Edward’s New Moon Theme Song

So this week’s music poll is all about Edward! Last week we openned the poll on the ultimate Bella New Moon song and with over 7000 votes in the poll the song on top was Haunted by Kelly Clarkson

So this week I am asking which songs remind you of Edward in New Moon.  And I am just going to say this up front Hate Me by Blue October is a given.  It won’t be included in the poll just like My Immortal for Bella wasn’t included. 

So here is what you need to do, leave a comment containing the name of the song you think represents Edward most in New Moon.  In order for the song to be considered for the poll please leave a link to the song lyrics or video. 

Please do not post the lyrics in the comment box. If a post contains full lyrics(anything more than 4 lines)  it will be deleted. 

Thanks for undertanding and start posting! Just a reminder this is just for fun and has nothing to do with the New Moon soundtrack in any way.

Here are a few of the ones I think of: I Wish th Best for You by Emerson Hart (for the goodbye scene) Too Late by Fisher (Edward’s overall feelings)

Be My Escape


  1. Apocalypse Please – Muse

  2. Sarahjane says:

    I think the band Copeland’s entire album You Are My Sunshine fits the Twilight Saga. Whenever I am reading I have to listen to it. I can’t listen to anything else. The sound of it, the lyrics, the mood…everything about it fits these books.

    For Edward’s song in New Moon I say:

    Copeland-The Grey Man

    their song ‘Should You Return’ is totally Bella in New Moon..I know I am late, but just for you…you should check it out!

  3. “i can’t live” by justin G.

  4. “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt


    PERFECT lyrics for Edward!!!

    • oliviagullam. says:

      i so totally agree. “i saw the end before it began”.
      what an amazing song, and so apt.

    • I’ve listened to a lot of these songs and this one just fits perfectly. Love “good bye my lover” for Edward’s song!!

    • charchar says:

      i agree “i know your smell. i’ve been addicted to you.”
      or same mistake also by james blunt-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdJOUZgeKV0

      “dont but the promises cause there are no promises i keep…Look at the stars fall down. And wonder where did I go wrong.”

  5. Uninvited by Alanis Morrisette has always reminded me of how Edward wanted to stay away from Bella.

    Also, In Your Arms by Stanfour

  6. Sarahjane says:

    Here is the link for the song I said earlier.

    Copeland-The Greay Man


    • petra.freedom says:

      love that song, it´s awesome and it got me depressed, i like that kinda thing and what else than depressed and lost is there for edward, anyway..

  7. I listen to “Hate Me” by Blue October all the time and I can just see the words running through Edward’s mind as he runs away from Bella, but I think it works well with his entire mindset.

  8. the reason by hoobstank

    • CeeCee29 says:

      I love this song too! It does go good with the book too! I just listened to it the other day I’m surprised that I didn’t think of that! Good thinking!! 🙂

    • OMG! The Reason by Hoobastank is absolutely perfect! Every single lyric in the song suits Edward and the song is brilliant!


    • dtbvampire says:

      The reason….perfect!

    • that song is perfect!
      i was listening to it the other day and is absolutely an “edward” song, the lyrics fit and the melody is good too
      i personally love the chorous:

      “I’ve found out a reason for me
      To change who I used to be
      A reason to start over new
      and the reason is you”

      just love it 🙂

  9. I forgot links. In Your Arms by Stanfour

    Uninvited by Alanis Morrisette

  10. You Could Be Happy– so a theme song for when he’s in South America. Makes me want to cry.

    • deedee81 says:

      Oh my God I love this song, by Snow Patrol, they are my favourite band and they are from Belfast, as I am too which makes it even better!

      I love Linkin Park-What I’ve Done, for when Edward is standing under the clock tower about to step out into the sun!

    • Yes, that is a good one too.
      “You could be happy, I won’t know. But you weren’t happy the day I watched you go.”

  11. Kristin says:

    Justin Guarini; I Can’t Live.


    This might me a given because it was written for New Moon, but it is for after Edward thinks that Bella is dead….

  12. I REALLY didn’t want to nominate another Kelly Clarkson song but every time I hear “already gone” I think Edward…

    “I want you to know
    It doesn’t matter where we take this road
    Someone’s gotta go
    And I want you to know
    You couldn’t have loved me better
    But I want you to move on
    So I’m already gone”

  13. Tears of an Angel

    The song is amazing and the link to the video is just as good. Watch it.
    This song best represents his feelings when he is gone and away from Bella and goes trough so much turmoil.

  14. Kierra =D says:

    I think untouched is also perfect for Bella.

  15. Away From Me by Evanescence

  16. Earth to Bella Part 1 by Incubus

  17. here are my choices for Edward….Dear God-Avenged Sevenfold, Almost Easy- Avenged Sevenfold, Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow- Bullet for my Valentine

  18. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Hate Me – Blue October

  19. JaclynD says:

    Quiet-Rachel Yamagata

  20. cullencougar says:

    The Scientist by Coldplay

  21. Jazz Fan says:


    White Lies by Paolo Nutini. To me this song says everything Edward wanted to say but couldn’t say to Bella when he left her in the woods. Also, His voice reminds me a little bit of Robert Pattinson’s.

    • JAZZ love P.N. he is a great artist good song twifriend.I also like that he is still unknown not as popular as l.park. and cold play..

  22. mysduende says:

    Map of the Problematique – Muse

  23. Mary Alice Cullen says:
  24. BellaLight says:
    • omg i love this song most deff the scientist is the perfect edward song 😀 all coldplay songs r very pretty and fit new moon very well

  25. There are a couple of songs by Justin Hines, which illustrate Edward’s feelings in ‘New Moon’. Doing what’s best for the one you love by leaving them.
    “Wish You Well” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgngckp6UkQ

    and “Say What You Will” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6xqtu60sHc

  26. BellaLight says:

    Sing For Absolution By Muse 🙁 This one is sad.

  27. Far Away by Nickelback reminds me of what Ewdard and Bella are going through.

  28. Rachelle says:

    The Scientist by Coldplay

  29. sounds of pulling heaven down by blue october
    the reason
    sing for absolution by muse
    sorry by the jonas brothers (if jonas brothers or any other disney type star make it on to the real soundtrack ill be pissed, twilight is stuff like paramore, muse, linkin park not pop but still think song works for it, and its the only acceptable pop song for it)
    move along by all american rejects would be good for bella

  30. Zul1302 says:

    I think Far Away by Nickelback would be great !!

  31. Kris Cullenz says:

    “From a Shell” by Lisa Germano
    here’s the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3viH8-tOijw
    it reminds me of Edward when He’s away from Bella..i don’t know why but it does…i’ve been reading the lyrics over in my head all flipping day!
    ~Kris Cullenz

  32. amoremorte616 says:

    H.I.M. “Funeral of Hearts”
    (the official video from the band in HD along with the lyrics playing in the vid.)

  33. Prodigal by One Republic, for Edward’s leaving in the forest and then being gone.



    • Kristi Shepherd in Bakersfield,Ca says:

      I like this song and lyrics it fits very good..:)

    • Shrimp Toast says:

      Yes! not a single phrase that doesn’t tell his story…his shame at running, wanting Bella to move on, fearing she won’t, fearing he’ll cave and come back. Absolutely perfect!!

      “I’ll take everything from you, but you’ll take anything, won’t you.
      Run away like the prodigal, don’t you wait for me
      So ashamed but I need you so, and you wait for me”
      Run away, run away for you…”

    • CravinCullen81 says:

      that was perfect. i’d never heard that song before, good choice.

  34. -dear god by avenged sevenfold
    “A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
    Miles away from those I love
    Hope is hard to find
    While I recall all the words you spoke to me”


    -Everything by lifehouse
    “Find Me Here
    Speak To Me
    I want to feel you
    I need to hear you
    You are the light”


    -baby you wouldnt last a minuteon the creek by chiodos
    “Let’s just stop,
    drop everything,
    (forget each other’s names) forget each other’s names,
    And just walk away.”


    -All i’ve got by the used
    “I guess, I remember every glance you shot me
    Un-harmed, I’m losing weight and some body heat
    I squoze so hard
    I stopped your heart from beating”


    im with you by avril lavigne
    “I’m standin’ on the bridge
    I’m waitin’ in the dark
    I thought that you’d be here by now
    There’s nothing but the rain”


    -She will be loved by maroon 5
    “I don’t mind spending everyday
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile”


    -Hate that i love you by rihanna ft neyo
    “But you won’t let me
    You upset me girl
    And then you kiss my lips
    All of a sudden I forget (that I was upset)”

  35. Jennifer says:

    A Modern Myth – 30 Seconds to Mars.

    Especially when Jared starts singing/shouting the “goodbye”s at the end. I can really feel Edward’s angst when he’s walking away from Bella.

    Please look it up. The lyrics are somewhat simple, yet relevant, but the song is heartwrenching.

    You’ll be glad (or sad, given the context) that you did.


  36. Hate Me-Blue October
    deffinetly number one.

    and when he comes back i think Lullaby(Goodnight My Angel)-Billy Joel
    it works because everything he is saying is what he tells Bella at the end.

    a song that i forgot to add for Bella’s song is Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
    it works for Bella to Edward, and Jacob to Bella.

  37. amoremorte616 says:

    Also The Birthday Massacre’s “Remember Me” They have dont two versions of this song. Both have the same lyrics though.
    This link is for the first version with the lyrics in the info
    This link is for the official version but the lyrics don’t accompany the vid
    Its hauntingly beautiful. Almost like if Edward wrote a song after he left, this would be it. Just sang by a woman lol.

    • amoremorte616 says:

      *plz ignore the ‘dont’ in the first line there! sorry, i just made my post very confusing! eek.

  38. Definitely ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay.

  39. Goo Goo Dolls – Sympathy

    The style of the song isn’t as dark as Edward’s should be but the lyrics describe Edward’s struggle and apology to Bella in such a good way.

  40. MimiMoon says:

    Jeff Buckley “Lover You Should’ve Come Over”

    Listen to the whole song.

    Hands Down. This is the song. I would love to hear Robert sing it.

  41. Swim- Jack’s Mannequin, woulda been a perfect song for Bella, yea pretty much perfect. It’s very New Moon!

    Hate Me- Blue October is most awesome for Edward and also Sing for Absolution-muse!

    • LizaBella says:

      Sing for Absolution is perfect, cuz he asking her to forgive him.
      and i know many have said it, but the reason by hoobastank is good.
      Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October is good, too.

      Almost Lover is pretty good, too.

  42. I think “Bruised” by Jack’s Mannequin is pretty fitting. At least the chorus is anyway. xD The chorus expresses how much Edward wanted it to be a clean break between them but both of them still felt pain.

    I think “Who I Am, Hates Who I’ve Been” by Relient K also works.

  43. Danielle says:

    I’d Come For You Nickelback



    I cant believe I said I’d lay our love on the ground
    But it doesn’t matter cause I’ve made it up forgive me now
    Everyday I spend away my souls inside out
    Gotta be someway that I can make it up to you now, somehow.

  44. Autumn Herod says:

    I really like the song Second Chance by Shine Down…every time I hear it I think of Edward leaving……

  45. Jennifer says:

    Update….here’s a youtube video for Modern Myth that is Twilight themed. I haven’t watched it but I hope it’s good 🙂

  46. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    ”Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt is perfect in my mind.

    ”I Thought She Knew” by NSYNC (cheesy I know, but the words mean alot)

  47. Carolina says:

    I got two.

    Bring me to life-evanescence


    circles-hollywood undead

    i think the second one is more fitting.

  48. christina says:

    the shadow of the day by linkin park
    it talks about how edward feels about leaving bella and his reflection of how that will make her feel

  49. Martha cullen aka martha says:

    Leave ot all the rest linkin park. the sad break up scene. heres the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfoMoW9Bhcw

    • Twilight9009 says:

      Leave Out All the Rest fits but it was on the Twilight soundtrack so I think it is associated with Twilight already.

  50. hoobastank- the reason

    its old school but i think it goes well with edwards changes and feelings

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