Video: Stephenie Meyer Plays Trivia With Breaking Dawn Campers

Stephenie Meyer took 5 lucky people out to dinner who won rounds of trivia with her at the end of the soundtrack concert yesterday. She was also presented with the giant thank you card that fans signed. The video is a little choppy because her comingout was kind of a surprise at the end and all the professional cameras raced back to catch it and were crossing my shot, but it gets better at the end.


  1. smitten_by_twilight says:

    She’s making me tear up! That was sweet.

  2. I wish I was there…

  3. What was the second question?

    • What was the name of Esme’s first husband? It was Charles. Alot of fans who haven’t read the illustrated guide would not remember that answer,since his name isn’t mentioned in the main series.I hope this helps.

  4. What a cool way to get the 10 lucky people! That was so nice of her to do that. Hopefully some reports will be posted to read about their experience. Good questions too.

  5. Those lucky lucky people! So nice of Stephenie to do that! 🙂


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