Team Switzerland Friday: All About Switzerland

Novel Novice has taken a novel approach (sorry we couldn’t resist the pun) to Team Switzerland Friday. They actually do an entire write up on Switzerland.

So shout out to all the people in Switzerland reading the Lexicon. According to Google Analytics over 1,500 visits from Switzerland came in today alone!

Check out what Novel Novice has to say about Switzerland here.

Team Switzerland Friday

This week its our friends over at Twilighters Anonymous’ turn to host Team Switzerland. They have ecards, graphics and a poem.

At first I was Team Edward, with his golden eyes so stunning,
And caring ways, so humble too, and his mind is oh so cunning.
And might I add, I was rather impressed by his running!
[Although, with his alabaster skin, he is in need of sunning.]

But then Jacob came along,
And how I realised I was wrong!
He hadn’t been on the scene for long,
But soon I knew he was singing my song.

Not to mention when I saw those abs,
Definitely not an ounce of flab!
How I hyperventilated, oh it was fab.
But then reality poked me with a stab.

It was decision time.
Which of the men would be mine?
Edward who was so divine,
Or Jacob who was sublime?

Then Team Switzerland was found,
And I rejoiced, since I was no longer bound,
To choose between them, going round and round,
So from then on, it was Team Switzerland that I was crowned.

By TA member Georgia

Hop over to Twilighters Anonymous and check it all out!

Team Switzerland Friday!

Novel Novice is back with this weeks Team Switzerland! This week they have done something really clever. They have done opening credits for Twilight that imitate of the shows’ styles. They have everyone from James Bond to Angel to Dollhouse. Check them all out!  The one below is the Dollhouse version.

Team Switzerland Day

So for this weeks Team Switzerland Project we are going to look at some music that represents Team Switzerland. We are also asking that you post your favorite songs that represent Team Switzerland in the comments!! The two songs below represent different aspects of of the ever evolving relationship between Bella, Edward, and Jacob.  The first song is Falling Slowly by The Frames and the second is Human by Jon Mclaughlin 

Please send any contributions to Team Switzerlands to  We would be happy to feature any artwork, poetry, or music you think fits the Team Switzerland ideal.

Team Switzerland Friday

This week it’s Novel Novice’s turn to represent Team Switzerland. They have a bunch of wallpapers available to celebrate.

Team Switzerland A Day Late

Sometimes you just get busy and things get over looked. Yesterday was one of those days. We forgot to post the Novel Novice Team Switzerland post. So with no further delay, we give you a Novel Novice spin on Team Switzerland and a fan-made trailer.

More Team Switzerland goodies here on Novel Novice.

Team Switzerland: Style

It’s Team Switzerland Friday once again and in a show of nuetrality, the Lexicon has given over its posting time to a smaller site in the blogosphere The group has made some fabulous wallpapers to celebrate Team Switzerland. Check them out.

Also a shout out and Happy Birthday to Novel Novice who started the Team Switzerland Project. They just turned 1 year old.

Team Switzerland Day: Novel Novice Style

This week it’s Novel Novice’s turn to host Team Switzerland. Check out the banners and wallpapers that they have made to celebrate.

Next week it’s the Lexicon’s turn to host, and in a show of neutrality and good will, we are sponsoring to take our place in the line-up.

Team Switzerland: TA Style

This week it’s Twilighters Anonymous’ turn to do the Team Swizerland post. and the goodies that they have come up with include a really cool wallpaper.

Check out TA for the full story and high-res download.

Team Switzerland Day

It’s Friday, which makes it Team Switzerland Day,and this week it’s Novel Novice’s turn to sponsor. Check out the fabulous video made by the founder of Novel Novice Tiffani Truitt. Also check out their site for contests and prizes.