What Is Stephenie Meyer Working on Next: A Summary

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There’s been so much news lately on the various projects that Stephenie Meyer is connected to, we thought we’d do a summary in case people had missed something.

The Host Movie

  • Adapted from the novel written by Stephenie Meyer
  • Stephenie is a producer Open Road is the company producing the film
  • Andrew Niccol is the screen writer/director
  • Debuts on March 29, 2013
  • In several interviews Stephenie mentions writing the two sequels called The Seeker and The Soul.
  • In a recent interview she was asked about a sequel to the movie if it is a hit and she stated that she is writing slowly and that affects production. However she did sound committed to having the two sequels.

Austenland Movie

  • Adapted from the novel written by Shannon Hale
  • Stephenie is a producer Fickle Fish Films, Stephenie Meyer’s production company, made the film that was shot in summer 2011
  • This is the first movie from her production company.
  • The screen writers are Shannon Hale and Jerusha Hess who also directed
  • The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival to great reviews and was picked up by Sony Classic Pictures for distribution.
  • The release date is TBA.
  • Fickle Fish Films has the film option to the sequel novel Midnight in Austenland.  If the first film is a hit, they will make the sequel

Down a Dark Hall

  • Adapted from the novel written by Lois Duncan
  • Stephenie is a producer
  • Fickle Fish Films, Stephenie Meyer’s production company, is currently developing this script
  • Stephenie is not the writer, but would be a producer
  • Wyck Godfrey, of Twilight fame, is also involved

Anna Dressed in Blood

  • Adapted from the novel written by Kendare Blake
  • Stephenie is a producer
  • Fickle Fish Films, Stephenie Meyer’s production company, is currently developing this script
  • Stephenie is not the writer, but would be a producer
  • Wyck Godfrey, of Twilight fame, is also involved

As for how Stephenie views the future of her production company she told Deadline Hollywood, “I would prefer right now for it to be one passion project at a time. I don’t see it being this great big company where we’re doing dozens of projects. I would like to get one book that we love, make it into a movie then look into another one. It’s too hectic otherwise.”



  1. I’m happy that Stephenie’s doing something she clearly enjoys, but I can’t help being selfish and wishing she’d write more and do less movies!

  2. Wow good for her ! I want more books but I’m glad she’s doing all these great things !

  3. I wonder if Stephenie Meyer has read Meredith Ann Pierce’s Darkangel Trilogy. I bet she’d enjoy it.

  4. this is great, but i’d love if she’d write more books!

  5. Christina says:

    Midnight Sun. SMH.

    • YES! YES! YES!


    • YES PLEASE! I still hate that it got leaked. Curse he person who did so. 🙁

    • Ilovetwilight says:

      I will never lose hope about midnight sun. Maybe in like 5-10 years she’ll miss twilight so much she’ll pick it back up and finish (and hopefully publish) midnight sun. And then in 10+ years maybe they’ll do a twilight re-make….. Keep on hoping! Let’s not lose hope.

      Although I wish she would release Forever Dawn… ):

      • What is Forever Dawn?

        • Forever Dawn was supposed to be Breaking Dawn, I think and I hope she continues with Midnight Sun too.

        • Ilovetwilight says:

          Forever Dawn was the original sequel to twilight… It was basically what happened in the next 3 books only with some differences. She said it was more mature than the other books so she decided not to publish it and write New Moon instead but she gave a copy of Forever Dawn to her sister and said that she would release it to the public, maybe, after breaking dawn came out. You can read more about it on her website or on the twilight wiki…

          • It’s not that it was more mature, just that it jumped right from Bella’s junior year (the end of Twilight) to Edward and Bella getting married, and her publishers asked her to go back and tell more of the high school story. Jacob didn’t have such a big part in it, because he and Bella weren’t as close as they ended up being. It was pretty much Breaking Dawn, without Jacob’s point of view.

    • Midnight Sun would be awesome if she was to publish the book..I would like to know Edward side of things 🙂

  6. I’m surprised you didn’t put in the little comment she made a week or two ago about her mermaid book.
    Here is the link: http://www.thehostmovienews.com/2013/01/stephenie-meyer-at-sundance/

    ” So there are other stories there, but like I said I am vampired out. So maybe in a couple years, spend some time with some aliens, maybe do my MERMAID book finally, and then maybe …”

    • Thank you for the mermaid book comment I was wondering about that!

      Also I read Anna Dressed in Blood and LOVED it! Great book if you are looking for something to read.

    • Twilight_News says:

      It’s not really concrete whereas the other things are so we left it off

  7. DishclothRioter says:

    I don’t think Forever Dawn is something that will ever be published. It’s essentially Breaking Dawn without many of the elements introduced in New Moon and Eclipse, e.g. the love triangle with Jacob doesn’t exist, Laurent and Victoria are still alive, etc. Stephenie did mention posting Forever Dawn outtakes someday. I’d be excited to read those.

    • Forever Dawn was a birthday gift to her sister, if I recall correctly. Writing timing I’m not sure about, but before suggested by someone to give the Saga more details of their senior year – which lead to New Moon and Eclipse.

  8. When is she going to have time to finish the Host books? Its been how many years and they are doing the movies now. Dont they need source material for the films??? Please write more 🙂

    • Brandi Peel says:

      Danielle, I agree with you. I love Steph to pieces. But I’m wondering with all of these movies coming out, how will she have time and energy to write two sequels and will the first movie impact the story that she wants to tell? Also these actors are aging and they won’t be the targeted age forever! I’m very happy for Steph’s success and support her in all things. I just can’t help wondering how she is going to do it all.

  9. I think Stephenie is a good writer and not so good producer (in mine opinion films could do better since the books are so great). So I really wish she would go and do her thing, wich is writing.

  10. Sadly, I don’t think Midnight Sun in full will ever be published. I get the impression (from her interviews and projects in the last few years) that she feels the Twilight Saga has run its course for her creatively and she’s moving on to other things. Totally understandable that she wants to do new stuff but it’d be great if she’d publish any further chapters of Midnight Sun she might have on-line. I’d love to read the meadow chapter from Edwards POV and his reaction to Billy Black.

  11. I’m happy for her success as a producer however as a writer with millions of fans she should concentrate on her writing. The Host sequels for one; readers are still waiting for them. I’m not saying that Stephenie owes us anything and that her being a ‘producer’ has anything to do with the fact that she hasn’t had ‘time’ to write these days, but come on now, its time for another creative story from this amazing woman!
    Mermaids, ghosts, time travel, etc.

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  13. I want the Jacob and Reneesme story!!!

  14. I don’t think Stephanie Meyers realizes that everybody, or most people, are NOT tired of vampires. I am really really really hoping midnight sun comes out. And I know alot of other people are too.

  15. I think the twilight series still has a long way to go. The stories could go on for a ling time yet as vampires dont die. I would like SM to xarry on writing them, ir let someone else carry on eith the stories would be great. She should stop eith the producing and start with the writing again. Let someone else do the film stuff.

  16. While I’d love Midnight Sun to be finished, I don’t think she’ll do more vampire stuff and I’m not exactly surprized she moved on to new things. Seriously, who wants to write (or do) the exact same thing forever?

  17. I think we all need to have twilight end with midnight sun finished and also have a book where it just explains what happens with renesmee and jacob from renesmee’s POV just like how it was with bella and edward…that would be so nice.

  18. I think we all need to have twilight end with midnight sun finished and also have a book where it just explains what happens with renesmee and jacob from renesmee’s point of view just like how it was with bella and edward…that would be so nice.

  19. Omg that is so write please stephenie we want more! Yours truly. Your fans.

  20. I love twilight!!!!! says:

    Stephanie, think of your fans. They want you to finish midnight sun. I know the book was personal but the reason that try stole it was because they were jealous that you could write such an amazing book. I know you will do the right thing. Your fans need you to write because that’s what you were born to do. We love you steph. Please please please write another book. I wish you the best of luck. And maybe you should put a password on your computer so it doesn’t happen again. Love ya!!!

  21. Maybe mrs. Myer thinks that twilight had ran its course But the way breaking dawn left off their could be more and the readers including myself want more. The host was a good book I would like to see another book, personally I’ve seen the movies that she has produced and they’re not great. I loved the host but the movie, I was shocked and disappointed with how bad it was. She’s a great writer and that’s what she needs to stick with. Just my opinion.

  22. Andrea, I love the movies and I hate your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Andrea, I love the movies and hate your opinion!!!!!


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