Video: Stephenie Meyer Discusses The Host on Good Morning America

Check out Stephenie Meyer’s appearance on Good Morning America! Don’t forget to check out the other talk show appearances this week!

Stephenie Meyer reveals which Twilight Characters would survive the Host invasion

Since we were sure everyone is tired of the same old questions, we decided to do something different and ask Stephenie Meyer which Twilight characters would be taken in by the Souls and who would be part of the resistance.

The cast of The Host on EXTRA at the Grove

Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, Max Irons and Diane Kruger all stopped by The Grove.

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Stephenie Meyer q and a with fansites for The Host #thehost

The fan sites went to a Roundtable discussion with Stephenie Meyer today to talk about The Host. Here is the footage from that interview. It should be noted that there are massive spoilers for the film discussed in this interview.  So if you are staying entirely spoiler free you have been warned! 

Specifically the spoilers concern who Pet is.

Stephenie Meyer: Dinner With Jeremy Renner, Beyonce, Joseph Gordon Levitt

Indigo features a 60 second interview With Stephenie Meyer and all sorts of quirky questions. Get to know her better in 60 seconds.

TwiHard News Reporter Interviews Stephenie Meyer for The Host

Check out the interview by a TwiHard and why Twilight fans will like The Host.

Video: Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, and Max Irons Q & A at Chicago Host Screening

Check out what Stephenie, Max, and Jake had to say to the crowd in Chicago about The Host.


Stephenie Meyer Talks Social Media, Midnight Sun Leaking, The Host, Twilight and More

Stephenie Meyer talked with BBC Radio 4 as part of The Host PR tour. In case you’ve ever wondered how the manuscript to Midnight Sun got out there, you can hear how she thinks it happened in this interview.

We can’t embed it here, but you can listen on BBC 4

Stephenie Meyer Quoted in The Guardian

Stephenie MeyerStephenie Meyer talked to the UK paper The Guardian about her upcoming movie The Host, Twilight, and impressions of her work by the public. Two notable quotes are in the article.

Despite all the criticism of her work, Meyer says she is a feminist, and that this is really important to her. “I think there are many feminists who would say that I am not a feminist. But, to me … I love women, I have a lot of girlfriends, I admire them, they make so much more sense to me than men, and I feel like the world is a better place when women are in charge. So that kind of by default makes me a feminist. I love working in a female world.” She was thrilled when Catherine Hardwicke’s adaptation of Twilight made her one of the most commercially successful directors in Hollywood, and says of working on Austenland: “It was almost an entirely female production, which is so rare, and to be able to work with female writers and female directors and even our co-producer was a woman – it was a totally different feel than you would have on a more traditional, male-centric set.”

The truth is there must be tens of thousands of romance novels containing similar themes and biases to Meyer’s series: weak heroines, strong heroes, submission and surrender, a central plot involving obsessive love. Had the Twilight books sold 5,000 copies, it’s doubtful anyone would have complained. The most interesting question is not why she wrote it as she did, but why girls responded so wildly. Is there something particularly powerful, in this cultural moment, about a dangerous, potentially violent romantic hero? In a world where porn is ubiquitous, where there do seem new sexual pressures on young women – demands for them from boys to take naked pictures, for example – is a chaste but adoring partner especially appealing? Do young women still yearn for a dominant man? Do they identify, more than ever, with an awkward, unconfident female protagonist? Bubbling away in a generation’s subconscious are some troubling answers.

See it all on The Guardian

Behind the Scenes at the Stephenie Meyer Google Hangout

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Wonder what it was like at the Google Hangout that happened last week with Stephenie Meyer and The Host cast.  One of our readers, Elizabeth AKA EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight, was lucky enough to attend and she reports in for us!


The Google Plus Chat with Stephenie Meyer and cast made for a Valentine’s Day that I will never forget! This was my first time meeting Stephenie Meyer, and it was a small venue (there were only 15 of us)! The “witty banter” and teasing amongst the cast and Stephenie had all of us in the audience laughing.

They debuted the new, full theatrical trailer, but for us in the audience there was no sound. They played it again after the interview was done, but honestly, I was so distracted getting to see Stephenie that I didn’t pay as close attention to the trailer as I should have. I still need to watch it again to really “get it all.”

eliz jakeThe part of the interview that struck me the most was Stephenie’s answer regarding what didn’t make it in the movie. When she told us that Walt was not in the movie, there a definite reaction from the audience. There was a bit of a gasp and people seemed a bit stunned. Stephenie assured us, however, that the feel of the movie has the feel of the book so well that it pulls you in and you actually don’t realize you’re missing Walt until someone mentions that he’s missing. I don’t know how the others in the audience felt; but I was glad to hear her assurances and it makes me look forward to the finished film even more.

I really appreciated Stephenie’s response when she was asked about the love story of The Host. It was probably the moment when the audience was its quietest. It was like you could feel everyone’s attention on Stephenie as she eloquently described the different kinds of love she’d written and how they are relatable on very different levels to even herself—brotherly love, mother love, loyalty to community, and best friend/sisterly love. I, like Stephenie, have two sisters that I am very close with and that aspect of The Host resonates deeply with me.

When the interview was done, a staffer asked us to head out to the lobby to be escorted back to the exit. So, as Stephenie left the stage, not two feet from me, I quickly expressed my thanks for her books and all the joy she’d given me and the people I know. I started to leave; but when I looked back, I found I was the only one following the staffer out. Everyone else had lined up and started taking pictures and getting autographs. So back to the line I went, and I am so glad! I was able to get Jake Abel’s autograph first and a picture. I asked Stephenie if she had to go, but she said no, and as she started signing my book, I started crying my thanks. She was incredibly sweet and gracious and generous and listened to me blubber out my thanks for all her great writing. It was truly a Valentine’s Day that I will never forget!