Rachelle Lefevre joins Twitter

Yes yes we realize it’s spelled wrong, but http://twitter.com/Rachelle_Lefevr is actually the real Rachelle Lefevre.

Here’s the story. We get this Tweet out of the blue from http://twitter.com/Rachelle_Lefevr telling us she’s the real Rachelle. Now you have to understand, the first thing I notice is that it’s spelled wrong. I thought Oh brother, this one can’t even spell, and it has some nerve thinking we are going to fall for that.

I would have just ordinarily ignored it, but I thought, this was pretty..well frankly… ballsy for an impostor, so, we checked with Rachelle’s management and according to her management, “…this IS indeed her authentic account…there are…other parties out there who have taken her name and opened accounts and said they are her! …One of them is using  her correct spelling of her last name Lefevre, so that is why you see her account with her last name without the “e” at the end, her correct spelling had already  been taken…”

To Rachelle we slice ourselves a helping of humble pie with a side order of crow for doubting that you were you.

Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here.

Aussie fans will be happy to know that Rachelle is going to be at SUPANOVA in Syndey in June

Now given that Rachelle’s management has confirmed that the below Rachelle’s are fakes, it stands to reason that the  other Twilight accounts that they link to are fake as well. Especially since the fake Rachelle’s were having back and forth conversations about set experiences, dinners, shopping trips, etc.  with the other supposed “real cast members”

Fake number 1: http://twitter.com/LefevreRachelle

Fake number 2:http://twitter.com/therachelefevre

Fake number 3: http://twitter.com/TheRachelleL

Fake number 4: http://twitter.com/RacheLefevre


  1. Why doesn’t she just get verified.. it would make it easier!

    • Twilight_News says

      They only just started that service and I believe that they are already backed up LOL

  2. follower #20 !

  3. I cant believe so many peeps want to act like they are an actor? why?

  4. I think your a great actress and I can’t wait to see you in NewMoom. Your beautiful.

  5. Now the question is, does she follow Peter Facinelli, or 211Me?

  6. AlbertaJenn says

    It’s funny how some people think if they ad THE to the name, people will think they are The Rachelle.

    There is only one Rachelle. Our dear Canadian Vampire! 😀

  7. I think this movie will be the hit movie… hopeto see u soon.


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