Muse In or Out on Eclipse Soundtrack?

Back in the fall Muse stated that they were excited to work on the Eclipse soundtrack. Then, about a month ago in a Contact Music article it sounded like they didn’t make the final cut. This frankly seemed odd to us just on the timing because the actors are still doing ADR work and frequently you don’t deal in soundtrack until after the ADR work is practically done. So now Twilighters Anonymous is reporting that Muse is back in.  Here’s the story according to Twilighters Anonymous.

“TA has a reporter who has been covering events down at the SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival in Austin, Texas all week. Well today that reporter happened to find themselves in conversation with informed sources from Chop Shop/Atlantic Records. The source has confirmed that Muse will indeed be on the Eclipse soundtrack.”

You can see the whole story on Twilighters Anonymous.


  1. shannonh08 says:

    Oh gosh, I hope they are going to be on the soundtrack! Wouldn’t be a TWI soundtrack without them!

    Now any word if the 100 Monkeys got a song on it?

  2. YAY! There HAS to be MUSE on the soundtrack. 🙂

  3. There are so many songs that would fit perfectly in “Eclipse!” Like “Newborn,” or “Hysteria,” or even “Assassin.” I really hope they’re on the soundtrack. It’s only fitting, I think.

  4. This has made my day!!!
    Muse make Twilight <3

  5. Vampire-girl says:

    I agree it seems to be keeping the ‘theme’ with Muse, although Twilight the song was more of an impact in that baseball scene.
    I like Muse so glad they’re still there for Eclipse

  6. i agree! A Twilight movie without Muse would be like Bella with no Edward! 🙂 they have to have a song on the soundtrack! There would be no Eclipse movie or book without them!

  7. I agree! So many of their songs would be awesome on the Eclipse soundtrack! Such a big fan of theirs!

  8. i know…and it would be so silly to keep out muse when stephenie meyer herself said that there are whole plots that are inspired by muse songs….muse makes the movies so much better.

  9. If they aren’t on it, we should protest, not that we would really have a say anyway. But I hope the TA article is true.

  10. Jazz Girl says:

    It isn’t a Twilight Saga soundtrack without Muse. Remember when SM was commenting on the NM soundtrack, she said she had 4 requests that she took to CW and the first was and will ALWAYS be that Muse HAS TO BE on the soundtrack.

  11. Their first two songs have been brilliant and I can’t wait to see what they give us for Eclipse. Supermassive Black Hole fit the baseball scene,however I was surprised to see where they placed I Belong to You in New Moon. If you listen to the lyrics,you’d think it’s about when Bella is about to save Edward. On the other hand that scene is so dramatic that to stop and hear this catchy pop tune,would have been inapropriate. Glad to hear they will be included and also to hear the other bands’ songs as well.

  12. Lorrainebow says:

    Muse MUST be on the soundtrack!!!!! I would soooo protest if they weren’t!!! what song? Hmmmmm…?

  13. Please Muse just don’t. No offense to the fandom, I love the BOOKS too, but whenever my favorite band is mentioned in relation to Twilight I cringe because all anyone else who isn’t a fan will see is stupid unintelligent teenage girls.

  14. I thought the first “no” was about composing a song for the movie, as they’d said after “I belong to you” entered New Moon soundtrack. I do not think they won’t be, they will but not with an original song for specially for the movie

  15. In an interview I read with Muse they said they have been trying to break into the US market for sometime now and thanks to the Twilight Saga & SM they have. I think its very appropriate that they be on the next sound track. They are a great band & I would have never heard them if it wasn’t for the soundtracks. So, CRINGE people, this 40yr old mom & her 2yr old daughter really love listening to them & think they should be on the soundtrack & we aren’t stupid teenage girls either.

    • Here, here! This 35 year old totally agree with you.

    • higgin704 says:

      Amen. I love it when people, especially teens or those just out of their teens, gripe about people liking certain bands because of Twilight. Yes, I started listening to MUSE because of it. I don’t listen to radio…at all. I have Pandora, and I have my iPod. I had never heard them. However, I have been listening to alternative rock for the last 23 years. I went to HFStivals and Lollapallooza when most of the gripers were naught but an egg in their mommy’s bellies. So, who cares where I first heard of them? All Twilight did was give them more exposure. Are there going to be some who like them just because of Twilight? Yep. Are there going to be even more who would have liked them if they knew who they were prior to Twilight? Yes, again.

  16. RockinRobbin says:

    I agree that Muse should be on the Eclipse sound track, and hopefully this one will be given more thought than the NM soundtrack did. I belong to you was the only good song on that soundtrack. It seemed like putting it together was an after thought rather than an important part of the film. The soundtrack should be like another character, the one in NM was like an annoying aunt chattering in your ear during the movie, I just wanted to mute the music except for Muse’s song.

  17. It’s because of the movies that I sat down and really LISTENED to Muse, rather than just hearing them on NME radio. Now I’m infatuated with the band! I agree, it wouldn’t be a soundtrack worth listening to I’d Muse wasn’t a part of it. Besides, Stephanie credits all her work to them… Hello! They HAVE to be on it!

  18. Discovered these Gods of Rock thanks to the Saga. Now Im obsessed with them!! Love you, Matt, Dom, Chris!!! Amazing guys. Truly astonishing. Twilight Saga + MUSE = utter perfection. Can’t get enough.

  19. So glad to hear this news! It wouldnt be complete without a Muse song! Thanks Stephenie for introducing me to a great band!

  20. I found MUSE because of Twilight, and thank goodness. I hadn’t listened to anything other than instrumental scores for years until that movie came out and Supmassive was the song that jumped out at me. I now have all 5 albums, plus their Wembley concert on DVD and am now ready to see them live in Vegas! I am thrilled they are reported as being back on the Eclipse soundtrack.

    I know it will be a new song, though, since Dom said when he was discussing being OFF the album that they had written a new song that would be perfect for the soundtrack (even though it was not written specifically for Eclipse) and that they would release it anyways because it was so good.

    So, even if they end up OFF again I can’t wait for that song!

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