Team Switzerland Friday

This week its our friends over at Twilighters Anonymous’ turn to host Team Switzerland. They have ecards, graphics and a poem.

At first I was Team Edward, with his golden eyes so stunning,
And caring ways, so humble too, and his mind is oh so cunning.
And might I add, I was rather impressed by his running!
[Although, with his alabaster skin, he is in need of sunning.]

But then Jacob came along,
And how I realised I was wrong!
He hadn’t been on the scene for long,
But soon I knew he was singing my song.

Not to mention when I saw those abs,
Definitely not an ounce of flab!
How I hyperventilated, oh it was fab.
But then reality poked me with a stab.

It was decision time.
Which of the men would be mine?
Edward who was so divine,
Or Jacob who was sublime?

Then Team Switzerland was found,
And I rejoiced, since I was no longer bound,
To choose between them, going round and round,
So from then on, it was Team Switzerland that I was crowned.

By TA member Georgia

Hop over to Twilighters Anonymous and check it all out!


  1. Fantstic poem Georgia!

  2. love the poem…saw his abs not one ounce of flab..that made me laugh…i wish i could be Team Switz but i cant..first i was Team Edward then Team Jake then Switz then i read the books over and over..Eddy got on my nerves and i just couldnt like him…i love him in Twilight the first book but i just couldnt love him..but i always loved im Team Jake..but i think its actually better to me to pick..cause when i was Team Switz i was like oh i love him and him ..ahh idk but i dont like Jake cause his ‘abs’ or his hottness thats just a detail on him…i love him for him
    look at me…babbling..ill shut it now

  3. teamcullen12 says:

    lol… that was awesome! =] <3

  4. I love that poem. The words are so true. It’s beautiful.

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