Jamie Campbell Bower Rocks the House

Jamie Campbell Bower has his own band, and last night it played in Camden in the UK. In fact Jamie was Tweeting about it all week up through his sound check!

Here’s a report from a fan who was at the show.

TY to Team Solomon for the heads up


  1. Is everyone in this movie a musician? Criminy! How much talent can one person have?

  2. I’m usually not the sighing lustfully type, but this young man is my exception. Yum.

  3. Twifanatic Amanda says:


  4. Ironically enough, he looks just like how I imagine Lestat in The Vampire Lestat.

    and now he’s playing a Volturi…


  5. I think I’ll always see him as Anthony in Sweeney Todd. Not that that’s a bad thing, because Sweeney is my favorite musical and I’m obsessed. Jamie is an amazing singer in that movie.

  6. He has an adorable little face…and he totally looks like a Jamie.

    Jane I absolutely agree with you! It’s like only musicians/actors can be cast in the Twilight Saga movies. Jeez. Not that there’s anything wrong with them…


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