Twilight Soundtrack DVD Goes Gold

According to Home Media Magazine:

“Nowadays Steve Nickerson, Summit Entertainment’s president of home entertainment, isn’t surprised by how well anything Twilight does at retail.

So when the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, announced this month that the combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of Music Videos and Performances from The Twilight Saga Soundtracks Vol. 1 had reached RIAA-certified gold status Nickerson was more pleased than surprised.

“It’s a little bit of a unique project we developed with Atlantic [Records], and we’re happy with the consumer reaction to it,” he said. “Each of the three individual soundtracks did more than well, and while any of the videos may be available through the individual artists, to put them all together in a product was a unique opportunity.”

Check out the full story here.

You can order the Soundtrack videos via Amazon.


Twilight Saga Music on Blu-Ray

One of our Lexicon readers spotted this new product on Target. TY to

Stephenie Meyer’s Band Choices Like Her Too

According to MTV, several of the bands that Stephenie mentioned on her recent website update are just as much fans of her as she is a fan of them.

“…The guys in White Rabbits — whose album, It’s Frightening, Meyer very much digs — have never met the author, but drummer Matt Clark considers himself a fan, if only because his girlfriend convinced him to watch the movie.

“She’d just read the book and said, ‘You have to watch this movie with me,’ ” Clark explained to MTV News. “Typically it’s not my thing, but I checked it out because she asked. It was great!”

By that point, he was already well aware of the ability of the “Twilight” to bring lesser-known bands to wider attention. “The soundtrack is a huge Billboard hit, which is really rare nowadays,” he said.”

Check out the whole story on MTV. And check out White Rabbits video below.

Stephenie Meyer’s Musical Tastes

It looks like New York Magazine has just figured out what Stephenie Meyer’s musical tastes are.  Up until now it looks like they couldn’t get past the stereotype of what a teen romance novelist should have on her IPOD.

“If you would’ve asked us before today what kind of music we thought Stephenie Meyer listened to, we probably would’ve said something like Evanescence, Lifehouse, or maybe even early-period Donnie & Marie Osmond. However, we would’ve been totally wrong! Her iPod playlist includes the likes of Animal Collective, the Silversun Pickups, and the Dead Weather.”

It got us thinking as to how “perceived image” is no indication of musical taste. Another good example is author J.R. Ward who self-described “I look like I should be listening to Mozart”  in actuality is a huge gangsta rap fan among other genres.  So, do you break the mold on your IPOD tastes?

Meese Meets Stephenie Meyer

The band members of Meese are Twilight fans. They got the surprise of their lives the other night when Stephenie was at their Phoenix show.

“we’re playing our first show with The Fray in Phoenix two nights ago…when all of a sudden some says in passing really nonchalant “Yeah, the Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer is gonna be here tonight”. Then I had this split second indecision of “Should I try to play it cool and act like I meet super famous genius writers all the time? OR should I flip out and tell her what a big fan I am and get my picture taken with her?”… Stephenie was AWESOME. We got to hang out and chatted for a while! If it wasn’t for the fact that we had to go on stage to play, I probably would’ve tried to talk to her all night.”

The whole encounter is here on the Meese website. Also check out their music. Via Twilighters Anonymous

Mitch Hansen Band Goes Live

The Mitch Hansen Band  is one of two bands that started doing Twilight inspired music way back before there was a movie, and before there were four books. They have an upcoming live program in conjunction with Twilighters Anonymous.

According to TA:

“We have super exciting news to bring you TA’ers! The Twilight-inspired group, Mitch Hansen Band, will be joining us on May 27th for an exclusive video chat interview! Not only are they going to grant us a live video chat interview, but they will also be performing a few lives songs for us!”

Get the details on how to hear the program here.

Edward’s New Moon Theme Song

So this week’s music poll is all about Edward! Last week we openned the poll on the ultimate Bella New Moon song and with over 7000 votes in the poll the song on top was Haunted by Kelly Clarkson

So this week I am asking which songs remind you of Edward in New Moon.  And I am just going to say this up front Hate Me by Blue October is a given.  It won’t be included in the poll just like My Immortal for Bella wasn’t included. 

So here is what you need to do, leave a comment containing the name of the song you think represents Edward most in New Moon.  In order for the song to be considered for the poll please leave a link to the song lyrics or video. 

Please do not post the lyrics in the comment box. If a post contains full lyrics(anything more than 4 lines)  it will be deleted. 

Thanks for undertanding and start posting! Just a reminder this is just for fun and has nothing to do with the New Moon soundtrack in any way.

Here are a few of the ones I think of: I Wish th Best for You by Emerson Hart (for the goodbye scene) Too Late by Fisher (Edward’s overall feelings)

Be My Escape

Nikki Reed at Sage and the Dills Show

Nikki Reed took the stage at the Sage and the Dills show in LA last night. Nikki has been a long-time supporter of her friend Sage’s music career. When the group came up to Vancouver to play a couple of gigs, Nikki was there to lend her support bringing Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner with her.

According to Radaronline:

“Sage, the lead singer of the band, is best buds with the actress, who arrived in a purple beanie and dark jeans. And just because she’s in the movies doesn’t mean she gets any special treatment from her friends. The band put her to work loading equipment onto the stage and setting up the drums.”

Get the whole story on Radaronline.

Jamie Campbell Bower Rocks the House

Jamie Campbell Bower has his own band, and last night it played in Camden in the UK. In fact Jamie was Tweeting about it all week up through his sound check!

Here’s a report from a fan who was at the show.

TY to Team Solomon for the heads up

Vancity Allie Meets Cast At The Dills Show

Vancity Allie attended the Dills Show and who did she meet: Nikki, Taylor, and Kristen.

If you haven’t heard the Dills music before there is a great video linked on teh Vancity Aliie Blog, check them out. They have a great sound!

“I asked her[lead singer Sage] if I could take photos of my show and she said that was cool. Nikki Reed herself came out and sat right in front for half the show to take photos of her friend, support her music, take videos, and dance along to the music. What a great friend! They were talking/shouting to each other during the show the entire time, and Nikki was giving song suggestions.