? We’ll still have the Facebook page, but if you don’t want to miss any daily Twilight Lexicon content we suggest the following:

1.  visit here directly

2. Follow us on Twitter,  (at least over there no one seems to be perpetually tripping over their feet to fix what ain’t broke by screwing the little guy and or for that matter, running amuck with their privacy policy on a regular basis)


One last thing, do us a favor and EMAIL your friends about this, because if they follow us on Facebook, chances are they are going to miss this post.

Facebook FanPages Let them Hear You

This is an open letter to other Twilight Site ops who use Facebook and anyone in general who uses Facebook fanpages. The recent changes to the Facebook fan pages ( they are currently an optional upgrade but eventually everyone will be upgraded to this new version on March 10) have two HUGE problems with them as far as we see and perhaps others depending on your point of view. If you are having issues like we are, Facebook needs to hear you! People who run not-for-profit sites, educational institutions sites, band sites, sites like ours are up in arms. You can see the post and complaints here that are roughly 2,500 and growing. Putting this under a cut because it’s a long one!

[Read more…]

Let Edward or Jacob Take Over Your Facebook Profile!

It looks like the Team Edward or Team Jacob debate has hit Facebook!  AfterTheBite.com has detailed instructions on how you can show your love for either Edward or Jacob on Facebook by doing what they are calling the “Edward profile hack” or the “Jacob profile hack”.  You download the images they provide and upload them into a Facebook album.  You have to tag the photos in the order they are given to you for it to work, so be aware that it might take a little time.  It also only works if you’ve changed over your home page to the new layout, so if you prefer the old style this isn’t for you.  But given that the Edward/Jacob battle still rages on we think there were soon be many facebook pages hacked by the Vampire or Werewolf!

Use this link for the Jacob layout!

Use this link for the Edward layout!

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

Facepunch Trailer Winners!

We had tons of entries for this contest and deciding was really hard. All we can say is a lot of you have friends and family who are really good sports about being fake sucker-punched.  We were laughing our heads off at everything from montages of re-cut Buffy episodes to live action running all over town.  In the end there were three that stood out.

First Place!

Second place!

Third Place!

Winners check your inboxes for an email on how to receive your prize of autographed New Moon merchandise.

We’d also like to recognize these two honorable mentions:

Honorable mention 1

Honorable mention 2

Twilight Lexicon Now On Facebook


Da da da dah…(best we can do on a fanfare)…presenting the Twilight Lexicon Facebook fanpage. A bunch of you have been asking and with some of the new features Facebook now has, we started one. A HUGE thank you to Be My Escape who has been busy setting it up for us.

Like Twitter, it will have a post whenever we have a new blog post. We’ll also use it to keep you updated on events that we are attending, to share videos, and to share photos. And who knows, probably a few other things that we haven’t thought of yet.

Gil Birmingham on Facebook

Gil Birmingham’s management just got in touch to tell us that he launched a Facebook site. We know this will come as a wild surprise, but there are actually other fake site’s out there.  So if you want official Gil information, this is where you want to go.

Also, speaking of Gil, Twilighters Anonymous has a new interview with Gill up.

TA.com: Can you tell us what it was like filming New Moon?

GB: New Moon was a tremendous experience for me. It was great to be back working with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the cast. With the addition of the werewolf clan cast members, the energy on the set was at a whole new level. Filming New Moon, like Twilight, wasn’t easy. We spent long hours on location, in cold damp weather, sometimes well into the morning. What impressed me the most was the many dedicated fans who camped out in the cold all night while we were on location. They were really amazing!

Check it all out on TA.