Jamie Campbell BowerTalks His Future and Breaking Dawn 2

Talks about Breaking Dawn part 2.

Jamie Campbell Bower in Florence + the Machine Video

Adding to the number of Twilight stars dealing with music this week is Jamie Campbell Bower.  He’s playing a very creepy, dark, icy character in Florence + the Machine’s video for “Never Let Me Go.”  The band was featured on the Eclipse soundtrack, so TwiFans have double the reason to be interested.  Here we have a behind the scenes look at the video.  Tell us what you think in the comments!  Do you like the song?  ANd how do you like this darker side of Jamie?


Jamie Campbell-Bower Twitter Q & A With Glamour UK

Glamour UK has the full transcription of the Twitter Q&A that they did with Jamie Campbell Bower earlier today.

@milenaarmstrong What is your fave scene of BD?

I’m looking forward to seeing the birth scene

@JamieBowerLife How did you feel about wearing so much make up?

Strangely comfortable

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@CathKa Fave song of all time & fave band?

Vaughan Williams 5th & LSO

@bexatkinson1 What’s the best thing about playing a vampire?

The false sense of power

Vote Jamie Campbell Bower to the Head of the Class

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has just picked out ten actors who they consider to be the biggest rising stars. Many of them already have done some impressive work, but now MTV feels that they are poised to shoot up to an entirely new level. Jamie Campbell Bower is on the list. Check it out and vote here.

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks His Fantasy Role Trends to InStyle

InStyle Magazine talked to Jamie Campbell Bower about Camelot and how he seems to like fantasy projects. Here’s what he had to say about Twilight.

“You’ve been in both Harry Potter and Twilight, was it a different experience on each set?

Every job is different. My time on Harry Potter was very, very short, whereas my time on Twilight was quite long and extended. Every job brings a new life experience. I was able to come back home when I was in Potter, whereas when I was in Twilight I was out in Baton Rouge and Vancouver for five months together. Every job should just bring something new and exciting and should help you grow.

Who would win the battle between team Twilight and team Potter?

Now, I got asked this question the other day, but if it was just the two leads – Edward vs Harry. I said Edward would win in that situation, because once you get the wand out of Harry’s hand, he’s dead. But, you’ve thrown a new dynamic into it because if it was a team battle, honestly then, I don’t know. I probably have to say the vampires again, they do move at super speed but the other guys have wands and you can stand back, you don’t have to get so close. Who knows? It’s a debate that philosophers have been thinking about for years now!”

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How Jamie Campbell Bower and Others Got Their Vampire Looks

Bella Sugar has an exclusive interview with New moon make-up artist Leslie Graham:

BellaSugar: You created some of the looks for the vampires in New Moon and Eclipse — who did you look after and what were the key products you used to create their looks?

Leslie Graham: For New Moon I was brought in to be a personal makeup artist for actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who played the role of Caius (one of the leaders of the Voluturi). For Eclipse I did the makeup for all of the Wolfpack [Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Chaske Spencer], Jodelle Ferland and some of the newborn vampires. On set I would take care of Dakota and the other Volturi. We did a lot of air-brushing using MAC Micronized Airbrushed Formula to give the “onion” skin tone. It has a little silicone in it, which works to keep the makeup in place as we were often working in the woods and in the rain — vampires in the rain can be quite difficult!”

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Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Which Twilight Star Has Breakout Potential

BooBoo-as-Seth-218x300Laura’s latest column is up at Movies.com. This week she looks at which stars have breakout potential. Check out and see if your favorites matched up.

“The first three movies certainly shot Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into the stratosphere, and Taylor Lautner joined them once his role increased starting with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. So does The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 have the potential to showcase anyone? Consider the first part of the novel Breaking Dawn. Two characters leap to the forefront as major players: Seth and Leah Clearwater. Seth has that endearing, boy-next-door quality, and Leah is every fan’s favorite, female bad-ass. Assuming page time equals proportionate screen time, Booboo Stewart as Seth and Julia Jones as Leah have the potential to get to that next level…

On the other hand there are other actors who are Twilight Saga connected from the previous films whose careers are really starting to take off. Rather than just go with what my ideas were, I decided to put out a call on Twitter and ask some of my fellow fans and fan site operators from around the globe what their thoughts were. Overwhelmingly, it came down to three people: Anna Kendrick, Jamie Campbell-Bower, and Kellan Lutz.”

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High Quality Video: Jamie Campbell Bower Dishes Twilight and Camelot on T4

They also did an after show Q&A with Jamie:

“Welcome to T4 Jamie, your latest film ‘Camelot’ sees you portray King Arthur, who is your ideal Guinevere?

I could think of no one better than Tasmin Egerton.

What would be your advice for anybody who wants to pursue a career in acting?

Don’t give up.

You are a guitarist in the band ‘The Darling Buds.’ What is the most rock and roll thing you have ever done?

I once stayed up to watch all of Newsnight. I fell asleep half way through.”

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Jamie Campbell-Bower Dishes Breaking Dawn at the National Film Awards

Last night Jamie Campbell Bower talked to Glamour UK  on the red carpet at the National Film Awards:

GLAMOUR.COM: Are we going to see more of you in the last two Twilight films?

JAMIE: You are, you are. You’re going to get to see just how evil and twisted the Volturi really are and we do some pretty awful things.

Q: Do you like being the bad guy?

JAMIE: Always. It’s always nice to be bad. You get to bring out the evil side which we all intrinsically have but suppress, occasionally.

Q: What’s it like working with Robert Pattinson?

Jamie: Terrible, the guy’s an idiot.

GLAMOUR.COM: And Kristen?

JAMIE: An idiot as well, they’re both awful. No, I love working with them, they’re both incredible actors and Kristen’s someone I’ve admired for ages since I first saw her in Panic Room I’ve thought she was wonderful and Rob is someone who mutual friends of mine now know as well, so it’s nice to be able to work with people that you can get along with.”

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Jamie Campbell-Bower Carrying a Large Torch in Breaking Dawn

Jamie Campbell Bower told Zap-It about one of the downsides to playing Caius:

“I have this big, flaming torch in the last movie,” Campbell Bower tells Zap2it, “and it was one of those things you look at on the first day and you think, ‘Yeah, I am going to be so badass with this!’ — and by the end of filming, it was, ‘God, I HATE this thing, I never want to see it ever again!’

“That torch was just so heavy it was ridiculous, and I had been holding Excalibur for the past six months of ‘Camelot,’ so my arm was getting bigger, but that big bronze torch must have weighed, I don’t know, 400 pounds or something. I was glad to be rid of it.

“I’ll let the fans have that one, because they love that kind of stuff.”

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