Stephenie Meyer’s Musical Tastes

It looks like New York Magazine has just figured out what Stephenie Meyer’s musical tastes are.  Up until now it looks like they couldn’t get past the stereotype of what a teen romance novelist should have on her IPOD.

“If you would’ve asked us before today what kind of music we thought Stephenie Meyer listened to, we probably would’ve said something like Evanescence, Lifehouse, or maybe even early-period Donnie & Marie Osmond. However, we would’ve been totally wrong! Her iPod playlist includes the likes of Animal Collective, the Silversun Pickups, and the Dead Weather.”

It got us thinking as to how “perceived image” is no indication of musical taste. Another good example is author J.R. Ward who self-described “I look like I should be listening to Mozart”  in actuality is a huge gangsta rap fan among other genres.  So, do you break the mold on your IPOD tastes?