Red Carpet Diary: Rachelle LeFevre Interview

Find out about Rachelle’s food passions, here experiences in Rome, and her next two films.

Rachelle Lefevre to star in new film

racheleRachelle Lefevre has landed a role in a big budget Canadian film starring opposite Oscar-winning actor Adrian Brody.  The film is a period piece and Rachele would play the wife of a Baraon, Brody.  Negotiations are still being made for all the cast.  Filming will take place around Montreal.  Read the full article at the Vancouver Sun Movie Guide.

Rachelle LeFevere’s Departure: The Media Chimes In

Now that the initial shock of yesterday’s announcement has worn off, various media outlets are giving their opinion on the casting change.  Both HitFix and Rotten Tomatoes, who were both on set, have their own questions:

Jen Amato of Rotten Tomatoes Tweets:

“Sadly (for Rachelle fans), the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard might be a smart move. More name recognition, more mainstream (vs. fan) auds.”

“Will Bryce Dallas Howard’s casting in Twilight: Eclipse bring in MORE male non-fans? BDH as an evil redhead vampire.”

“I think Bryce Howard is great in wide-eyed innocent roles; skeptical of her as a passionate, murderous vampire. Though she is a ginger.”

See Jen’s article here. Follow her on Twitter here.

Greg from HitFix compiled this article pulling in a variety of items:

“HitFix spoke to Lefevre on the set of “New Moon” in Vancouver at the beginning of May and not returning seemed out of the question if she had a conflict.  When asked about what she was doing in between the two films, Lefevre said, “I have a couple of things sort of in the mix right now that it looks like I’m going to get to do. One in between this and “Eclipse” but it’s a scheduling thing and so nothing is confirmed yet because you have to be available for the third movie.”

Get the HitFix article here.

Adding to the mix, it looks like Nikki Finke knew what was going down about 20 minutes ahead of everyone else.

Now finally for our part. We are Switzerland. In the same way we stayed neutral on the Solomon and Taylor recasting decisions, and the changing of the guard to Chris and David, we are staying neutral on this.  We aren’t starting any petitions or leading a boycott or anything like that.  It’s not that we don’t care about Rachelle or the movie, it’s just that we weren’t in the room to know exactly what went down and how, and realistically we’ll never know “the whole truth”.  However, like we said, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love Rachelle.  We think what we Tweeted last night summarizes what we feel right now, and if you are so inclined please retweet us or send a similar message to Rachelle on what no doubt is going to be an emotional day.

Twitter ovation for a classy actress. We wish you well @RachelleLefevre You will be missed. We still love you!”

EW Comic Con Videos

EW has a series of Comic Con videos:

Video 1: Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashely Greene

Video 2: Rachelle Lefevere, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed

Much Music Awards 2009

Both Taylor Lautner and Rachelle LeFevere were at the Much Music Awards yesterday.

For those of you not familiar with the awards, Much Music is like the MTV of Canada.

Rachelle Lefevre joins Twitter

Yes yes we realize it’s spelled wrong, but is actually the real Rachelle Lefevre.

Here’s the story. We get this Tweet out of the blue from telling us she’s the real Rachelle. Now you have to understand, the first thing I notice is that it’s spelled wrong. I thought Oh brother, this one can’t even spell, and it has some nerve thinking we are going to fall for that.

I would have just ordinarily ignored it, but I thought, this was pretty..well frankly… ballsy for an impostor, so, we checked with Rachelle’s management and according to her management, “…this IS indeed her authentic account…there are…other parties out there who have taken her name and opened accounts and said they are her! …One of them is using  her correct spelling of her last name Lefevre, so that is why you see her account with her last name without the “e” at the end, her correct spelling had already  been taken…”

To Rachelle we slice ourselves a helping of humble pie with a side order of crow for doubting that you were you.

Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here.

Aussie fans will be happy to know that Rachelle is going to be at SUPANOVA in Syndey in June

Now given that Rachelle’s management has confirmed that the below Rachelle’s are fakes, it stands to reason that the  other Twilight accounts that they link to are fake as well. Especially since the fake Rachelle’s were having back and forth conversations about set experiences, dinners, shopping trips, etc.  with the other supposed “real cast members”

Fake number 1:

Fake number 2:

Fake number 3:

Fake number 4:

Rachelle Lefevere: Dog Lover

Rachelle Lefevere is on the cover of Modern Dog with her puppy pal, Honey.

” One month and two days. My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a dog for about a year and a half. We’re both actors and so lifestyle considerations were important. We knew it needed to be right, so that we were comfortable enough with our jobs that we had an answer for every situation. Then it was about finding the right dog. We wanted to get a rescue. That was non-negotiable. And then, about a month ago, we were driving home and we saw a sign for doggie adoptions. We went in and we were cooing over this one little dog and the guy who worked there yelled from the back: “Show them Butternut!” That was Honey’s name then. And they put her in our arms and it was done.”

Wonder if Honey and Ashley Greene’s new puppy, Marlow, will be having any play dates? See the whole Rachelle interview on ModernDog

Rachelle Lefevre Defends Twilight

Rachelle Lefevre  guest stars on Vh1’s Free Radio on Thursday, May 7th at 11 PM.  According to the site’s press release, “Host Lance Krall rips into the movie and disses it’s departure from traditional Vampire “rules.””

This particular show is known for giving its guests a hard time, it’s kind of their trademark. The show has a toned-down shock jock feel, so we are assuming that Rachelle knew what she was getting herself into.  Anyway, no fear, Rachelle gave back as good as she got.