Stephenie Talks 50 Shades and Wrapping Up Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Meyer on wrapping it all up.


  1. Do you guys think Steph had weight loss surgery? She looks drastically thinner.

  2. She could have just lost weight naturally. You know, exercise…healthier food.

  3. I understand that she’s not in the place right now to write Midnight Sun or other Twilight novels, I can wait.. but I really want her to release a book. It could be the Host sequel or something new altogether. I’ve really missed her writing.

    • she says she’s writing right now in the last interview. i agree with you, i love her writing. i will probably get whatever she writes because i miss it too. 🙂

  4. I agree, I long to read more. As for her weight loss, she looks great, but it could just be because she is a thousand times busier than before, flying everywhere, doing interviews, producing movies. No time to remember to eat. Just way more activity in her life than before. Just theory.

  5. I love Stephenie’s necklace – I wish it was as easy to find out what she’s wearing as when I want to know what earrings Kate Middleton wore somewhere. 😛

  6. first of all, man, i just love stephenie! she seems like the kind of person the would be your best friend.

    i have was glad to hear about chris weitz. he resonates with me too. i loved his directing. NM was so pretty and so, so, so well done. i need to see more of his work.

    loved the interview style and stephenie’s candidness.

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