Stephenie Meyer’s Musical Tastes

It looks like New York Magazine has just figured out what Stephenie Meyer’s musical tastes are.  Up until now it looks like they couldn’t get past the stereotype of what a teen romance novelist should have on her IPOD.

“If you would’ve asked us before today what kind of music we thought Stephenie Meyer listened to, we probably would’ve said something like Evanescence, Lifehouse, or maybe even early-period Donnie & Marie Osmond. However, we would’ve been totally wrong! Her iPod playlist includes the likes of Animal Collective, the Silversun Pickups, and the Dead Weather.”

It got us thinking as to how “perceived image” is no indication of musical taste. Another good example is author J.R. Ward who self-described “I look like I should be listening to Mozart”  in actuality is a huge gangsta rap fan among other genres.  So, do you break the mold on your IPOD tastes?


  1. It’s MOZART, not “Motzart”!

    But yes, blond hair and liking pink doesn’t lend itself to all the metal and rock music on my iPod.

  2. Hello…she’s literally an open book.

    It’s not that hard to figure out her music tastes – it’s right on her website. Duh!

    She has a Playlist for every Twilight book on her website.

    What a lame article…

  3. sarcastic_cat says:

    Yeah it’s a lame article but if you want to sell a gazillion of anything these days just slap Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, Cullen etc., on it and it will. I’m definitely not slamming anyone for that; I’m totally sucked in myself.
    And to answer the question, I’m very proud of my eclectic iPod. Everything from classic rock, crust punk, metal, hip hop, to classical, pop punk, folk, indie, pop etc.

  4. well yes, most people don’t expect the majority of a jewish girl’s ipod to consist of christian rock…not my fault there isn’t a jewish rock genre.

  5. Stephenie has great taste and we all know because she posts them on her site. WHy didn’t they figure that out for themselves.

  6. I was thinking the same thing – how does anyone not know her musical tastes. I just wished she liked country LOL because I have so many songs in my Twilight playlist from country music that are perfect.

  7. Evanescence and Lifehouse…guess I fit the mold?

  8. I definitely break out of my shell. If someone took a look at my ipod, I think they would go into shock. I seem like a total country, soft music type of person, which I am, but then I have every album Green Day has ever created, and I have lots of rap and hard rock. I’m all over the place. Haha!

  9. My goodness, my iPod is the talk of the department here at work!! I just had to upgrade for more space due to vast and varied cd collection.

    Accompaniment – for soloing, alternative, Christian, Christmas (1100+), Classical, Country, Hip hop, humour, jazz, latin, movie tunes, musicals, new age, oldies, pop, rock, swing and world.

  10. They are stereotyping her music choices based on her religion?! Lame.

  11. Doesn’t matter if she listened to John Denver for all I care….I adore Stephenie!

  12. I don’t exactly a favorite music genre. I might listen to any type, depending on my mood.

  13. When it comes to music, how can you stereotype anyone? There are soooooo many genres out there. I’ve never met someone who only liked one type of music. My favorite artists are Keith Urban, The Beach Boys, The Temptations, and Nickelback.
    Stephenie Meyer has great taste in music too;-)

  14. wat a stupid article…i like mostly Muse<33 that kinda of music but i also love love Metal and Blue October Emo music is awesome too..i love sad slow music…sad Twilight inspired music

  15. I could answer if I knew what stereotype I fit. I think my music tastes are so eclectic, no one could guess all of it even if it did fit me.

  16. Steph has the same taste in music as my dad, and thus, me. Woohoo.
    I like Animal Collective. Good band.

  17. I’m not sure what mold a 21 year old should be in, but I guess it’s whatever is pretty mainstream.

    My iPod is filled with tons of stuff that’s not Katy Perry or the Black Eyed Peas. I’ve got everything under the sun from Incubus, Coldplay, and Muse….literally. I’m also proud to say I’m a pre-twilight Muse fan too haha. I love the classics like E.L.O and Boston. You also can’t go wrong with the Beastie Boys or the Depeche Mode.

    I’m a little bit of everywhere alternative I suppose =)

  18. Hmm…its funny, but I was on a field trip once, and a girl I’m not friends with was trying to peg everyone’s musical tastes based on appearance, and couldn’t pin me to any particularly genre. I’m really into punk alternative rock, show tunes,acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, and some electronic. I look much younger than I am, so I guess someone might think that I’m into fluffy pop.

  19. When will the media learn that you can’t judge a book by its cover?

  20. I’m a very sixties/seventies rock person. The Beatles (especially Lennon), Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin…:D
    I’m someone who likes dark clothing and no make-up. So it’s a little odd that way, but not a major conflict of stereotypes. xD

  21. This is the first time I’ve commented on anything. I haunt this site daily for reliable TwiNews.

    I’m a librarian, and people would be shocked at what’s on my iPod. Lil Wayne, all kinds of rap, grunge, oldies, big band swing, emo stuff, movie soundtracks…etc.

    Somebody who only likes one kind of music is boring, if you ask me…

  22. Lol.. anyone who has read JR Ward’s books wouldn’t be suprised about her liking “gangsta rap”….

    Personally it all cdepends on my mood… a lot of it is 90’s, a lot is 80’s, a lot is 60’s… classic rock and a lot of guitar based indie……. Being a prescribed “good girl” i’m also a sucker for any song with dirty lyrics.. (“Closer”, “Animals”, “Hey Mister”, “Fever for the Flava”).. or anything with a thumping base beat……….. also a lot of sad romance lol……..

    In conclusion anything lol…. not usually top 20 stuff though (the radio normally kills it for me).

  23. Most people are pretty surprised when they find out that System of a Down and Linkin Park are two of my favorite bands. They usually think I should be listening to bubblegum pop or something like that.

  24. Chicago 1901 says:

    Once again we have another list of what Stephenie Meyer is reading or listening to. I’m still waiting to hear the news Ive been wanting to hear for a loooooong time now; that the queen bee of the Twilight Universe is actually going back to being a writer again! I congratulate her near Oprah-status in that something she may have listened to or read will now be an instant hit. I also acknowledge that yes, she deserves a break from writing, yada, yada, yada. But still, the BOOKS are what the whole ball of wax is about. The films are a nice addition to all the excitement, but eventually we’ll realize that at some point along the way, the writer became just a brand. For all our sakes, Stephenie, work your magic on your keyboard again! Please?

    • I don’t exactly disagree with you… The books are the best part from my perspective as well. =)

      But in terms of Stephenie becoming a brand, that’s the result of her publisher’s/agent’s decisions, not hers. (It’s no surprise when they’re making a ton of money that way.) And she’s only stopped writing for a year… Most writers can only dream of writing at her pace. She wrote… what? Five (huge) novels in six years? That’s insanely fast! I think all of us fans have become a little spoiled because of that. (Myself included. I’m feeling impatient too!)

      Anyway, I agree with you about the books. =) But Stephenie will always be a writer. I’m sure she’ll be writing again when she’s ready! Unfortunately, stories don’t always come at the pace we’d like them to, not even for the writers themselves.

      (Sorry if this sounded hostile… I truly didn’t mean it that way! Just wanted to mention that we haven’t been waiting all that long, compared to the breaks that many other authors take… I definitely sympathize with the waiting, though!)

      • Chicago 1901 says:

        That’s cool, Kat. I didn’t take your comments negatively at all. I’m just impatient for novel six, seven and eight! (may six be Midnight Sun, please!) I agree that SM deserves a break, and she seemed particularly burned out after Breaking Dawn, but really, all these lists of other people’s books she wants us to read are driving me nuts. It’s Stephenie’s that I’m waiting for, and about that, the news is zilch, zip, nada, nicht. Midnight Sun was SO CLOSE to being in our hands by now. I guess I have to move on.

  25. Lol, I can’t help but laugh at the way the media stereotypes Stephenie… Like everyone above me said, her taste in music is there on her site for everyone to see! Even I knew that she wasn’t your average romance writer when it comes to music taste, and I’m slow about these things. 😉

    Actually, though, I think it’s pretty obvious by the way she writes her books. They’re billed as romance, but they’re more like multi-genre: action, suspense, supernatural/fantasy… There’s a little bit of everything going on. And her taste in music fits with her style, I think. 🙂

  26. Angela ^_^ says:

    nobody should be stereotyped into musical genres. and if you are the kind of person who only listens to a select amount of music then i feel sorry for you :(… and stop being such a music snob 😛 hahaha

  27. *eyeroll*
    *agrees with everyone*
    I love Stephenie. And she’s gotten me hooked on a lot of different bands. Like Muse, Interpol, and Blue October.
    I listen to lots of stuff. And one of my friends listens to everything from the Goo Goo Dolls to the Black Eyed Peas so…I really don’t like stereotyping.

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