Stephenie Meyer’s Band Choices Like Her Too

According to MTV, several of the bands that Stephenie mentioned on her recent website update are just as much fans of her as she is a fan of them.

“…The guys in White Rabbits — whose album, It’s Frightening, Meyer very much digs — have never met the author, but drummer Matt Clark considers himself a fan, if only because his girlfriend convinced him to watch the movie.

“She’d just read the book and said, ‘You have to watch this movie with me,’ ” Clark explained to MTV News. “Typically it’s not my thing, but I checked it out because she asked. It was great!”

By that point, he was already well aware of the ability of the “Twilight” to bring lesser-known bands to wider attention. “The soundtrack is a huge Billboard hit, which is really rare nowadays,” he said.”

Check out the whole story on MTV. And check out White Rabbits video below.