Meese Meets Stephenie Meyer

The band members of Meese are Twilight fans. They got the surprise of their lives the other night when Stephenie was at their Phoenix show.

“we’re playing our first show with The Fray in Phoenix two nights ago…when all of a sudden some says in passing really nonchalant “Yeah, the Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer is gonna be here tonight”. Then I had this split second indecision of “Should I try to play it cool and act like I meet super famous genius writers all the time? OR should I flip out and tell her what a big fan I am and get my picture taken with her?”… Stephenie was AWESOME. We got to hang out and chatted for a while! If it wasn’t for the fact that we had to go on stage to play, I probably would’ve tried to talk to her all night.”

The whole encounter is here on the Meese website. Also check out their music. Via Twilighters Anonymous