Robert Pattinson Does More Press at Cannes

First Up is a video from ET Canada (via Robert Pattinson Online)

Next is an interview from Le Grand Journal. There is a fabulous English transcription and play-by-play over at Twilighters Anonymous.


  1. arazcal says:

    R.Patz charming as ever! and he looks as if he’s been training- look at the span of his shoulders. He looks great. Hope he enjoys the break before filming resumes in Italy 😉

  2. I would love to hear this in English.

  3. Noureen Shallwani says:


  4. Thanks for the videos! Make blog-reading MUCH more fun, I think! 🙂

  5. hey rob got some new sunglasses! thank goodness! they look really good on him

  6. he looked tickled when that french lady was asking the questions, like he was about to start giggling.
    i would with all those french people yelling stuff i
    couldn’t understand… but that’s why he’s so cute.

  7. I understand French because I’ve lived in Montreal since I was two,so I grew up here.That’s probably the only benefit for living in Quebec.

  8. He has no clue what they are saying….lol They could be trying to steal his soul…..lmao or trying to sell him…lol

    • Kay_Cullen says:

      He he he he he!! Anna that’s so HI-larious!! Just imagine if they asked him if he was male or female, ^_^ or if they asked him if he was a homo! LOL!! 🙂

  9. How cute!
    He’s an Arsenal fan, just like me 😀

  10. Emily W says:

    I wish they had a version where they didn’t dub over his answers. Heh, everytime I hear the photographers calling his name in these videos I can’t help but think about the seagulls in Finding Nemo… “Rob-ert, Ro-bert” is starting to sound alot like the “Mine..mine mine mine mine” birds.

  11. he lookks great…i dont think i hve evr seen him look this good..!

  12. Kay_Cullen says:



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