Video: Rare Solo Talk Show Appearance Stephenie Meyer on Jimmy Kimmel

Stephenie doesn’t do that many talk shows. She met Jimmy Kimmel last year at the Grauman’s handprint ceremony where he was the emcee.


  1. She looks absolutely beautiful. I love her dress.

  2. Oh Stephenie! What a classy lady you are and thank you so much for bringing us these wonderful stories! We love you!

  3. I’m sad. She basically outright said she won’t be finishing Midnight Sun. *sigh* Otherwise it was a great interview!! 5 days to go 😀

  4. Not all authors have agents. And in reality, most authors do most of the work–writing, marketing, promotion generally comes from the authors themselves. Some authors have those who do more marketing for them. Stephenie Meyer got extremely blessed and lucky.

    I’m not putting her down…I really enjoyed the TWILIGHT SAGA, honest! I’ve read all the books and I own all the movies up to “Breaking Dawn Part 1” and I will be going to see “Breaking Dawn Part 2”. I just wanted to clarify a few things.

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