Video: Rare Solo Talk Show Appearance Stephenie Meyer on Jimmy Kimmel

Stephenie doesn’t do that many talk shows. She met Jimmy Kimmel last year at the Grauman’s handprint ceremony where he was the emcee.

Video: Rob Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel

There are 3 videos of Rob’s interview from last night at Jimmy Kimmel’s website. We’re having difficulty grabbing the first video, but here are videos 2 and 3. Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live for the other video.

3 Videos: Robert Pattinson Appears on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s certainly one way to get everyone’s notice in the new late night ratings war, have the biggest star in the tabloid press on your show. Jay Leno and Dave Letterman have to be jealous over this one.

Video: Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel talks Snow White and more

Kristen Stewart was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night to talk Snow White and the Huntsman and more.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Includes Taylor Lautner in Annual OSCAR Spoof

Every year Jimmy Kimmel does some type of send up on OSCAR night. Check out this year’s version that includes Taylor Lautner among others.

Julia Jones on Jimmy Kimmel For Breaking Dawn:2 Videos

Julia Jones was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Kristen Stewart On Jimmy Kimmel for Breaking Dawn Part One

Kristen’s turn to face Kimmel. Awesome night to be on with the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer also just coming out (see below)!

Video: Rob Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel

This is a must see if only for the fact that Rob claims he is a butt double! He also talks about his awkwardness to the foreign press and yes, the thrusting.

Taylor Lautner Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live for Breaking Dawn Part 1

Just days after having Kimmel emcee the Grauman’s footprint ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel had Taylor Lautner on his show.

Updated: Breaking Dawn Stars to Hit Talk Show Circuit

We’re going to update this post as things continue to develop, but here’s what we have so far:

Jimmy Kimmel
November2: Robert Pattinson
November 3: Kristen Stewart
November 7: Taylor Lautner

Jay Leno
November 2: Taylor Lautner
November 3: Kristen Stewart

David Letterman
November 8: Robert Pattinson

November 18(it films the 15th): Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

Regis and Kelly (they almost never put footage on line so remember to record it!)
November 8: Peter Facinelli
November 9: Taylor Lautner
November 10: Robert Pattinson