Rachelle Lefevre to star in new film

racheleRachelle Lefevre has landed a role in a big budget Canadian film starring opposite Oscar-winning actor Adrian Brody.  The film is a period piece and Rachele would play the wife of a Baraon, Brody.  Negotiations are still being made for all the cast.  Filming will take place around Montreal.  Read the full article at the Vancouver Sun Movie Guide.


  1. FilDeCuivre says:

    That is so great to hear! I really fell bad for her with the whole re-casting thing and now I’m so glad to hear she’s gotten a new role! Good for her 🙂

  2. Sad…she should be filming Eclipse. Wish you well Rach.

  3. There was life before Twilight and New Moon. Everything happens for a reason even if we never understand why. Life goes on…
    Good for you Rachelle! Wishing you all the best!

  4. Honestly, i dont feel sorry for her. obviously shes on to bigger and better things. so why feel sorry for her? shes doing good.

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      Yes, she has moved on to other things. The reason why so many of us feel sorry for her is because she was replaced on a role she loved playing. To me, she was the perfect Victoria, it’s like Stephenie M, wrote Victoria based on Rachelle. Her presense brought so much to the table. In a way I feel that we the fans are probably more crazy about Rachelle than any of the other cast members excluding Robert. Afer Twilight, I became a fan of her work and will go see anything she stars in.

      • IshiguroTwitter says:

        I like rachelle, but i also like ashley green and jackson rathbone from twilight so i would be equally more p.o’ed if they recasted them as well, i wasnt happy what they did with rachelle but she showed them 😀 she is better class than the recasters and that new girl they casted blah the new girl doesnt even look remotely like what victoria was pictured as, i agree rachelle was most likely based for victoria

      • I couldn’t have said it better, Rosalie. Rachelle is definitely something special. I can’t remember the last time I was so captivated by an actress who had such a small part. You are the first fan to admit what I have been thinking all along…I think I like Rachelle more than all the other cast members (no offense to them – they are great). There is just a very rare quality to her, one that we can look forward to seeing much more of in the future!

  5. congrats Rachelle!

  6. It’s funny that Rachelle spoke probably less than 5 lines in Twilight but managed to be unforgettable. She has IT.

  7. What I liked so much about the casting is that they kept everyone from the original. I was very disappointed when she was replaced. Yeah she really didn’t say much in the movie but her presence was known by just her small performance. I am sure that her replacement will be great but still this part seemed to fit her so well. Anyhow I am glad that she moved on as we knew she would. Not much longer Can’t wait.

  8. Good for her! 🙂 I’m so happy for this. Hopefully she’ll get many great roles in the future and become so famous and respected that Summit will be sorry for ever letting her go!

  9. So very happy to here this!
    Best of luck, Rachelle! Looking forward to seeing more of her work.

  10. Is the filming really going to take place around Montreal? Because that’s where I live! That means I might get a teeny weeny chance to meet Rachelle! I just can’t believe this.

  11. Thanks for bring this news to us Lexicon. I agree with just about everyone. It’s so true that Rachelle hardly spoke but left such a huge impression. She does have IT & we all know that she worked really hard to bring Victoria to life. I will definitely be going to see this movie & anything else Rachelle is in. Blessings to you Rachelle!!!!!

  12. I’m so happy for you Rachelle! So excited to see you in New Mooon!

  13. i love edward cullen says:

    Good for you Rachelle!! and i think you would do great in that role!! can’t wait to see you in new moon!


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