3 Breaking Dawn Part 2 Questions Explained

I’ve seen several of the same questions pop up a few times over the weekend. I have even been asked these same questions on my facebook page and even by friends over the phone!  Heck, I was even pulled to the side at church yesterday and asked to explain one of what I am now calling the “frequently asked questions” of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Keep in mind that these are MY – Lori’s – answers and no one else’s.  So take it for what it’s worth from someone who’s almost been around since day one of the fandom.  

Also, there be spoilers here!  If you haven’t seen the film, I encourage you to look away now!

I’m not kidding.


Question 1 : Why do Bella’s eyes change color so quickly?  

Bella’s eyes are nice and red for the beginning of the film.  But by the time Irena spots Jake and Nes playing in the snow, Bella’s eyes are golden.  


There is about 3 months between Bella’s transformation and the point where Renesmee is in danger. In those three months, Bella does not feed on anything but animals, unlike most new born vampires. It’s my take on it that because she feeds only on animals right from the start, the redness of her eyes fades. However, keep in mind that we have never been told exactly how long a new born’s eyes stay truly red unless they are feeding on humans. We only know that they are very strong for the first year of their vampire life.

Also, it’s been pointed out how often Bella’s eyes are brown. I’m not sure why, but the film makers keep putting brown contacts in Bella’s eyes. This is understandable for the first time she meets Charlie, but I’m not sure why she wears the contacts to meet J. Jenks. The venom moisture in the vampire’s eyes dissolves contact lenses very quickly, so she would only get an hour or two of wear from the contacts before they would be ruined.  Just keep in mind the next time you see the film that if Bella’s eyes look really brown, she is wear contacts… even if we’re not sure why.

Question 2: Why does Marcus say “Finally” when he dies?

I LOVED this moment in the film!  LOVED!  This goes back to how Marcus feels about his life in general.  Marcus’s mate was Didyme, who was also Aro’s sister.  Didyme and Marcus were going to leave the Voltri to have a life of their own.  Aro wanted to keep Marcus for his ability to see relationships.  In order to cripple Marcus and make sure he remained with the Volturi, Aro killed Didyme.  With nothing else to live for, Marcus spends his days waiting for the end to come.  His statement of “Finally” is the perfect ending to his misery.  

Read Marcus’ full bio here.  

Question 3: How can Alice see the wolves and/or Renesmee in the future?  

Good question!  I don’t have a perfect answer.  To be honest, I didn’t think about it myself as I was watching the film.  It was pointed out by several fans, and immediately I agreed that she shouldn’t have been able to see their fates.  She also shouldn’t have been able to see Renesmee and Jacob in the future with Edward and Bella.  I’m working on finding a good answer for you!  Right now, I’m leaning toward saying that what Alice saw was the future of the vampires.  She saw how the vampires would die or who they would kill, even if it was a werewolf.  She was seeing the future through the minds of the vampires, who happened to be dealing with werewolves or Hybrids.  But she couldn’t specifically look into a wolf’s future or a hybrids future.  So Alice could see that Edward and Bella would be happy, and part of their happiness was that Renesmee and Jacob would be happy together.  It’s a bit far fetched, but that’s what I’ve been able to come up with.  Until we hear a better explanation, that’s what I’m sticking with.

What are your other questions?  Feel free to ask away and I will do my best at answering them!  Answered by Lori Joffs.




  1. When Bella goes to see j. henks, she also sees Charlie. Wouldn’t it be odd if her eyes were hazel?

    • Question 3… Not sure what scene your talking about when Alice sees wolves? If your talking about the Fight scene.. That scene was Aro’s vision that we as fans from the book can’t see Aro’s thoughts so they had Alice show us Aro’s vision as to what he was thinking to decide if he wanted to fight the Vampires and Wolves? There were A LOT more Volturi than Wolfs and good Vamps and you saw What would happen through Aro’s vision and that’s why he decided not to fight was due to a lot of vamps would die with Wolves,but he’s army would be crippled and he would die… Hope this helps

      • I dont think it was his vision because He was shocked and Alice said…now you know .thats your future unless you change your course. I think she was showing him.

      • It was not a vision from Aro. Aro can’t generate visions. His gift is mind reading. He is reading Alice’s mind as she has a vision of the future and Alice cannot see wolves or hybrid children like Renesmee in her visions. As this is the case, there should be no wolves or hybrid children visible in that scene.

        • Yeah in the book stephe pointed out that Aro imagines the odds of them winning basically not a vision just him imagining it. Steph said that since the book is from Bella’s perspective for the movie sakes they used Alice’s vision to show us the future and what Aro imagined in the book in this case what Alice saw he was seeing. But of course yes we know Alice can’t see anyone around wolves nor around renesme she said that in new moon and bd1 but I do remember that in the bd book she said she will try to see around the wolves as longs as they aren’t moving much maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I remember so for question 3 I think it was for the movie sake and viewers non fans mostly since us fans we debate everything lol… I guess we need an answer from steph ASAP

          • Pretty much! 🙂 I don’t think there is any real canon way to explain it. If we’re following canon properly, they shouldn’t be there … but, canon’s been thrown out in movies before …

          • Twilight lover ??? says

            Thank you I’ve been reading these (while watching twilight) and been saying little parts of what you said!

          • Her ability is to see the future so she can see wolf but she shouldn’t have been able to see Bella BC she is a shield and Alice couldn’t see her before and they were talking about when Alice shows Edward nes and Jake future

          • Rebekah says

            Bella’s shield defends her from physical attacks, like Jane’s nerve trigger, Alec’s senseless cloud (pun not intended) or Kate’s electric attack. And Aro’s telepathy because it requires a physical connection.
            Things that get through are Jasper’s mood manipulation – because it works in the mind, Renesmee’s telepathy because it works in the mind, (through physical connection but I think being her daughter allows the exception), and Alice’s physic visions because they rely on a person’s decisions.
            Edward’s telepathy would seem to be of the mind but my explanation is that thoughts are a reflection of the soul, and Edward being a very soulful person I’d say that’s where his ability centers from so it doesn’t work on Bella for that reason.

          • The books are just bases off the movie and its just what people think about the movie. And he didn’t just back down because he was scared because Alice’s visions can change and it could’ve been different. He back down because they prove to him that Nes was no harm to their kind even though she is part human. He also back down because he didn’t really want to fight he liked bela and her family the cullin’s. And Alice can see them because she sees the future Bella is the only one she shouldn’t have been able to see.

          • Bella’s shield protects her from powers of the mind. Jane and Alec’s powers are linked to the mind. Jane’s power makes her victim think that they are in pain, but the pain is in their mind versus their physical being. Alec’s power essentially blanks the mind, leaving the ‘fog’. Edward can’t read Bella’s mind unless she lets down her shield completely, which takes her full concentration. Even when she is using her shield to defend someone else, she has a secondary shield protecting her from attacks as well. The shield retracts when she is distracted, leaving the person she was protecting defenseless.

            Alice’s power relies on the decisions someone has made already. Jasper’s power is physical to an extent because although it does affect someone’s mood, his power influences the body and its hormones.

            Hope this helps!

      • my thoughts to question 3 has been this: the wolves are no longer their mortal enemies they are more like family now and i believe or i like to believe that is why she can see them now where she could not before.

        • My opinion in how Alice saw the wolves/Renesmee’s future is that when she sees them separately, she can’t see their future. However, my theory is that when the hybrids are mixed in with the vampires, then she can see them. For example, the fight scene. She saw vampires and werewolves so that’s probably why she could see them. And when Jacob and Renesmee were running away from Santiago, he was a vampire. And when she saw Edward and Bella and Jacob and Renesmee together, Bella and Edward are vampires. So I think they have to be mixed, to see the hybrids that way.

          • Then why couldn’t she see Bella and Renesmee’s futures when Bella was pregnant? She was with plenty of vampires then.

          • Rebekah says

            Bella’s future is wrapped around this unborn child, if the birth is horrible it could end both their lives, if it goes well they would live happy together, if just the baby died Bella would go into depression; so much is undetermined and it’s not about one person’s choice, its about unpredictable circumstance. Because they don’t understand what the child will be and how it will behave (like a wee baby, or a rampant screaming blood-sucker), even that is part of Bella’s future and it’s just too unsure to see what will happen to her.

          • I took it as Aro seeing Alice’s vison as he is the one who is reading her mind, so even though Alice cannot see the hybrid or wolves, Aro can.

      • Jackie Mitchell says

        Lynne the answer to why she couldn’t see Bella and Renesmee’s future anymore was because the course that Bella was on it was going to kill her and the baby, as well. Alice’s visions are based on the course that people are on at that moment, so if they make a different decision then Alice’s vision will change. Bella only survived because she drank the blood and Alice made the statement before she drank the blood. I don’t know if it was said in the book that Alice couldn’t see hybrids but it wouldn’t make sense that she can’t because Alice can see visions of humans and vampires and Renesmee is both, obviously lol. I think that Renesmee was unable to be seen in Alice’s vision because at that point she didn’t have a future because Bella was dying but after she came out successfully Alice could see her in her visions. I agree with what was said about Alice being able to see Jacob in her visions. I think that since the wolves are no longer a threat to them and became a part of their alliance,” pretty much, that they no longer block her visions when it involves them. It could also be that since Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, or it could be a contributing factor as to why, she can now see him in her visions. I mean it’s the only logical explanations and the only things that have changed since New Moon when Alice said she couldn’t see past Jacob in her visions when she thought Bella died from jumping off a cliff into the water but Jacob pulled her out.

        • If that was the case, then Alice shouldn’t have been able to see Bella when she jumped off the cliff, because, at the point she did that, Jake had not stepped in to rescue her. Alice stopped seeing Bella rescued from the cliff dive because Jake was the one doing the rescuing. Alice also shouldn’t have been able to see Bella being killed by James in the first book if it was Bella’s death that stopped her vision. She can’t see Bella in Breaking Dawn because Renesmee’s in the way. Alice makes this clear in her conversation with Edward while Bella is burning (in the book) she says, ‘I can see vampires really well because I am one, I can see humans okay because I was one, but I can’t see these half-breeds because they’re nothing I’ve ever experienced.’
          There is no evidence in any of the books that Alice starts being able to see the wolves at any point. They have an alliance with them in Eclipse, but it’s clear that when Alice is looking at them fighting the newborn army, she still can’t see what they’re doing. Jake is wounded because Alice couldn’t see clearly to warn him about the newborn because his presence blocked her vision. There is no sign in the any of the books that this changes at any point.
          Even SM has admitted that they had to put that part of the story on hold for the climax to Breaking Dawn part 2, or else it wouldn’t have worked.

      • They were talking about the last scene In part two were Alice shows Edward Nes and Jacobs future

      • I think she’s talking about at the very very end after the “battle” when Edward tells Jacob that he’s happy that Renesmee has him and Edward and Alice nod and smile to each other. When Renessme is all grown up and in a romantic relationship with Jacob now that’s she older.

    • I thought the vampire from the amazon put that vision in Alice’s head for him to see.

    • Q: what is the exception at the end of breaking dawn part 2 ?
      Q: can renesemee and Jacob have childern

      • He wouldn’t have imprinted on her if they couldn’t. The wolves imprint on whoever gives them the best chance at continuing the line

    • when Bella drops off Renesmee her eyes are golden and then brown when she meets up with Jenks.

      At the end of twilight breaking dawn 2 why does Jacob say ‘can I start calling you dad now?’ I still don’t get it I thought it was because as Jacob is Remesme’s mate is that why? and that Edward is older? I don’t know its all a mess in my head could someone explain it to me please? 🙂 thank you

      • Kira Iaconetti says

        It’s unknown what the REAL reason for imprinting is, but it could be assumed that it’s to continue the wolf trait down the line of offspring.

        Should Renesmee choose to be romantically inolved with Jacob, once she reaches the age she and Jacob could get married, and since Edward is Renensmee’s biological father, that would make him Jacob’s father-in-law

  2. Great explanations! I too loved that Marcus said Finally lol. He always seemed soo bored lol.

    • Ahhhh….Aro reads thoughts….perhaps Alice made up the scenario to frighten him…he would have no way of knowing she made it up and believe it was a vision she had seen….he didn’t know she can’t see past the wolves

      • Interesting point!

      • smitten_by_twilight says

        Aro reads every thought your mind has ever had instantly. He would know if Alice made up a scenario. My answer to #3 is: Because it’s a movie.

        BTW, totally agree about Marcus’ FINALLY, that is very sweet in an odd way. And Lisa, good point about her going to see Jenks after dropping Jacob and Ness off at Charlie’s. Because Edward thought she was going to Charlie’s, she needed to put in the contacts to keep up the charade.

    • Jaquelyn says

      Because Bella was not a vampire herself.

    • Jaquelyn says

      Because Bella was not a vampire. If she has been she would have been able to see her future.

  3. How does Charlie not notice that Nessie is a full sized child at Christmas when she was a baby a few months before? I’m thinking mere oversight on this one but keeps bugging me… :-/

    • Because he is aware that there’s something not “normal” going on with bella abd edward, after all he seen Jacob change! Remember he’s on a need to know basis which is why he doesn’t question it…

    • He does. He comments twice about how much she has grown

    • This is also after Jacob has transformed in front of him & he knows Bella is “different” in some way now. He knows he’s only going to find out things on a “need to know” basis (Bella told him that). It seems he’s curious but not going to ask about it.

    • He notices. But what the movie did was never indicate HOW MUCH time had passed between her birth and the Christmas scene. So it could have been a year or two, for all we know.

      • That’s true! Bu also in the movie Alice tells Bella happy Bday. B says I stopped aging three days ago & if I remember correctly her Bday is in Sept. So it’s couple months when Xmas comes around 🙂

      • But we know that bells gave birth and started her transition into vampire 3 days before her birthday (her birthday is on September 13)

      • Yeap cause they comment on Bella’s bday and then we see Christmas so around 3 months

    • Bella told Charlie that she would tell him anything he needed to know so I think he just guesses that he doesn’t need to know why she grew so much

  4. Maybe Aro’s mind automatically “filled in the blanks” of the vision as he received it from Alice?

    Marcus’ end was pretty touching.

    The fight scene reinforced two things: 1) that it was in fact a good idea to split BD into two films, 2) those character building moments – especially for the Volturi and the pack – from New Moon and Eclipse were crucial to making the fight as meaningful as it was.

  5. Charlie does notice Nessie grew. He remarked that she’d grown, “like half a foot…really.”

  6. Why did they decide to do the “plot twist” towards the end and give us a heart attack? I don’t remember that being in the book!

    • And though the conclusion comes initially as a shock to fans, specifically when Carlisle Cullen’s head is first shown severed from his body, it’s all in the book, according to Meyer. “The battle is exactly what Aro saw,” Meyer said during a pre-release interview. “There’s a moment in the novel when he’s staring at Bella and she’s looking back at him and feeling this assessment. And then everything turns. But we can’t see what he’s seeing. But what he’s seeing is, ‘It’s going to be a close fight, a lot of people are going to die and I’m probably going to die. I’m going to die.’ And for him, in my mind, the Volturi win the day. They do. They outnumber you. They would win. But they would be decimated. Their power would be crippled, and he realizes he’s not going to survive it and that’s what changes his mind.” Meyer adds that the only element they changed was adding Alice. “We had Alice get involved so we could visually show it, but it’s all still there.” In case it’s been a while since you’ve read the book, the moment Stephenie is referring to is on page 738 pf the hard back version. Edward explains it in detail, having read Aro’s mind. You can read his explanation on pages 744-745. So it is there, as Stephenie said. By putting it in Alice’s mind and having us see it as Aro’s see’s it makes it more cinematic in nature.

    • Lol it kind of is I checked the last parts of the book and stephenie and bill pointed out that on page 736 you see Aro staring at Edward and then at the other vamps and finally at Bella a long stare so stephenie said that that’s when Aro realizes that they could lose the fight because their powers don’t work with Bella the on page 744-45 Edward explains that Aro saw safari a could blind them and Bella’s powers will help them with Jane’s and her brothers powers so he knew he could maybe have lots of casualties plus they 16 wolves I read it edward says that that made Aro doubt their ability to win … Stephenie said that since the book is in Bella’s perspective we can’t actually see what Aro is imagining or thinking so they did it thru Alice for the sake of the movie… So it is in the book. Even Kristen mentions it in an interview she said she asked steph what was going on and Kristen said that steph showed her in the book how that “did” Actually happen.

      • Loved your post, thank you!

        I also keep thinking about an interview a long time ago where Stephenie said, in regards to those thinking no fight was a lame ending, ‘if there was a fight, everyone would have died.’ So I also feel like here, she kind of got to say, ‘See how much that would have sucked?!’ LOL!

        • Right! I remember that too! I love Steph and it is HER world so she would know best I guess… BUT I can’t help but think the Cullens could have won the battle if they did fight… not everyone would make it out… but seriously if everyone on their side was using their gifts (which they did NOT in the movie, and Bella’s shield was a little different for the movies sake… it’s way more bad ass in the book) If Zafrina was blinding the other side, Benjamin can control fire for cryin out loud he could burn the Volturi where they stand, or even slow them down with some really freakishly strong wind against them. I think they really could have taken them out. It’s just my opinion and the ONLY thing I disagree with Steph on

          • hmm…I see what you’re saying. I think Zafrina didn’t have the control to hit everyone though, so by physical force, the Volturi would have permeated the lines. I don’t know who I think would have won. It kind of hurts my heart to even start considering it! LOL!

    • I agree with the answers you gave on the first 2 questions. For the brown eyes thing I think it was more for Charlie’s sake than J cause well J is used to the gold eyes… Charlie even though he knows something is weird and that the kid is Bella’s I think is just to not confused him more.. Is for the sake of the movie more than anything so that he doesn’t have to explain to Charlie why his eyes were brown when he saw her at the Cullen’s and then gold when he visited with Nessie… As for the third question I think the only person who can give a straight answers is Stephenie. Why? Because if we all remember in new moon book and movie Alice can’t see Bella when she is around wolves, in eclipse asi well, Alice sad she can’t also see Bella’s future in BD1 because she has renesme(pregnant time) this happens in movie and book. If we also remember they kept Jacob around cause Alice had “headache” cause she couldn’t see Bella’s future so that it would be all blind (bd book). So I think we all know that Alice can’t see any future that involves Jacob and Nessie in the picture. Also for the fight maybe see blind spots perhaps its possible… Bit I think it’s safe to say that that vision at the end was for the sake of the movie and to give us the fans a little extra.

  7. Great answers! I totally got the Marcus thing and suddenly his attitude through the entire series made sense. It was a great line!

  8. I’ve decided to think that Alice developed her gift just like how Kate and Bella developed theirs. In New Moon She explained that she could only see the future of human’s because she was one, and vampires because she’s become one. She couldn’t see the future of werewolves and hybrids because she wasn’t familiar with neither. But now that she is, she has no trouble looking into their future.

    Other explanations that would explain the battle but not the Renesmee and Jacob vision towards the end are: 1) What she showed Aro wasn’t a vision and she lied to him like she did in New Moon. OR 2) it was partially a vision where she could see the vampires and simply filled in the blanks with the werewolves.

    • Your first explanation is unlikely, especially since it’s only been about three months since Renesmee was born and Alice couldn’t see them then, so it seems unlikely she could have learned to that extent so quickly. Also, she can’t be lying to Aro, as Aro would have known immediately that she was lying, as he is holding her hand and can read every thought she’s ever had. I think the third option is the only plausible explanation.

    • I think that is a great point. Alice has been around the woles a long time and she has had many months to be around Renesmee in the womb and after being born. Also Renesmee lets her into her mind so that may have helped Alice develop her vision with her in it. But I do remember in the book she found the other hybrid by looing for holes in her vision around the world. But your explanation can work for the movie.

    • I like this theory. I never saw the ending vision as out of place really. I actually think not just the influence of Renesmee and Jacob, but maybe more so the travels looking for Nahuel could’ve also helped to advance Alice’s powers. In the book she mentioned it being difficult looking for something you couldn’t see. This would’ve been a great test for Alice.

  9. I think the reason we saw the wolves and Renesmee in the “vision” was because it wasn’t a real vision. She imagined it in her head that way. It was a trick–and the Aro fell for it. It all goes back to the message of the book that it would take intelligence, not physical power, to save the family.

  10. Angie Stone says

    Your answers are perfect!

    I knew something was up because the one time we saw what Alice did is when she was with Aro.(New Moon)

    I would like to say Thank You to Mellisa for wirting a perfect ending.

  11. Your third question is definitely the big one, Lori. If you recall, during New Moon Alice could’nt even see Bella’s fature because she was near the wolves. By all accounts, Alice shouldn’t have been able to see any part of the premonition fight scene (scince the wolves were involved with the entire event) or Renesme and Jacob’s future together. It’s almost as if they just did what they wanted and thumbed their nose at those of us that know the books backwards and forwards. One other theory I’ve heard is that Alice was lying / making it up to convince Aro to back down but I don’t really think that would be possible given Aro’s ability.

    On a different topic, even if you set aside that Alice shouldn’t have been able to see the fight, why in the world would that be how the fight went? In the books they talk at length about strategy – protecting Bella so she can focus on neutralizing Alec and Jane until they are killed, who is going to fight each of the volturi, etc. Not to mention that they had their own offensive capabilities (Zafrina could blind them from reality and Benjamin could torch them / bury them… take your pick). So in spite of all that their only strategy is for Carlisle to charge in all by himself just because they are holding Alice? And then Bella and the rest of the crew run in headlong behind him after he is killed? Makes no sense whatsoever and made me reject the entire scene as unbelievable.

    • They were not holding Alice they were going to rip her arms out basically Carlisle is a protective father so for me that was an obvious person to try to defend Alice since jasper was being held. Even if zacrina did that I mean she can’t focus on every single cloture they were plenty and but the time she did that the others are alo fast to attack another Cullen or someone from their side… Is like Bella If you remember she was protecting someone font remember who and Alex realize it and try to fright her so that Jane could do damage that’s the thing is too many people and there are distractions but for me I think it was a very well planned fight plus it be ridicules if non of the Cullens die. If you remember long ago steph said that she did not added a fight to the book because it be stupid to think that all Cullens survive so she didn’t want any of the to die. I think is on her website. I like that is was hard to kill Aro since he had lived more than 2500 years and he has always feed from humans. I like that Jane only power was her power and she actually doesn’t know how to fight at all. I like that emmet is the one to kill Alec since he is the strongest one of the Cullens. I like how same was going to die but Leah saved her cause she didn’t care anymore since Seth died so I think all in all it was a possible outcome. I also liked that Alice knew how to move cause she showed us that in eclipse too. But that’s my opinion of course

      • I agree with Stefanie……regardless of whatever strategy they may have planned, that was them planning with the absence of Alice and Jasper. No one knew Alice and Jasper would be coming back. So when they showed up and Alice was in danger I think it was completely honest and real for Carlisle to decide he’s had enough. Like I told my friend, Carlisle just loses his sh*t, I can think of no better way to put it. And for me, once that happened and Carlisle was killed the way everything went to pieces and unfolded was completely believable. I was literally freaking out. After Jasper got killed and Seth I remember looking around the theater and thinking “are we being punked?” I had heard there was a twist at the end and I assumed this epic battle was that twist. Life isn’t always sacred to directors or even authors. But when they finally pulled back from the battle and we realized it was Alice’s vision of what could be my jaw hit the floor. I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

        • Thanks and I agree with u too… Though I somehow knew it was fake cause steph wouldn’t let the actually kill any Cullen that’s why she didn’t do it in the book… My cousin was freaking out and I remember telling her is not true is Aro he is thinking that or maybe is a vision .. Lol but I did love that Alice showed her that and how Aro reacted after seeing himself died 😀

    • totally agree with u. thanks!

    • In regards to Alice seeing Jacob and Renesseme with Bella and Edward and we know that she can’t see past the wolves but we, the fans, understand that she can see into the future…thus the reason why it’s in the movie due to both Bill’s and Stephanie’s intentions (my belief only).They wanted for us to see their happily ever after.

      This is what I took from watching BD2. Please understand that reading a book and it becoming a movie is two different styles of entertainment. One is imagination and the other is visual. I believe Bill hit it on the head on my imagination and with it came the feelings it provoked by watching it.

    • It isn’t Alice’s vision you guys.. It was Aro’s vision.. Since we can’t see what Aro knew,Stephanie Meyer thought she would let us see through Alice What Aro saw since she’s the only one who could have shared Aro’s vision with us..

      • It is not Aro’s vision. Aro’s gift is mind reading. He doesn’t see visions. Alice’s gift is seeing visions. Aro is using his gift (mind reading) to see Alice’s vision.

  12. Heather De La Garza says

    So my question has nothing to really do with BD 2 it is really more of a general question…did Alice know that Bella was coming…I mean from the get go. Did Edward see this in her thoughts? I’ve read the books many times over the years, but that is something that was never REALLY explained.

    • If she wasnt focused on Bella she might not have seen her. She wouldnt have seen them together because Edward had not chosen to fall for her, he just wanted to kill her but he was undecided so he left. when he decided to stop trying to stay away from her thats when Alice started seeing Bella’s future with them.

      • Ups replied to the wrong person lol heap Alice sees Bella until Edward decides to actually meet her basically… That’s why in the movie when Bella’s says I bet she saw me coming Edward says that Alice’s visions are subjective that the future can always change so meaning she saw her when he decided to meet her not necessarily before I think.

        • Remember she can see people she hasn’t met yet… She saw Jasper and her together before she even layed eyes on him…She saw her and Jasper with the Cullens before she knew them too, she was the newborn vampires even though she didn’t know them… so she definently saw Bella before they met her. I’d have to do some research cause I don’t remember exactly what Steph said she saw, or if she gave detail, but I know she touched on this somewhere (maybe in the companion). But she saw Bella a vampire at some point between Edward meeting her and when he finally stopped trying to stay away from her. Thats what Edward is referring to when he tells Bella Alice’s vision are subjective and can change because he doesn’t want Bella to be a Vamp and he plans on changing this future if he can.

    • They were not holding Alice they were going to rip her arms out basically Carlisle is a protective father so for me that was an obvious person to try to defend Alice since jasper was being held. Even if zacrina did that I mean she can’t focus on every single cloture they were plenty and but the time she did that the others are alo fast to attack another Cullen or someone from their side… Is like Bella If you remember she was protecting someone font remember who and Alex realize it and try to fright her so that Jane could do damage that’s the thing is too many people and there are distractions but for me I think it was a very well planned fight plus it be ridicules if non of the Cullens die. If you remember long ago steph said that she did not added a fight to the book because it be stupid to think that all Cullens survive so she didn’t want any of the to die. I think is on her website. I like that is was hard to kill Aro since he had lived more than 2500 years and he has always feed from humans. I like that Jane only power was her power and she actually doesn’t know how to fight at all. I like that emmet is the one to kill Alec since he is the strongest one of the Cullens. I like how same was going to die but Leah saved her cause she didn’t care anymore since Seth died so I think all in all it was a possible outcome. I also liked that Alice knew how to move cause she showed us that in eclipse too. But that’s my opinion of course

    • If u read Midnight Sun on Stephs website it will explain how Alice did see Bella coming…hope steph finishes that one one day!

  13. I think Alice developed her ability. In the film, Bella was sort of forced to develop her ability to shield other due to the unfortunate visit of the Volturi. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee and was always around the Cullens – this resulted to the development of her ability to see the future. That’s just a thought. I’ve yet to check the books if what I’m saying is canon or not.

    • I could buy that more if we’d seen her ability developing over the course of the books/movies, but we don’t see any of that. We saw Bella developing her gift, but there’s no evidence of Alice ever getting beyond the problems with seeing the wolves/Renesmee. Considering how much it annoys her that she can’t see them (especially when Bella is pregnant) I can’t imagine her not trying to overcome it, especially in the first half of BD. The fact that there’s no sign of it would seem to indicate that it is not possible. As Alice herself reflected, it seems she’s unable to see creatures unless she has experienced what it is like to be that species. This is why she sees humans and vampires, but nothing else. If this is true, then she could only see the wolves or Renesmee if she became a halfbreed or shapeshifter herself. Other than that, it seems unlikely that she would be able to develop her gift to that extent, no matter how hard she tries.

  14. This may have been answered before but I haven’t searched… So does Jacob live forever since he imprinted on Nessie? Since the legends say he won’t age until she does….

    • He wont age as long as there are vampires because they dont stop shifting while vampires are around and since Renesmee is half vampire and he will be around her family , I am guessing that he never ages.

    • Technically, the legends say that wolves don’t age unless they stop phasing. So as long as he continues to phase back and forth from werewolf to human, he shouldn’t age…

      • Exactly so they will be together forever cause jake will always be around the Cullens.. Always a teenage wolf physically.

        • Technically Jake is full grown (not a teenager, early 20’s) just as Nessie will be

          • Lol I meant like Edward being 17 forever I know he is mature at the end he is suppose to look older but just like Bella will always be 18 he is stuck at 16 if I remember correctly right? 2 years younger than Bella or well maybe 17 since Bella’s 19 bday was closed

          • In New Moon it explains that when a wolf starts the phasing process they physically mature to full grown (he said around 25) within a few months then they stay that way (till they stop phasing ofcourse.) And when Ness is full grown IMO I think she will look older than 18… thats not really full grown…people usually are full grown pysically in there early 20’s

  15. I love your answers! Also Aro was Didyme’s brother. My only other question was how Jake could feel and see when Leah howled because Seth died, in the book they were not connected as a pack they were independent, right?

    • No, Seth and Leah had joined Jake’s pack when they broke away from Sam’s pack in BD1. So he was linked to Seth and Leah but not the other packs. Although technically Jake and Sam could still communicate, alpha to alpha.

      But it was definitely canon for Jake to be able to feel and see Leah’s pain when Seth died.

      • Also, once Nessie was born and all was resolved in LaPush with Sam Quil and Embry joined Jake’s pake too. Sam and Jake can hear the thoughs they want each other to hear, so it would also make sense in such a battle that they would want each other to hear EVERYTHING even the other wolves thoughts…. so it would almost be like having one big pack again at that point

  16. And though the conclusion comes initially as a shock to fans, specifically when Carlisle Cullen’s head is first shown severed from his body, it’s all in the book, according to Meyer. “The battle is exactly what Aro saw,” Meyer said during a pre-release interview. “There’s a moment in the novel when he’s staring at Bella and she’s looking back at him and feeling this assessment. And then everything turns. But we can’t see what he’s seeing. But what he’s seeing is, ‘It’s going to be a close fight, a lot of people are going to die and I’m probably going to die. I’m going to die.’ And for him, in my mind, the Volturi win the day. They do. They outnumber you. They would win. But they would be decimated. Their

  17. How can Benjamin manipulate fire? I thought fire was dangerous to vampires?

    • I guess only if you actually burn your self I guess it would be as vampires holding a lighter Ben could do it with his hands tip fingers only maybe

      • That would be a good question for Stephanie… since he can control fire it may very well be possible that fire cannot burn him at all unless he allows it. Even it it’s coming from a lighter… he could just put it out. That being said though, the battle could have went way differently…I plan on leaving my thoughts on all the original questions below!

  18. Their power would be crippled, and he realizes he’s not going to survive it and that’s what changes his mind.” Meyer adds that the only element they changed was adding Alice. “We had Alice get involved so we could visually show it, but it’s all still there.” In case it’s been a while since you’ve read the book, the moment Stephenie is referring to is on page 738 pf the hard back version. Edward explains it in detail, having read Aro’s mind. You can read his explanation on pages 744-745. So it is there, as Stephenie said. By putting it in Alice’s mind and having us see it as Aro’s see’s it makes it more cinematic in nature

  19. My only problem was the fight between Jacob and Bella which seems too me either SM, MR or BC didn’t really pay any attention to. Because I find it really stupid how Jacob walked away from the fight like nothing happen an Bella is a newborn vamp yet in Eclipse when Jake gets into a fight with a newborn his left side is damaged

    • She wasn’t trying to kill him like the newborn in Eclipse was. She was still moderating her strength. He probably got cracked ribs with each punch, but they heal almost instantly too. Remember he’s tougher than a normal human, otherwise the damage would have been even bigger than cracked ribs let’s say. Remember how Carlisle had to rebreak his bones because they were healing wrong?

  20. i think that the reason why alice can now see the wolves future is because jacob has imprinted on renesmee.
    the wolves are no longer a threat to the cullens and the cullens are no longer a threat to the wolves because of the wolves law. and with jacob having imprinted on renesmee, he’s a brother to her, and then a lover in many years to come. so therefore he is family. i think once the treaty is broken alice can see them, they were only blocked from her visions because of the treaty in the 1st place, so non of them could interfere with the cullens or the wolves lives..
    thats what im guessing anyway. 🙂

    • Interesting it could be but what about the part where Alice says she can’t see Bella’s future when she has renesme so how can Alice see a future with renesme in it?

    • That still doesn’t explain why she can’t see hybrid children like Renesmee.

      • Doesn’t edward explains it in the book that their theory is that Alice can see vampire cause she is one and can see humans cause she was one once… So that’s why no wolves nor hybrids

    • The problem is that one big reason Alice can’t see wolves is because their futures are too unpredictable because of the constant shifting. So even if Jake imprinting on Renesmee makes him family and the treaty becomes a non issue – it still doesn’t quite make sense that she can see them… but, yes, in the BD book when Charlie first comes over to see Vampire Bella, Alice tells Jake and Renesmee to sit in a corner to keep her vision clear and Bella says she needs to hold Renesmee to try to be calm so Alice say something about trying to see around her. So she did have some abilities to see futures around them. But the visions is one thing that really throws me off when it comes to book vs. movie…

  21. Unfortunately, the vision explanation still doesn’t work. If it was that way, then Alice could conceivably have seen them in the fight in Eclipse, as they were fighting other vampires then, too. Also, she can normally see the future of humans (including Bella) so, if that argument worked, then she should have been able to see Jake save Bella when she jumped off the cliff and also her future when Renesmee was inside her. Alice could not see these things, so this does not explain why she could see the wolves in this scene.

    Of course, the real reason we could see the wolves is that everyone would have realised it was a vision if they’d cut them out, and that would have spoiled the surprise.

    • In New Moon & Eclipse, Jake hasn’t imprinted on Renesmee yet, since she hasn’t been born yet.

    • Alice didn’t see the mountain top battle in Eclipse, because Victoria and Riley had not decided to follow Bella and Edward yet. It was not part of their plan at that time, so it didn’t appear in their future. They caught Jacobs scent going off alone, and realized that’s where they’d find Bella. That changed the course of events, but by then it was too late to warn Edward, and everyone else was already involved in their own battles.

    • Actually in Bd (the book) there is a part where Alice is explaining her headaches to jacob and she tells him she “has a hard time” seeing Bella she says its like “watching people on tv with bad reception”. so she could see bella while she was pregnant with Renesmee just not clearly. And she could see “around” Renesmee and the wolves if they “held still” or didnt move alot.

      • Yes I remember that she can see around them as long as they stay still or something like that I think I mentioned this in another post around here

  22. If you read the books, the reason that Bella wears contacts to meet J. Jenks is because he is a human and he doesn’t know about vampires. It would freak him out if Bella had red/orange-y eyes. Also, if the werewolves would’ve died, she would’ve been able to clearly see the future so in her vision of the battle, every wolf that died would’ve made the vision clearer so she could tell how many wolves were there or not there based on however many wolves were in the packs. (That last part’s just a guess. It makes the most sense.)

    • Heap interesting I also kind of remember in the book that Alice said that she was going to try to see around the wolves so if they didn’t move much that would help… I don’t remember the book but I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere so I guess she could see around them if she focused or something

  23. I have a question maybe you guys can answer: In BD2 at the end when all of the cast for all of the movies is showcased, I didn’t see the actor who played Tyler (the boy who almost hit Bella with his van in the parking lot in Twilight). Did I miss it or wasn’t he included? And on the same subject, why was he dropped after the first Twilight? Very curious…thank you!

    • No u didn’t miss it he wasn’t included I thought it was weird too but did we see Mr Molina and the other teacher from the Romeo Juliet scene? If they weren’t there I guess that’s why tyler wasn’t there because they didn’t make it pass the first movie I guess… I really don’t know why they dropped him I mean he was somehow important since he was going to crush Bella lol I guess in new moon only the main 4 other guys were important since we mostly see Jacob and Bella thru the whole movie but mike and Jessica matter because of the 2 Bella’s outings and Angela and the other guy too since Angela is important in eclipse for the graduation/invitations thing I don’t know

      • But James was in the credits, and he died in the first one….Hmm…good question White!!

        • Well I think James is included since he was the villain in twilight and the others didn’t really matter for the future plots and/or movies

      • DarkQueen says

        Ben also was not in the movie. Remember it was Angela and Ben, not Angela and Eric. They erased Ben and gave some of his personality to Eric. And don’t let me get started on Lauren.

    • Quite a few of the cast of the first movie was missing. Tyler, the teacher, the waitress at the restaurant and Waylon.

      • Yeah I think that the people that didn’t make it pass a scene or 1 movie weren’t mentioned… Except for James but of course he is a major character

    • I agree. They totally left out Tyler, the catalyst for their relationship. If he wasn’t driving like an idiot, too fast in an icy parking lot, he wouldn’t have slid and almost hit Bella. Edward wouldn’t have saved Bella.
      Wow… they really left out a very important character!

  24. I really wish it was Edward who said good by Neisse and Jacob when the fight started not Bella telling Jacob to take of her I wanted like the book 🙁 but other wise I liked the ending shocker twist it was cool .

    • Ok remind me of that.. What do you mean?

      • In the book when Bella tell Jake to take Nessie and run Edward figures out thats what she was keeping from him and gets to say good bye to Jake and Nessie too. He even calls Jake “son”.

        • That’s so true now I remember… But I don’t know what u think but I think I’m able to separate Edward book from Edward movie .. I think it would have sound out of character for Edward movie to say that plus I think they wanted that funny like about should I start calling u dad and Edward saying no… If Edward had called him my son that funny line wouldn’t had fit very well I think

          • I agree. The “son” part wouldn’t of worked for the movie. He should have got to say good-bye to his daughter though… they really don’t get any daddy-daughter “lovey” type lines in the movie at all. It doesn’t have to be mushy… but it would have been nice to see that connection… we really didn’t get to see it.

    In the book Aro in his own mind strategizes the odds…..after he see’s Bella’s power, he began assessing the other vamps powers plus he had been unaware of the wolves (in the book he even wonders if they would be willing to let him take Jacob as a “pet” – remember he likes to collect anyone that has powers he does not already have in his entourage”). In the book Stephanie does not portray the battle scene per se but just that Aro is figuring the odds in his own mind evaluating each coven and their abilities in his own mind. In the movie – Stephanie & Melissa takes that fact – when Alice touches Aro’s hand he reads her thoughts & she in turn sees what his were – not a vision rather they are reading each others minds – what each is thinking; when she says it doesn’t matter what I say or show you, you’ve already made up your mind they are in sync seeing each others thoughts – when she turns and says now – is when we begin to see what she herself is seeing in Aro’s – the battle that Aro had been contemplating prior to Alices arrival and together they play the whole thing out in their minds… (that’s also why she see’s the wolves – it’s from Aro’s mind) he still hadn’t come to the conclusion yet that the stakes were too high, but does eventually reach it when he feels that in all likely hood he will die.

    Alice now can have visions when Jacob is around because of his connection to Nessie (1/2 vamp/ 1/2 human)
    Remember she has the vision of the Voltari coming when they’re all gathered around the piano including Jake and she drops the vase of flowers. Nessie is now a vamp conduit with Jacob (his wolf power no longer blocks Alice).

    • So basically let’s say Alice showed him something and sees what Aro is imagining and/or thinking about “what if” battle the Alice sees the future due to that momentary decision/thought that Aro had. Cause let’s say I’m thinking about making a move so Alice’s vision of the future changes because of the move I planned, they I think about another move and Alice’s vision changes right kind of like that so that’s why we were able to see the wolves… And this is your thoughts or how do you know. It Kind of makes sense. That’s how Alice’s fights basically because she can see the future moves of the opponent so the same here she Aro is making assumptions in his head so Alice is showing him the outcomes of every though he is having.

      The last part I’m not sure… I’m nite sure that now Alice can see Jacob or Nessie I think for that we need steph to explain it to us

    • YES, YES, YES!!!
      That makes SO much sense!! I really want to hug you! Your name really isn’t Stephenie Meyer is it?
      To further explain. Alice’s visions are subjective, according to Edward. They are all dependent upon the actions of external and internal forces, including decisions made by each individual involved. He points out that she isn’t always right, because everyone makes choices.

      Alice and Edward have always had a special bond, because they can do this mind reading trick. He can read her mind, and she knows what his response will be, so she can then answer him in her mind. Basically, they have silent conversations in their minds. This is explained in Midnight Sun, but also can be seen in other books.
      One example is the chess game that never happened. Where the two sit down to play chess, then seconds later, Edward groans, and Alice giggles, “I win!” It drives Jasper nuts. Another example is in BD, when they both want to give Bella their present first – the car key from Edward, and the house key from Alice. Alice suggests they play rock, paper, scissors. Edward says, “Why you (sic) don’t you just tell me who wins?” “I do. Excellent.” Is Alice’s reply.

      • To continue:
        According to BD, through her visions, Alice was following Irina and catching a few glimpses of her immediate future, but “nothing concrete.” Renesmee was in the same room sleeping when Alice, still concerned about Irina, decided to “see” what she was doing. That’s when Alice had her vision. Edward saw it too and gasped. “”They’re coming for us, “Alice and Edward whispered together, perfectly synchronized.”

        Jasper asked her to look for a trigger, because she hasn’t YET gone to the Volturi. Alice was checking on Irina, not the Volturi, when suddenly Irina “decided to go to them.”

        So, at this point, Alice IS able to have a vision, even though Renesmee is in the room. A page later, she does say, “I can’t see! Jacob is almost here!”

        So, Renesmee doesn’t really interfere with her visions anymore- at this point – but Jacob does.

        • Continued:
          Aro’s gift is like Edward’s, except requiring a touch, and that he can see EVERYTHING, not just what the person is thinking of at that moment. If you consider that Alice and Edward are able to carry on conversations, based upon what the other person is going to say, then it’s possible that Alice can show Aro what will happen, because it’s in his mind, and each step is him making a choice, and her throwing back what will then happen as a result of that choice.

          Alice is “seeing around” the wolves, because Aro really doesn’t care about them. He’s seeing what is happening to him and his people, and events going on around them. He’s seeing his guard and followers drastically reduced in size, and his brothers killed. At this point, you are no longer seeing Bella’s POV. You are seeing Aro’s. His thoughts and choices are being shown to him through Alice, because she can directly show him – through his mind reading – exactly what the results of his choices will be, up to and including his own death.

          Thank you Tessa/Stephenie! It’s all clear to me now.

          • However, I can’t help but snicker at people saying that the scene was unbelievable, because Alice can’t see werewolves. So, the other parts about the super strong, earthquake causing, pain inducing vampires, you can buy, but that Alice can now see a vision that involves a werewolf, that just completely just throws the whole thing into the realm of incredulity? lol…

          • Or even better thought! STOP OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING. Just sit back enjoy.
            It’s as bad as the guys who try to contemplate why a major vulnuralbility like a thermal exhaust port was outside, instead of inside, the shields.
            Relax and stop trying to analyze every little thing. Stephenie may appear to walk on water, but it’s only CGI. Most of the time she’s just a mom like most of us. If she’s anything like me, she has dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of laundry to wash, and a Sunday School lesson to plan, all before going to bed tonight.
            Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I know I did, twice!

          • Sorry Sandy, I have to disagree. An internally consistent world is essential in fantasy writing/filmmaking if you want your audience to be able to comfortably suspend disbelief – meaning that you figure out the “rules” of your world, and stick with them. In the book, Alice’s blind spots continue to be essential – that’s how she tracks Nahuel, and how she is able to save the day – by presenting evidence about Renesmee’s likely future. Not as exciting as a big battle scene, but consistent with the parameters of Alice’s power that have already been laid down. It sounds like the filmmakers really wanted to do something more exciting, and just decided to ignore the “rules” – I don’t think anyone can blame the fans for finding that difficult/problematic.

          • Yeah I mean is not so much that Alice can see aro’s thought but based on what Aro decides Alice’s vision changes and therefore Aro is able to see the outcomes of his decision thru Alice’s vision of the future. That’s it. So as for the wolves I think since Aro was making decision probably considering them too in the equation Alice could maybe showed them as blank spots that Aro knew meant the wolves because he can read every single thought Alice had. I think it’s possible to fit in to the equation that vision without breaking steph world’s rules.

        • It’s the decisions of the person whose future Alice is looking at that decree whether or not she can see their future. If the Volturi were wolves, Alice would not have been able to see Irina going there, or what the outcome of their meeting was. But, because there were no wolves involved in Irina’s meeting with the Volturi, Alice could see it. I had nothing to do with Renesmee being in the room when she was looking.

          Alice is not seeing around the wolves either, as they are very clearly evident in her vision. If she was seeing around them, they wouldn’t be there at all. And the fans are bothered by this more because it’s something that has already been established in both the movies and the books as being fact in that world. We don’t have a problem with vampires having fantastic powers because it is established, in the Twilight world, that they can do things like that. So that’s fine. But this one has already been established as a no-no that was instrumental to the plots of the other movies. That’s where the problem lies.

          But, realistically, I still thought it was one hell of a great scene! 🙂

          • StephanieMinorityRetort says

            Thank you! I truly enjoyed Bd2, including the twist; but I can’t get past Alice’s blind spots. We can explain it away all we want (and, believe me, I want!) but it’s a Major
            oversight. Alice’s inability to see a future where the wolves or Nessie are present is a critical plot point throughout the series. It would be as if Superman suddenly was immune to kryptonite, but no one bothered to let
            the audience know how or why.

          • StephanieMinorityRetort says

            Thank you! I truly enjoyed Bd2, including the twist; but I can’t get past Alice’s blind spots. We can explain it away all we want (and, believe me, I want!) but it’s a Major
            oversight. Alice’s inability to see a future where the wolves or Nessie are present is a critical plot point throughout the series.

          • Yeah I mean is not so much that Alice can see aro’s thought but based on what Aro decides Alice’s vision changes and therefore Aro is able to see the outcomes of his decision thru Alice’s vision of the future. That’s it. So as for the wolves I think since Aro was making decision probably considering them too in the equation Alice could maybe showed them as blank spots that Aro knew meant the wolves because he can read every single thought Alice had. I think it’s possible to fit in to the equation that vision without breaking steph world’s rules. This are my thoughts but we need to include that for the movies sake and the twist sake they need to show us clearly the wolves because otherwise it ain’t a twist because we would know something is up.. And the element of surprise would be lost. I think I’m sticking to this unless steph decides to answer some questions on her site, I think it was all for the sake of the movie but steph agreed on everything so that’s enough for me … And being the genius she is I think she could find a reasonable explanation to all of this that happened in the movie.

    • Alice’s thoughts on how she thought the battle would go would not be enough to stop Aro. Only a vision of what actually happened would do that. It has to be a real vision. He would know if it wasn’t and he wouldn’t be convinced by anything less.

    • Yeah that’s true I guess hopefully we see more in the deleted scenes or the extended edition like bill said… All I really know is that I liked the piano scene it was sweet father/daughter moment I also like when he carries her I don’t maybe we needed a little bit more but like I said maybe on the DVD hopefully! I also want the garret awesome speech bill said they filmed it so hopefully in the extended edition we get it! 🙂

    • Great ideas, Tessa.

  26. Why didn’t Bella and Edward sparkle at the end when they’re in the meadow?!? This really bothered me, as it was clearly sunny outside!!!

    • My mom said the same think my replay is that the sun wasn’t hitting them directly like for example in twilight the sun was out but not all his body sparkle only when the sun was actually hitting him directly

  27. My 2 cents worth on Alice’s vision is that you’re not supposed to remember that she can’t see the wolves involvement or Nessie’s future. It was added for drama and closure. You can’t include a fight scene without the wolves and Jacob and Nessie’s flight, and since its all a vision, we have to forget that Alice cannot see them. Same thing at the beach scene at the end. It was all for closure.

    • That’s exactly what I thought but I guess we can find a way around to explain everything. I’m sure steph could explain this for sure.

  28. If all of a sudden Alice can see wolves and hybrids, then that line (which really propelled the entire 3rd act of the movie) in New moon where she tells Jacob “I can’t see past you and your pack of mutts” is absolutely useless. As is the plot that came after (with Alice thinking Bella is dead BECAUSE she couldn’t see her due to Jacob’s presence, and then Edward going to the Volturi because of that). It’s not just inconsistency between book and movie. At this point, there are so many inconsistencies within the movies. First, the vampires always look different – sometimes their hair is a different color, sometimes longer than in previous movies (!!), second vampires dying goes from dust to glass and back to dust again (between NM, Eclipse, and BD), and now this.

    So, whatever. I still don’t get how people were surprised at the “twist” after the fight, though now that I think about it maybe the fact that she’s NOT supposed to see wolves would explain it. Otherwise, I just don’t get it. It’s a YA romance series. They were never actually going to kill off the supporting cast and leave a sad ending to the saga.

    • Agree. I think the books don’t contradict themselves at all but to translate it to the page is to as simple since they want to target male audiences as well with action which we all Know these aren’t action books thieves are romance novels basically with a little of everything. Having said that all the make up, hair, clothing and effects that’s tide to the budget of the movie that’s what happens when you change directors as well. I mean in eclipse they broke like glass here it was more like in twilight they just ripped them apart… The hair o well I missed Edwards hair in the breaking dawn movies I mean it was long in all of them except in BDs which it sucked for me… Bella it doesn’t matter she is ok to change since she is human… The rest of the Cullen well I’m glad they improved from twilight and I glad the contacts are more pronounced as wells as the pale makeup… But I understand what u mean for sure. I think everything that is different is for the sake of the movies basically and keeping key scenes and dialogues are for the sake of books’ fans and steph for sure. I wish steph would explain some things of her site about Alice’s vision how see Jacob and Nessie but I guess we just need to love the movies as something similiar to the books but neves as exactly as the books. I still love both formats. I liked the twist it was fun to see the fight without having to actually lose anyone and well it has steph’s approval since she said it is somehow in the books… So that’s good enough for me I think

  29. Well a cop-out excuse for Alice’s wolf visions could be that Carlisle says “Gifts can be developed with time.” It doesn’t fit the book mythology, but in the film could be plausible. She can’t see wolves or hybrids because she isn’t and never was one of them. As they became part of her world, she could develop empathy towards them and begin to understand and thus see them.

    Another thought that I had while watching the film is that when Bella lets everybody, including Edward, into her shield shouldn’t Edward now be able to read her thoughts? What is the difference between completely putting it out of her mind and letting someone in under the bubble?

    • About the bubble thing, Even though Bella can protect everyone in her bubble she is still completely protected from everyone herself… meaning that even if Kate is in her bubble Bella still can’t be shocked, if Aro was in her bubble he still can’t see her thoughts and neither can Edward. (it’s all in the book)

      • Yeah I agree no one can touch Bella outside or inside her bubble… We need to remember that in order for Edward read Bella’s thoughts she need to remove her shield not include him in her shield bubble.. Also anyone inside Bella’s bubble basically loses his powers too its mentioned in the book at the end.. So if Jane is inside the bubble I think her power doesn’t work anymore and so on… I think I read that too but maybe that last part I’m mistaken but I’m sure about Bella having to remove her shield so that Edward can read her thoughts we even see that in the movie at the end how her bubble disappears vanishes effect so that Edward reads her head

        • They don’t lose their power it is, they still can’t use it on Bella, but they can use it on anyone else under the shield if they are under it too, so… if Edward and Jane are under the shield he can hear her thoughts and she can cause him pain. Thats why she’s so worried about keeping the shield around the “Right” people in the book… If Jane or Alec got under it then it would be useless.

          • See I didn’t remember that thanks for the info… I’m feeling the need to read the whole series again… I haven’t read them in a long time. All I was sure is that Bella need to remove her shield for Edward to hear her thoughts and that no one can touch Bella at all unless like usiad she removes her shield

  30. I have a good explanation! Maybe Alice manipulated the wolves into her mind to fool Aro? Wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

    • She can’t fool Aro while he’s reading her mind, because he’d know, as he can read every though she’s ever had. He is holding her hand for the duration of the vision. That’s how he sees it. He would know if she was trying to fool him.

    • Lol yeah in one can full Aro cause he can read every single thought… Remember Alice said once that their thoughts weren’t safe… Cause Aro would know she is thinking of fooling him lol

  31. Two first question are quite obvious if you read books.
    Alice seeing future of wolves and Renesmee – it’s weird. My answer is that:
    1st of all, it’s a movie, so it doesn’t have to be exactly as in the book.
    2nd, MAYBE Alice also “develops” her skill and is able to predict their future better now. It’s quite logical that now when she is in quite ‘close relationship’ with werewolves and Renesmee, she knows such creatures better and can see their future as well. (It wasn’t in the book, but it might be right)

    !!!Last, Stephanie produced the movie, so she is ok with everything in it – if she’s ok, I am as well – after all, it’s her who created the whole story!!!

  32. Alice had headaches while Bella was pregnant…they went away after the baby was born. She could have over the course of the 3 months developed the ability. She said that the better she knows you the better she sees you.

    • She had headaches cause she wanted to see Bella’s future but since renesme was stacked with Bella she couldn’t… Now remember when Charlie visits Bella the first time Alice says ill try to see around you meaning every time Bella or anyone is with renesme they disappear from their future or better from Alice’s vision of the future so is not that the headaches went away when neesie was born is that since now Bella its without she can now see Bella’s futures, unless when having Nessie in her arms she has to see around them not clearly at them… That’s the best way I can explain it lol

  33. The only possible answer that I could come up with for question 3 is this: In the book, Edward mentions that there gifts grow and get better over time. In the movie Carlisle said this to Bella and Kate confimed it by pointing out that her gift at the beggining was only at the palms of her hand then later she was able to expand it to the rest of her body. In the books Alice mentions that she can see humans beause she was a human, she can see vampires because she is a vampire=alll about familiarity. While Bella was pregnant…Alice use to get headche thus using jacob and Seth as an aspirin. She spent alot of time with them. She could have developed her gift because she got failiar with the wolfs and later with Renesme because she also took care of her. In the matter of 3 months Bella went from only using her child mildly to using it to protect all her friends and family, to being able to take it of her self. To me Alice gift just got better.

  34. About Q3. A LOT of people people are saying the vision is in the book (Aro is thinking it) and that is why Alice can see it. But Alice doesn’t see the thoughts behind people’s actions, only the actions. She can’t read Aro thoughts (someone wrote that too). She can’t see wolves or hybrids, or anything they are directly involved in. So how does she have this vision? Here is my answer: She doesn’t, and Aro never sees that vision (in the book).He never touches Alice that the battle (in the book). He decision to walk away is because he knows they will get their butts kicked with Bella able to shield her side, and also because he doesn’t want to destroy her.

    The fight scene is in the movie because it has to be… what other way was there to end that movie and have the movie be a good movie? We needed a fight scene, BUT it also couldn’t be real or we (the fans) would be even more upset losing so many beloved characters. Steph was clear a long time ago… The Cullens would be able to do a lot of damage against them but in the end they would lose. I don’t think we could live with that. So the best way to have it was though Alice’s vision. The simple true answer is Steph herself dismissed her own rule for this to happen. And I’m ok with that. It was pretty amazing. And not the first time they changed something big like that for the movies sake. I don’t think they thought we wouldn’t notice or care. But I believe they know we are able to reason it out and accept it for what it is.

    • I just read where Steph says “it’s exactly what Aro saw in his mind when he was assessing Bella in the book” But still Alice wouldn’t have seen Aro’s thoughts. And I don’t think Steph meant he seen every detail like that but just that they would bet a butt kicking.

      • On one post, I explained how Edward and Alice can hold private conversations in their minds, because Edward can read her mind, and Alice can see the future, and knows what Edward is going to say. You can read about this in Midnight Sun.
        Aro’s gift is very similar, except it requires touch and he knows EVERYTHING, and not just what you are currently thinking.
        Therefore, the little trick that works with Edward and Alice would work with Aro and Alice. As Aro was thinking about his plans, and what he was going to do, Alice was reading him, and seeing what would happen next, based upon Aro’s choices. Aro was touching Alice, and therefore, seeing what Alice was seeing, his future, based upon his own plans.As he was evaluating the situation, in his mind, he was also getting to see what would happen as a result of his choices. Including watching his own end.
        True, it doesn’t explain her being able to see around the wolves, but I’m sure there’s an explanation. We’ll see.

        • I like how you explaind the whole Alice seeing the future. That she was reading Aro and coming up with the future we see in the movie. Based upon the plans that he was going to choices in the situation . Than showing him the out come if he went with that choice.

  35. DishclothRioter says

    I have to agree with Lynne and others, I don’t think there is any canon way to fully explain the battle scene; even the movies establish that Alice can’t see the wolves or Renesmee. Although Alice’s ability sometimes allowed her to seem as if she could read others’ minds, she cannot actually read anyone’s mind. She may have been able to see something of the battle that would occur based on Aro’s decision to fight, but I don’t think she could have seen any more than disjointed, fuzzy, and contradictory fragments of possible futures due to the wolves’ involvement. The only thing I could accept is that perhaps Aro could have imagined the battle, but the movie makes it seem like it’s Alice’s vision.

  36. I noticed when Bella went to drop Nessie and Jake off at Charlie’s house, her eyes were gold, then when she went to see Jenks they were brown…. lol too funny.

    • That actually makes since though, cause in the book she doesn’t have the contacts in when she drops them off… or atleast it doesn’t say she does. But in the parking lot of the restaurant she pops them in before she goes inside. I think since by that time (in the movie only) her eyes were more yellow she wasn’t worried about Charlie seeing them, but still thought they were too creepy for public. And she hadn’t met him before, or knew what to expect so she wanted to seem as human as possible.

  37. I have a completely new question? Who’s voice is Jacob hearing in his head as he is running away with Nessie? I say it is Leah calling to him because of what happened to Seth. My sister says it is Nessie calling out to him? Let me know what you guys think!

    • He can hear both Leah and Seth in this thoughts since they are in his pack… he sees what has happened in Leah’s thoughts and also would know that Seth is gone from his thoughts. If your referring to someone say “Jacob, Jacob” that was Nessie calling out to him because they were about to be attacked

  38. David Chapman says

    Hi all…I’ve just been to see this Breaking Dawn 2, and have never watched any Twilight at all before tonight.

    My question is this…. At the point where the woman member of the Volturi (whats her name?) sees Nessie “catching snowdrops”, she shoots off to tell Aro about this “immortal child”, then, when they do eventually meet up for the big “showdown” and all the Volturi are present, why, bearing in mind that these are the most powerful vampires in ever in existence, why can NONE OF THEM sense/smell her blood or sense her warmth???…. the “newborn” Bella can smell a mountain climber half way up a mountain FFS!, so why are the Volturi so piss poor at detecting the presence of mortal blood?
    …Then there’d have been no need for the whole thing!!

    • She isn’t completely human so while she smells a little like a human, it’s actually an entirely new smell for them. As far as sensing her warmth… I’m sure they could almost right away, but they were dead set on destroying the Cullens and didn’t really care so much about the “crime” anyway. The “immortal child” was the the excuse they had been looking for the go do what they have been wanting to do anyway. They wanted to destroy them because they thought Carlise’s coven was too powerful, and also because Aro desperately wanted Alice, and possibly Edward and Bella if he could get them for his collection

  39. At the end of the movie (when Bella shows Edward her memories/thoughts) why does it appear that Edward has GREEN eyes (in bio lab when he first speaks to her)

  40. Well.. i think the hole movie was AWESOME! despite the non-cannon stuff. But i have a question..there were 3 amazons not 2 where´s Kachiri?!

  41. One of my questions is about the scene with the immortal child. After the Volturi tear apart and burn Sasha Jane throws the child(forgot his name,sorry)she’s holding into the fire. I know fire destroys Vampires but I thought I read Stephenie Meyer say somewhere online ages ago that they are only flammable so to speak if venom is exposed,i.e when their body is torn apart,but you can clearly see Jane throw the kid whole into the bonfire.So how is he destroyed…then there’s the Benjamin producing fire in his hands…how is that possible?…In the part of the book when Bella goes to J.Jenks office(not in the film)and is standing in front of the fire she wonder’s what it’d feel like to put her hand in,why would she consider it if it could kill her,so obviously fire directly doesn’t destroy them,that’d explain Benjamin but not how we’re to believe the immortal kid was destroyed? Maybe I’m too picky a person but its bugging me… 😉

    • I thought and thought about this one and I finally remembered…(cause I couldn’t think of anywhere it said that the venom had to be exposed). But Edward did say in BD “Yes,” he said. “If [Alec] uses his gift against us, we will all stand blind and deaf until they get around to killing us – maybe they’ll simply burn us without bothering to tear us apart first..”

      My theory with Benjamin is since he can control fire, it’s possible fire can not burn him unless he allows it to.

      When Bella is sitting by the fire she is wondering what it will feel like to burn, she is thinking about the fight and “knowing” that she will die… doesn’t really consider putting her hand in the fire… she is just wondering what it would feel like.

  42. David Chapman says

    …all the answers are so simple………….IT’S NOT REAL!! here’s me thinking it was based on a true story, and all the time it was all just made up fantasy!! imagine how disappointed I am today !Doh!!

  43. I didn’t notice the incongruity of Alice’s vision when I first saw the movie. It was several hours later when I lay in bed thinking about it that I saw the problems. There are only two possibilities that I could come up with. #1. Because of the constant presence of Jacob and Renesmee she learned to push through the blind spots, or #2. Somehow Bella’s shield allowed her access. I dont’ put much stock in #2. I was also really annoyed that they basically neutered the strength of Bella’s shield in the movie. After all, in the books she was able to protect everyone so Jasper and Seth wouldn’t have fallen to Jane’s attacks.

  44. Alice is also able to now see Renesemees future and jacobs future, so she can now see around them

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  46. Reply to question 3:

    I asked the same question and someone replied this:
    This is the only thing that made since to me–while taking some info out of the books–Edward mentions that there gifts get better over time–in the movie Carlisle mentions this in the movie while Kate confirms saying that first her gift started on her palms of her hand and then with time she could radiated throughtout her body–Now Alice says in books that she can see humans beause she was a human, and she could see vampire because she is a vampire, pretty much its all about familiarity. Alice spent alot of time with Jacob during the time where Bella was pregnant with Renesme and gave her a headaches. She spent a lot of time with both Seth and Jacob, making them familiar to her. Her power just got better, just like bella expanding her gift in the matter of 3 months.

  47. When Bella and Renesmee walk toward the Volturi…to meet the Volturi, Jacob walks with them. Then Bella stops ..and Emmet joins them walking behind them. I dont understand why

  48. I think it doesn’t take long for vampire eyes to change colors because if we look at the fact that Edward drank Bella’s blood at the ballet studio and then somehow are golden by the time she wakes up a few days later it must just depend on the diet. Once her human blood is diluted her eyes would be able to change color.

  49. I would like to know how in the WORLD could ALL those Volturi get from Italy to Washington without being seen? Lol 65 different airplanes with their heavy cloaks inside their carry-ons? Or, did ALL those massive amounts of Volturi walk under the Atlantic ocean thousands of miles where no submarines or any other radar detected them. hahaha


  1. […] or Renesmee in the future.  So then, how did she see that big battle in the first place?  We attempted to answer the question to make it fit into Stephenie’s mythology to a point.  But here is what Steph […]

  2. […] or Renesmee in the future.  So then, how did she see that big battle in the first place?  We attempted to answer the question to make it fit into Stephenie’s mythology to a point.  But here is what Steph […]

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