Stephenie Meyer Talks What She’s Writing Now, Twilight Reflections, and The Host with THR

In a new and very in-depth interview with THR Stephenie Meyer talks about where she is in her writing, what her hopes for The Host are, and reflections on Twilight and the movie industry. A brief snippet is below, but it’s an entire must read on THR!


THR: How far are you on the second book?

SM: Not very far. It’s been a really challenging last year. There just hasn’t been a lot of time for writing.

THR: Where do you see the story progressing?

SM: Not having written it doesn’t mean you don’t know everything that’s going to happen. I have very detailed outlines, I do a lot of outlining to the point where there’s dialogue in my outlines. The outline for this is about 50 pages long. It gets very in depth. So I know exactly what’s going to happen, There’s a lot you can do with a science fiction world. There’s a lot of exploration you can do, so there’s a lot of different directions.

THR: The first book was a hefty one. How long will the next book be?

SM: I don’t have any idea. It usually surprises me. I always think I’m going to be able to tell something in a shorter period of time than it takes me, which I’m sure is a big flaw, but I think it’s gonna be shorter than the first one.

THR: How many books do you see in the series?

SM: Three. I have a pretty good end arc in mind for it, so hopefully that will happen.

THR: And you’re planning to adapt them all to film?

SM: I think they’d like to keep going. That’s the conversation I’ve had. I think the biggest hold up is the fact that I’m writing so slow.


  1. She looks great ! And she’s my favorite author and I will continue to read her work.

  2. Is anyone else freaking out about the fact that EL James is 6 places above Stephenie? I haven’t read “50 Shades” so I wont criticize it as a book or her as an author BUT I really don’t understand how a book that is so… sexual could be so revered in the public while I can’t even voice my love for Twilight without getting shot at!! How could a book inspired by Twilight become more respected? That is what I don’t like… But I’m done venting.

    • Jacob Ester says:

      As a guy who’s a major Twilight fan and already has to be veritably silent about it to avoid being ridiculed and the like, I totally see where you’re coming from. The mainstream perceptions of these two books are really quite askewed.

      And that is just one of the many things I don’t understand about 50 Shades of Grey. But I alas, am done venting as well 😛

      • I’m not. Aaaaarrrrggghhh.

      • Never mind what people say. There will always be people with different views, tastes, level of evolution, etc, to try and dictate how you should feel, react, etc. You must stand for what is right for you as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Does it harm anybody that you love Twilight? No (or if it bothers them, then it’s their own problem, not yours!).
        I’ll tell you something : I am a big fan of Stephen King and after all he said about Twilight and reading the reviews about the films, and so on I had swore I would never bother reading or viewing that “crap”. Well, never say “never” or the universal laws will challenge you! See, I do a lot of computer stuff for my neighbors and one day they gave me the 4 books of the whole Twilight Saga their niece didn’t want anymore (I think she has them in another language). Well, I read them at of curiosity and also because I pay attention to synchronicities, knew the joke was on me. Now, if I’m posting here that means I got hooked. I may not have become a die-hard Twilight fan but I do enjoy the books and the films. I still don’t think Stephenie is a great writer but I love the way she portrays human emotions. She’s very good at that. And I won’t discard all my Stephen King books for all that either. SK has his own opionions, I have mine and if SK wants to ban me from reading his books, I’ll still read them anyway (though he wrote some crappy ones I won’t bother reading). Do not depend on other people’s opionion to do whatever is good for you and do identify with what other people think of you. Love !

        • Lots of typing mistake in my previous message. Last line you should read “do NOT identify with what other people think of you”. 😉

    • Yeah, I definitely understand what you guys are both saying. And shouldn’t Stephenie Meyer be ahead of E.L James? I mean, Stephenie did write the book that inspired the 50 Shades series. Just saying.

      On another note,
      Stephenie looks amazing in that picture, and well amazing in general too. 😀

    • I have read all 3 books of “Fifty Shades” and even though there is sexual activity, there is also a very good story all the way through. I think people concentrate to much on the sex part of the books, but seriously once you read them, you’ll think differently, I think. So enjoy 🙂

      • I agree,because besides the highly sexual nature of the story,there’s alot of mystery and action in it. The car chases seem to be right out of a 007 movie,which suprised me,but was exciting read along with the erotic storyline.

    • Sex sells. The money raked in by romance novels is ridiculous and most of them are drivel. I’ve not (and don’t plan to EVER) read 50 Shades but I’ve been told the story is good & if you take out all the sex stuff The trilogy might amount to a book & a half. But again, sex sells.

  3. Stephenie looks so gorgeous, and what a great interview!

    • I agree! I’m so happy for her, and so happy she’s writing. Stephenie, we love you and can’t wait to read whatever you’ve got for us.

  4. Glad to see another book is at least on its way even if that way may be a while ways off.

    Did SM go on a diet because she looks like she’s lost weight in this picture? And she looks really good.

  5. The reason why 50 shades of gray are higher is because its new, SM hasn’t writtena nything in a while and i’m as soon as she is finished she will go up the ladder again.

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