The Newborn Army Is On The Move

Filming of Eclipse continues in Vancouver. A recent scene, that those present surmise involves the newborn army because Xavier Samuel and Jodelle Ferland were present, was shot down at the waterfront. Various onlookers got to see quite the site by standing on public land on the opposite shore.  Mandy who ended up using the public rest room, got the shock of her life when she came out of the stall to find red-eyed extras waiting to use the facilities, now there’s something you don’t see everyday!

Vancity Allie, whose photo appears left, described the scene as:

“I had a chance to see a new set being filmed for Eclipse… the scene where the newborns arrive in Forks. It’s a picturesque scene, with mountains and water framing the background of the shot, and a sparse unoccupied beach for the newborns to arrive on… then they disappear into the forest. The vampire newborns looked absolutely chilling, and their rugged military-like outfits along with steely, determined glares just added to the mood. Filmed early in the morning, this scene was designed to look as if it had been shot at night, possibly just after dusk or just before dawn.”

See the rest of Allie’s photos and write-up here.

Mandy also visited locations similar to Allie. Mandy says:

“The vampires would simply go underwater once the camera was rolling then one by one emerge out of the water and walk slowly, menacingly towards to the shore. I love the darker angle David Slade is taking to this movie. I can’t wait for Eclipse to come out… but I have to wait for New Moon first… which I can’t wait for either :)”

You can see her write-up and photos here and here.

Vancity Allie: It’s Graduation Day!

We knew that one of the first things that they were going to film for Eclipse was the school scenes. Producer Wyck Godfrey told us “NEVER AGAIN” would they film while school was in session because it was really problematic.

They had everything from people unexpectedly in the halls screaming when they saw Rob ( I mean wouldn’t you ask for a hall pass if Robert Pattinson was in your building filming?) to the student body looking through window from a courtyard so that the actors had a hard time concentrating because of everyone’s faces pushed into the glass.  So, it should come as no surprise that they did the school scenes yesterday since school isn’t in session up in Vancouver yet.

Vancity Allie, a local blogger about all things Vancouver, was there to capture a few photos and give her write up. See Allie’s story and more photos here.

Eclispe and New Moon Dinner

The New Moon and Eclipse casts plus Stephenie Meyer and David Slade all met at a Vancounver restaurant whose location was broadcast on Twitter almost as soon as they arrived by Canadian gossip columnist Lainey.

Vancity Allie who has covered events before was already in that area and maintained the respectful coverage that she has gotten all along. Check out her blog for the details.

“Amy managed to get a photo with Stephenie Meyer. Only photo of the night! Stephenie was absolutely lovely and signed some books for another fan. She was really sweet and was worried about looking tired after the long night, but I’m sure you’ll agree she looks amazing. Stephenie had a bright blood red purse that was totally Twilight appropriate.”

There are other bloggers who also covered the event

Kristen Stewart: Biking Riding, Not With Taylor

Vancity Allie visited another location the other night. From what bystanders could tell, Bella (Kristen Stewart) jumps on the back of a motorcycle of a biker guy.  Onlookers are guessing that it’s a tweak of the scene in the book (call it artistic license) where Bella approaches a dangerous crowd while out with Jessica.

“And let me just say this — Kristen Stewart is one HECK of a cool chica. She did ALL her stunts tonight, at least the ones that I saw. Props for braving it out in the cold Vancouver night on a motorcycle all evening. Major Kudos, Kristen!”

Be warned that if you click to read the full story on the Vancity Allie blog that Allie was close enough to hear dialoge and to see people standing in interesting locations. Don’t worry, Allie was standing behind established barricades, and none of her coverage was illegally obtained, but, if you are trying to stay spoiler free on non-book stuff, you probably want to miss this particular story.

Vancity Allie Attends Theatre Shoot

The interior scenes for the movie theater segments were shot a couple of weeks ago at the Ridge Theater and Bowling Alley complex. Last night, they did the exterior shots at a movie theater that had a more traditional look. Kristen Stewart, Mike Welch, Anna Kendrick, and Taylor Lautner were all in attendance.

“They[Anna and Kristen] both looked beautiful. Kristen as “Bella” was wearing a dark coat, with a blue hoodie and a casual shirt underneath, with blue jeans and Nike sneakers. A likely Bella costume! Anna as “Jessica” was wearing a very cute houndstooth pattern brown jacket with pockets, with a pink, coral and white shirts underneath. I like the necklace they chose for her. Blue jeans as well.”

Check out the Vancity Allie blog for full coverage and photos.

New Moon Shoots At Local Pool

Both Vancity Allie and Twilight Gossip have coverage of a one-day shoot at a local pool. The assumption is that they used it to film part of the cliff diving scene given the looming presence of green screens that are the size of a small apartment building.

They would then put in the footage they shot almost a month ago of the British Columbia coastline ( reported as South Beach, located near Wickaninnish Beach inside Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Incinerator Rock at Long Beach) post-production. Both Kristen and Taylor were on the site. There was no reported sign of other members of the wolf pack.

Taylor and Kristen missed attending anything associated with the DVD release because they were off filming the beach portion of the cliff diving scene during some really awful weather.

We really hope they heated the water for Taylor Lautner who came out, wet hair and all, to sign fan autographs.

Vancity Allie Meets Cast At The Dills Show

Vancity Allie attended the Dills Show and who did she meet: Nikki, Taylor, and Kristen.

If you haven’t heard the Dills music before there is a great video linked on teh Vancity Aliie Blog, check them out. They have a great sound!

“I asked her[lead singer Sage] if I could take photos of my show and she said that was cool. Nikki Reed herself came out and sat right in front for half the show to take photos of her friend, support her music, take videos, and dance along to the music. What a great friend! They were talking/shouting to each other during the show the entire time, and Nikki was giving song suggestions.

Vancity Allie Meets the Entire New Moon Cast

The Vancity Allie blogger waited for hours in the dead of night outside of the area where the birthday scene was being filmed. After a long cold night of only seeing crew trucks and distant lights there persistence paid off. The cast asked their driver to stop their car and they went over to Allie’s group.

“And believe it or not… Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) in full hair and make up got out of the van! Peter said, “We just have to get out and give you girls hugs for waiting all this time!” Hugs all around. Kristen asked Amy how long we’d been there, and Amy said “10 minutes” at first and then eventually told her the truth. Nikki was just beaming… she looked great and her new wig looked amazing.”

We just want to say hat’s off to Vancity Allie for some great reporting while being respectful of the cast and crew.

New Moon Cast Supports: 100 Monkeys

Vancity Allie scored some tickets and passes to the 100 Monkeys gig in Vancouver last night.  The New Moon cast was their in droves to support Jackson Rathbone and his band.

According to Vancity Allie:

“I can’t even begin to tell you how nice the cast was. They asked for us to wait to take photos until mainly after the show because they didn’t want to take the spotlight from Jackson’s band, and they were incredibly kind, classy, and friendly. And they mostly hung out in the crowd all night, just enjoying the show like everyone else. Mindblowing! Kudos, Twilight cast. You really are a one-of-a-kind group. Thanks for putting up with us fans!”

See the full story and some photos that will blow you away here!