Nikki Reed at Sage and the Dills Show

Nikki Reed took the stage at the Sage and the Dills show in LA last night. Nikki has been a long-time supporter of her friend Sage’s music career. When the group came up to Vancouver to play a couple of gigs, Nikki was there to lend her support bringing Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner with her.

According to Radaronline:

“Sage, the lead singer of the band, is best buds with the actress, who arrived in a purple beanie and dark jeans. And just because she’s in the movies doesn’t mean she gets any special treatment from her friends. The band put her to work loading equipment onto the stage and setting up the drums.”

Get the whole story on Radaronline.


  1. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Would anyone like to say that she’s using her Twilight fame and her friendship with the cast by going to her friend’s concert?

  2. Juliette says:

    This isn’t an attack on anyone, I’m just honestly curious. Why is there so much hate toward Nikki?

    • Twilight_News says:

      We are equally mystified and locked the other thread due to over-the-top attacks not based on fact.

      No one has to like an actor’s performance by any means, but we certainly don’t know their motivations in their personal lives nor should we. Who knew that saying “I’m going to Italy on a personal trip” would be an issue?”

      • Julie M. says:

        Thank you for locking the other thread. It was getting absolutely ridiculous. I suspect this thread will also have to be locked.

      • thank you. i almost didn’t even look at this post because i figured people would just write rude comments downtalking nikki. i get really tired of seeing people making assumptions and talking smack about her because i think she’s great and i’m definitely a big fan.

        • I too would like to thank you for locking the other thread, it really was getting way out of hand. This site was tame compared to some others. I give every cast member a lot of credit for dealing with the fans and especially the media(papperatzi)(sp)anyway they can. Boy, talk about no personal life. I’m glad they all get along and like each other. Makes for better movies.

    • ILoveEC says:

      Maybe it’s psychological? They may not like her character in Twilight, and it’s just involunary… :p Idk, I still think it’s ridiculous.

      • Juliette says:

        That’s what I was thinking. But disliking an actor over their character is a little nuts.

        I’ve never read anything bad about Nikki. She seems like a nice girl and I think her portrayal of Rosalie is great.

      • you know ive thought that more then once

  3. Starrbbella says:

    I think Nikki is a real good actor!I think everyone is jealous of her.She hasn’t done anything to anyone for people not to like her.Maybe all the haters don’t like her because she is real good friends with my man Rob.

  4. I think Nikki is great I am really glad some people are standing up for her. The twilight fandom should not be about bashing anyone, certainly not someone who loves the books that way Nikki does.

  5. higgin704 says:

    What a good friend! It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t turn her back on her buddies once she has hit the big time.

    • I think people should leave Nikki Reed alone. She has stayed true to her true friends back at home.
      She has not corrupted Kristen at all. Kristen corrupted herself. If Kristen keeps going the way she is by smoking pot and doing other drugs she’ll be another Lindsay Lohan. What I have heard is that Kristen has forgotten her true friends now that she has become famous.

  6. Ashleigh says:

    The only things I can think of for people not liking Nikki is that people had been saying that her and Kristen were excluding or badmouthing Ashlee and her performance or something like that. It sounds very grade 3.

    Another thing could be cause she plays Rose and Rose can be a bit harder to like than some of the others.

    It’s good to see that she doesn’t get any special treatment and that she helps the band out, its nice.

  7. anonymous says:

    I’ll tell you why I don’t like Nikki.

    1.) namedropping
    2.) nepotism
    3.) calling paps and befriending them. I know this for a fact, and I don’t care if you guys don’t believe me. She used to call the paps all the time in hollywood when she hung out with Rob (hello box store fiasco) and she became friends with the paps in Vancouver while she was up there. I know. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, cause I’m not.

    In my opinion, she is constantly seeking attention. Just in general, and she always drops Kristen and Rob’s name to get it.

    That being said, about the Italy thing, I don’t think Kellan OR Nikki should be going to be honest. The cast will be out there for what? four days? They’re not going just to sight see, in my opinion they’re going just to follow people around and it’s not professional. Their friends are doing a JOB. Do you follow your friends to work?

    • Twilight_News says:

      This would be so much more credible if you signed your name. If I call someone out, I at least have the guts to say who I am.

      Right now it just sounds like you’ve been reading too much Ted Casablanca, Perez Hilton, and Lainey Gossip with a side helping of TMZ.

      So unless you were in Nikki’s presence, or one of the paparazzi you claim she called your credibility is zero.

      You don’t have to like that she’s off to Italy, but stating your analysis of her motivation and backstory is anything more than conjecture is and opinion is pure bunk.


      • Dear Pel, that’s the why I like this fansite, u guys do a good & very hard job ( as a fan it’s not easy to swallow some comments). Here is the only place that I check for some news of twilight movies. Thank u for being impartial & give us what really matter: The real news.

    • I agree completely. Thanks for taking a stand, you guys make twilight lexicon a awesome place to go.

  8. Aww!!!! This is ridiculous!!! I don’t like her, but I don’t have anything against her. Maybe is ‘cuz her role in the movie, who knows? But one thing is right, anything that was posted here give me the right to trash her. Seriously, it’s childish. Trash someone (even if u don’t like this person) based in speculation 4 me sounds a bit cocky, ‘cuz u don’t know what’s going on & try to make assumptions… just ridiculous… Get a life!!!


  9. i don’t like nikki and i hate her, but nothing against her fans, everyone has a free comments including myself.

    i don’t like her because she is name dropping and fame whores, believe me, the one that she couldn’t resist to have is camera take her blow ass, then she will dancing little bit.

    anyhoo, why you put this blogs with something that not related to twilight, i think the unpopular sage dills is not twilight zone, what’s up?????

  10. and it’s not because she is rosalie, please grow up, rosalie is not like her at all, nikki is worst from herself, thank you very much,…

  11. kehacakes says:

    what i have always thought was funny is that you hear people trashing Nikki for whatever reasons, so, I want to know… Do they think just as bad about Taylor, Kristen and Rob, I mean, if Nikki is so bad… then aren’t they all much worse for hanging out with her all the time and calling her a friend? What do they think that says about them?

    BTW, I think its great she doesn’t think she’s too cool to set up the drums. Go Nikki! You rock!

  12. Why are the people who like Nikki bringing this up and keeping it going?

    And why when people say horrible things about Catherine, Kristen, even David Slade, those threads don’t get locked? Which I’ve heard people say worse things about on here.

    And anon up there was just answering a question someone earlier asked, and I guess that’s their answer. Why do they get chewed out for that?

    Anyway, it’s cool she went and supported her friend at her concert!

  13. yes, lexicon love to update twilight cast but not to promoting someone, do you ?? just figured it out.
    i mean i love to see kellan or ashley shopping when only their pictures is in it, not anyone else, seems doesn’t matter a lot. ooucch that’s hurt don’t cha.

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