Video: Rare Solo Talk Show Appearance Stephenie Meyer on Jimmy Kimmel

Stephenie doesn’t do that many talk shows. She met Jimmy Kimmel last year at the Grauman’s handprint ceremony where he was the emcee.

Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart Talk to the LA Times on being in the Eye of the Twilight Storm

In a really great, and rare, interview with the LA Times Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer discuss Twilight, the media frenzy, and what’s next.

“I don’t know what makes people love it, I don’t know what makes people hate it,” said Meyer, seated comfortably in a suite of a Beverly Hills hotel. “But I do know that the feeling of being in love is a good feeling. We want to feel that emotion.”

“I’ve always said that,” Stewart said to Meyer, sitting beside her. “It’s so vicarious. It’s not like you are watching two people or reading two people. You feel like you are doing it. It’s rare.”

Read the rest here on the LA Times.

Stephenie Talks 50 Shades and Wrapping Up Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Meyer on wrapping it all up.

Video Wyck Godfrey, Melissa Rosenberg, and Stephenie Meyer Full Q & A from Breaking Dawn 2 Press Junket

Here’s the full Q & A. Laura had the first question about the characters and when resembles most what she had in her head. Amanda Bell from Twilight Examiner asked about the approval on changes from book to film. Laura also asked the question on a travelling exhibit.

Stephenie Meyer Talks End of Breaking Dawn and More With MTV

A lot of the questions that fans have been dying to know are in this interview.


MTV: Kellan Lutz recently said there’s a special bonus scene during the credits. What can you say about that?

Meyer: That’s actually incorrect. What they’ve been talking about will be in DVD extras I assume but it’s not in the credits. There is no extra scene.

MTV: Of course the fans are very excited to see Kristen’s interpretation of Bella as a vampire at last.

Meyer: It’s subtle and yet kind of amazing. She’s very self-possessed the way she holds herself. She’s a completely different kind of character.

MTV: Meanwhile Robert Pattinson has been describing the vampire sex in the film as “ridiculous” in recent interviews.

Meyer: Yeah I saw that. I think he was talking about how it was so hard to keep a straight face [during that scene]. For the actors, there are 40 people in the room and most of them are inches away from you. It’s a kind of awkward menage-a-forty going on. I think when you see the scene it’s a testament to their acting ability that you don’t see any of that in that moment at all.

Check out the rest on MTV

Stephenie Meyer Takes Part in New Book: My Ideal Bookshelf

According to USA Today

Editor Thessaly La Force asked 106 creative people — including novelists Junot Diaz, Stephenie Meyer and Jennifer Egan, chef Alice Waters and musician/memoirists Patti Smith and Rosanne Cash — to share and describe the books that matter most to them, or, as La Force put it, “the books that have made you who you are today.” The result, illustrated with Jane Mount’s color paintings of book spines, is My Ideal Bookshelf (Little, Brown, to be released Nov. 13).

You can also see details on the Hachette website.

Stephenie Meyer at Carolina Herrera’s NYC Show Today

They call it fashion week, but it might as well be fashion month with all the events, parties, etc. In any case Stephenie Meyer was at the Carolina Herrera show today.

Check out a full photo gallery here. and here. As Twilight fans know, Bella’s wedding gown was a Carolina Herrera design.

Stephenie Meyer comments on The End of Twilight, Kristen, and the Future

E! caught up with Stephenie Meyer out in NYC for Fashion Week

On the Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders situation she stated: “That’s so not my business.”

On the Twilight films ending: “I tend to get really sad when I have to [think about the final film],” she said. “So I’m sort of putting it off. I figure it’ll be a really emotional night when it comes out and we know that it’s over. That’s going to be rough.”

On what she’s doing now: “I’m writing now”

Stephenie Meyer on Forbes Top Earning Author List 2012

Stephenie Meyer is on Forbes 2012 top selling 20 authors list. Other notable names on the list include Suzanne Collins of The Hunger Games and George RR Martin of A Song of Fire and Ice AKA Game of Thrones

Stephenie Meyer: $14 million –
With “Twilight” behind her, Meyer’s no longer riding quite so high, but the phenomenon she started lives on in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which originated as fan fiction modeled on her vampire romance.



Stephenie Meyer Q&A in EW

Robert Pattenson Life has more stills from the EW issue that will be out tomorrow.  Their stills feature a Q&A quick interview with Stephenie Meyer where she talks a little about The Host, the Twilight phenomenon, and the name Renesmee.  

“I would never name a real child Renesmee.  But in fantasy, you can name your characters anything you want.  I couldn’t have named [Bella and Edward’s] child Lindsay.  I couldn’t have named her anything that already exists-it would have felt wrong.  I had to pick a name that I felt was completely and totally unique, which opens you up to heckling.  Which I’ve taken.  I take all my heckling, and I totally get it!”

See all the scans at Robert Pattinson Life.