Stephenie Meyer to Make THR’s Hot Author List

Tomorrow, THR is expected to come out with their list of the hottest selling authors in Hollywood. Stephenie Meyer has made the list. THR tweeted out this photo of Stephenie with Jake Abel and Diane Kruger in advance of the publication.


  1. Mrs. Stephenie Meyer looks gorgeous!! Love the blazer!!

  2. That Other Twilighter Girl says:

    She is so beautiful, in 4 years ago I did a photo realism drawing of her in her eclipse prom dress, and the teacher who had absolutely no idea thought she was a model. I think she is the pinicle, living proof that you don’t have to be thin to be gorgeous and I think that’s a good thing to be reminded of.

  3. I, and a fair number of other internet users, am surprised that Stephenie (and that hack writer EL James) both ranked higher than J.K. Rowling, who didn’t even crack the top ten. I think someone over at THR is a fan of SM’s for her to rank higher than JKR, IMO.

    • Why are you here ?
      Not disputing your right to say whatever or anything, but why did you come all the way to the lex to express this opinion? I mean, it just looks like sour grapes, and lashing out at the people who are happy for some one that ranked higher then the person you would have like to rank higher.
      I don’t think J.K.R. Is very pretty but I didn’t go out and find a Harry potter fan site and say to people “omg J.K.Rowling is fuggly as anything why is she even on da list like wth?”
      Why would I ?

      • Why does it feel like unless I fawn over the TW series here, I get questioned or attacked about expressing my opinion? Where did I say anything about how SM looked? I was talking soley based on the list there Anon. Just based on what the article said about its selection, EL James shouldn’t have made the top ten on the basis that her series hasn’t even been translated to the big screen, and as far as I’ve heard, it’s still in its pre-production stage.

        As for my surprise over SM making the top ten while JKR didn’t, the article says they used who was most successful in translating from book to screen (it was HP that started the trend of breaking the last book into two films and has made nearly $8 billion in worldwide ticket sales surpassing even the James Bond series which has 23 and counting films), “balancing success in publishing (total output, sales, best-sellers)” According to Wikipedia, Harry Potter, as of June 2011, has been sold over 450million copies and translated into 67 languages and this doesn’t include the three tie-in books released where a portion is given to charity, and it created, from what I recall, two additional NY Times Best Sellers lists after its release (children and series). Whereas Twilight has the four books, the novella and the guide and sits at just over 116 million according to Wikipedia.

        “…in Hollywood (completed adaptations, projects in development, screenwriting and producing credits) while accounting for cultural influence.”

        Harry Potter completed its theatrical run in 2011, Twilight 2012. The only thing SM had over JKR at the point of publication of the article was The Host movie adaptation and her involvement with that Austenland (I think) movie. SM appears to be more Hollywood than JKR, and I think that largely has to do with where they live (UK vs US). Plus, TW hasn’t spawned a sport like Quidditch has it? And yes, Quidditch is now real.

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