Rachelle LeFevere’s Departure: The Media Chimes In

Now that the initial shock of yesterday’s announcement has worn off, various media outlets are giving their opinion on the casting change.  Both HitFix and Rotten Tomatoes, who were both on set, have their own questions:

Jen Amato of Rotten Tomatoes Tweets:

“Sadly (for Rachelle fans), the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard might be a smart move. More name recognition, more mainstream (vs. fan) auds.”

“Will Bryce Dallas Howard’s casting in Twilight: Eclipse bring in MORE male non-fans? BDH as an evil redhead vampire.”

“I think Bryce Howard is great in wide-eyed innocent roles; skeptical of her as a passionate, murderous vampire. Though she is a ginger.”

See Jen’s article here. Follow her on Twitter here.

Greg from HitFix compiled this article pulling in a variety of items:

“HitFix spoke to Lefevre on the set of “New Moon” in Vancouver at the beginning of May and not returning seemed out of the question if she had a conflict.  When asked about what she was doing in between the two films, Lefevre said, “I have a couple of things sort of in the mix right now that it looks like I’m going to get to do. One in between this and “Eclipse” but it’s a scheduling thing and so nothing is confirmed yet because you have to be available for the third movie.”

Get the HitFix article here.

Adding to the mix, it looks like Nikki Finke knew what was going down about 20 minutes ahead of everyone else.

Now finally for our part. We are Switzerland. In the same way we stayed neutral on the Solomon and Taylor recasting decisions, and the changing of the guard to Chris and David, we are staying neutral on this.  We aren’t starting any petitions or leading a boycott or anything like that.  It’s not that we don’t care about Rachelle or the movie, it’s just that we weren’t in the room to know exactly what went down and how, and realistically we’ll never know “the whole truth”.  However, like we said, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love Rachelle.  We think what we Tweeted last night summarizes what we feel right now, and if you are so inclined please retweet us or send a similar message to Rachelle on what no doubt is going to be an emotional day.

Twitter ovation for a classy actress. We wish you well @RachelleLefevre You will be missed. We still love you!”


  1. I love Rachelle and wish her the best. I think its odd though that they’re replacing her now. It seems like it came out of nowhere. I’d love to know the real reason for all of this.

  2. You guys are so nice. 🙂
    I’ve sent the message to Rachelle on Twitter. I think it’s a wonderful idea. 🙂 🙂

  3. I don’t have a problem with Bryce Dallas Howard, but I really enjoyed Rachelle as Victoria. For me, it’s just a consistency issue. I’m sure BDH will do a great job, it’s just very odd…

  4. FilDeCuivre says:

    What “Taylor recasting decision”?!

    I really liked Rachelle’s Victoria, but I think BDH will make awesome Victoria, too. So I guess I’m Team Switzerland..

    • They weren’t sure that Taylor could bulk up for the role in New Moon & Eclipse and they were going to re-cast him.

      • FilDeCuivre says:

        Oh, that. Thanks, I was all panicking because I thought they had replaced him now 😀 But thank god they didn’t!

    • Totally agree with you, I believe Bryce will do a great job, I also loved Rach as Victoria but always thought she was so beautiful she should have gotten Rosalies part. Nikki should have gotten Victoria’s part. I hate to see her leave.

  5. you know what…they are actors..If she found a role that was a leading role or close to it! I say go for it. Victoria is not a leading role, and I think if this movie is better for her than go for it. Good Luck Rachelle!!!

  6. Irishgirl says:

    There’s just something about this recasting that just seems fishy. If this were Rachelle’s decision, why isn’t she tweeting? She’s an avid tweeter. You’d think she’d at least have posted one tweet saying it was her decision and that she wishes Bryce the best….something along those lines, right? There’s just something sneaky about the whole thing, especially since Summit sent the press release in the evening.

    I wonder what the rest of the cast thinks.

  7. The role in the film with the supposed conflict (both are to start shooting on the same day) seems like a much bigger role for Rachelle. So, if it makes her career, go for it! She’s a much better actor than Howard IMO so I hope this rockets her into the best roles out there!

  8. Yisel_Cullen says:

    I agree with Jen Amato’s comment about Summit attempting to attract more people to the franchise and this only irritates me more. I’m a big supporter of all Twilight cast because they got enrolled in the project when everybody viewed Twilight as a low budget movie for teenagers. They never imagined how big Twilight would become and now that it is popular everyone want a piece of it and Summit wants to make more money than ever!

    Those original cast members were the ones that got committed, and they did not care to get a small part in a small movie. Rachelle is an incredible talented and lovely actress…we all witnessed her love for Victoria…she’s always been gracious with the fans and is one of the most charismatic cast members. She always has shown a genuine interest is going on with the character and seemed very enthusiastic about Eclipse, Victoria’s biggest movie.

    I’m not saying Bryce is not a good actress, but Rachelle has made a perfect interpretation of Victoria. Something went very wrong here and that is not fair!

  9. Whoever said that it might be a good move because of name recognition is wrong. I like that they didn’t have huge name stars.

    I’m still in shock. I thought the actors HAD to be available for the Twilight movies. So if it came to a scheduling thing then why wouldn’t it be the other movie that is getting the shaft and not Eclipse. She should have been made to be available for Eclipse.

    • Yeah, when I read this I couldn’t figure out what this guy was replacing Rachelle in. It’s also sad because I believe it could have been worked out. Afterall, one or two days? Scheduling conflict is just another benign excuse for whatever the real reason was.

      • Jennifer says:

        No kidding!!!! Since when do the TWILIGHT MOVIES need name recognition to garner a fan-base? Are these people serious? It’s the biggest news in entertainment right now.

  10. I don’t know why everyone is getting mad at Summit! Get mad at Rachelle. She is the one who got famous off of this franchise, and SHE is leaving it to better her career. Her new movie has 2 Oscars nominees and one Oscar winner. Clearly this is to better her career. Hey, more power to her, but if you want to be mad….get mad at her! If you hate that the movie will be inconsistent, it is her fault. She could have turned the roll down to stay true to the fans that made her. She is not tweeting because she ditched fans known for the sharpness of their pitchforks. For the record, I am not mad at her. I think BDH will do a great job. I just hate when people place blame on the wrong person.

  11. AliceKikiCullen says:

    It is very fishy. I been checking and she’s not tweeting. I don’ tknow who to blame but in the end it doesn’t matter nothing is going to fix this. So I wish her luck. I like the look Bryce she looks liek a Victora I am willing to give her a chance. Won’t stop me from watching them! Not like they replaced the main charater that would of made me stop but nah, this won’t. Life goes on. Though again, there is something strange about this all of the sudden happening. *shrugs*

  12. While I’m bummed about the decision (whoever’s it may be) I applaud your neutrality, Lexicon. It’s amazing how many jaded Hollywood “insiders” there are chiming in today around the blogiverse. These things happen all the time in the industry, I’m sure; it’s just not usually followed so obsessively. (Present company included:-)

  13. This is so fishy! Rachelle was so so dedicated to Twilight, however I do really wish her the best!

  14. Hmmm I don’t think this was rachelles decision. If summit wanted her they would of put her under contract so that she wouldn’t b able to back out. Hey rachelle had to accept another job if eclipse wasn’t being offered to her. I wish her the best. I’m not gonna badmouth summit I guess they gotta maximize their profit

  15. Listen, did you read the cast in the movie that Lafevere is doing instead of New Moon? Dustin Hoffman? Minnie Driver? Paul Giammati? I’m sorry, but I’d pick Barney’s Vision over New Moon, too. Barney’s Vision is Lefevere’s chance to do a real movie as a real, serious actress. I’d be torn between the fans and my craft, but ultimately, my craft would win out, too.

  16. It’s nice how you all are supporting her, but I just can’t do it. She wasn’t famous at ALL before twilight. The fans basically gave her name recognition. Now she’s ditching the franchise that built her to do something else… Didn’t she WRITE A LETTER to Catherine when Twilight was being cast saying how much she wanted to be in the movies???? Well I guess she got her fame and that’s all she really wanted… Now it’s time for her to move on…

    I hate when characters get recast in movies. Bad form Rachelle.

    • sillygirl says:

      You are just making speculations, you have no idea that that’s what happened. Frankly we will never know the truth. It’s fine to be upset about it (I know I am) but to be mad at either Summit or Rachelle is ignorant because we have no information on it.

  17. Well, things happen and that’s just how the business is. Though I love Rachelle as Victoria, I hope Bryce will carry the torch as fierce as Rachelle had. I wish both Rachelle and Bryce the best as they continue their careers.

  18. I’m seriously bummed to learn about Rachelle leaving Eclipse. There is only one more movie with her in it. They have made Victoria dolls as well. Isn’t there a way for her to do both projects? Catherine Hardwicke worked around Cam Gigadets schedule. I worry for the integrity of the films after establishing the characters. I loved the non-famous actors. It was refreshing and invigorating.
    Please come back.

  19. I can’t believe :/ we love u Rachelle!

  20. that does seem werid 2 weeks before filming begins

  21. It will be hard to put another face onto Victoria but what I will miss is the beautiful soul and generous spirit that Rachelle has for her fans and a good cause (her breast cancer twitter campaign). She and Pfach have just overwhelmed me with their generosity. Rachelle, I’m going to keep following you on twitter and supporting your causes because you are one of the few actors around who have as much beauty inside as outside. We love you. Thank you.

  22. CarGonza says:

    I side with Rachelle on this issue. I mean have you seen the names attached to the other movie? There is some serious talent there. To chose between a beloved little role that gave her ground to stand on, or work with legendary people potentially catapulting her into larger and more challenging roles. Come on, no contest, go for the biggger role! I’m proud of her and I hope continues to get even more amazing jobs all because of Twilight. 🙂

  23. This is really sudden and random. Rachelle was [and is] perfect for the role of Victoria. As Eclipse is by far the biggest part that character has to play, it sounds rather suspicious that Rachelle would back out to do another project when she’s been in “The ‘Twilight’ Zone.” Hmm…however, Bryce Dallas Howard is a wonderful actress. Although I don’t think the movie should be casting any new people [with the exception of the new characters entering the plot], Howard should get the job done.

  24. crazy4more says:

    SERIOUSLY….CONFLICT? Rachel was so in tune w/her role that she hung out w/the cast during NM filming, supporting, connecting, etc. No one’s stupid enough to walk away this phenom…no matter how small or big their role is! I follwed her Twitter and she stopped updating since 7/25 where she mentioned Anna K has twitter account…come on, she loves her castmates and stayed in touch. I truly hope the original cast pull together just like they did for Taylor!!!!!

    (sorry if I’m reposting, I don’t see my comments posted…just want to make sure Summit knows I’m pissed and I don’t believe them)

  25. I am not happy about this.THEY MAY AS WELL START FILMING THE FIRST 2 ALL OVER! I hate when they replace someone it’s not the same. I’m not going to see Eclipse when it comes out!

  26. Im just curious to hear what Rachelle has to say about the situation as well as what S.M says. I know she has no controll over casting decisions and such, but I just am curious to know how she feels about this change!

  27. i am so chocked and pissed off…I love Levfre as Victoria ( no offense to BDH). I just wish that Summit will change their mind last minute..Im still hoping for Rachel as Victoria. No one like her can pull it off…

  28. It is a WRONG decision, I don´t believe the “scheduling conflicts with another commitment” I think Summit fired Rachelle…. as I said a WRONG WRONG decission.
    And this lady Bryce looks too old for the character, could be Victoria´s mom !!!
    Great books, WRONG decisions.

  29. I love Twilight Saga but if Summit will do this until the last movie..I’m kinda loosing it..its so frustrating! I hope they wont replace another original twilight cast…I’m really disappointed!

  30. foxbite2 says:

    This was a wrong decision.. whoever made it. Rachelle should stay with the character SHE brought to life. This was her movie to shine.

  31. crazy4more says:

    Why I’m mad about Summit? because I don’t believe them. Why would Rachelle support his/her castmates during NM and skipped her major fight in Eclipse? She was so excited for comic-con posted on 7/23. You see her loving the saga and attaching herself to the franchise…and just dropped out due to conflict? it doesn’t add up.

  32. Amharper says:

    I first would like to say I love Rachelle as Victoria….and she seems like such a sweet person. However unless you are willing to learn a little about the movie industry I don’t think fans should blame her or Summit. The roll she had to choose can insure her more work. She is probably quite upset that she had to drop Eclipse because she loves is just like we all do. Acting is her job and she has to progress and make money. From what Iv heard the other project starts the same day as Eclipse on the other side of Canada. So everyone needs to calm it down stop blaiming people…especially her and accept that Bryce will probably do a great job. If it helps picture Rachelles face when the movie comes out in July

    • shortstuff says:

      exactly.. remember when rob had to drop out of ‘parts per billion’ to focus on new moon? its happens a LOT more than we realize, but actors often have to make choices about what is better for them, even if other ppl might not be happy about it.. such is life.

  33. I can’t believe this was Rachelle’s decision and scheduling conflicts seems really odd since her role in Eclipse isn’t THAT big (from filming perspective).

  34. Irrevocably Susan says:

    I wish Rachelle the best. I think that it is wonderful that more acting opportunities are opening up for these actors. However, with how much she seemed to enjoy working on these movies, something definately doesn’t add up for me. Also, bringing in someone who has a bigger name in Hollywood doesn’t necessarily mean that they will make the movie better. A bunch of basically unknown actors made Summit a whole bunch of money.

  35. But that’s so weird she was at Comic Con and she didn’t mention anything. I hope this is not true.

  36. Honestly, people are really mad at summit… we don’t even know the whole story. I like Rachelle from the interviews, but we don’t really know her in person. Maybe it came down to her demanding too much money. Perhaps it was summit’s fault. Who knows? We weren’t involved in the casting and stuff, so we can’t really be a good judge. I think we had just accept it and welcome Bryce to the Twilight fandom.

  37. to the fans it’s personal, but to the rest of them.. just business. money is no.1 factor in the industry.. and to all of you who are convinced that she is soooo emotionally invested in the saga: well, maybe you’re right, but.. keep in mind that at the end of the day, she is an actress. to me she seems like a very ambitious little piece of work.. plus, the new director is aboard as well.. who knows?

    anyway, bryce is great.. what bugs me though is that for sure they didn’t get her overnight.. this had to be coming for quite some time..

    • shortstuff says:

      i’m totally with you.. at the end of the day rachelle is an actress, and opportunity to have a leading role with the likes of paul giamanti and dustin hoffman (in “Barney’s version”, the film that she is doing instead of Eclipse) cannot be easily passed up. i’m sure it was a difficult decision for her but she had to do what was better for her career.

      i have nothing against BDH, its just annoying when a character gets recast and you have do deal with the inconsistencies.. but i’ll get over it. i loved rachelle and what she brought to victoria, but i’m willing to see what BDH has to offer.

      like you fluid, the one thing that really bothers me is that everyone (rachelle included) has obviously known about this for a while. and the fact they’ve been going on like nothing happened (right up to comic con, where rachelle was) no one even hinted at it… it just came out of left field. it was like a punch in the gut. that’s what makes me more sad.. if we had been informed through the process it might have been easier to accept now. but i guess thats not how it works.. so we just have to deal and move on..

  38. Eilidh C says:

    I’m so sad Rachelle won’t be in New Moon 🙁 She is my Victoria, she brought the character to life so well.
    Like everyone else has said, we don’t really know what has happened…but if it is down to summit i’m really not impressed.I think Changing the cast ( especially such a good one!)will affect how i enjoy the next movie. Good Luck to Rachelle in whatever she does 🙂 🙂

  39. i think the neutral approach is pretty lame. tell us what you really feel. after all, this is your blog.

  40. Lexicon,
    What is the exact spelling of her last name?? Everywhere I look, besides you guys, it’s Lefevre. Where did you guys get the spelling Lefevere??

    I’m sad Rachelle is leaving! She was a perfect Victoria. I wonder why she hasn’t come out with a statement… The whole situation seems a bit off. I wish she stayed on as Victoria… but I wish her the best. (sad face)

  41. I think this was actually a smart recasting choice. Bryce has that innocent look, that when mixed with rage and revenge is all that more terrifying. Rachelle had the idea right, and I think the small scenes you see her in she does…okay, but it was just a short scene. Her characters role is really in the third book, thats where you see her character, and if you’ve read the books, Rachelle didn’t portray that over confident, similar to Rosalie’s superior-attitude. She seemed average to me, so maybe thats why I feel like Bryce is a benefit and won’t hurt the movie. As Bella describes Victoria as catlike and a lioness, Bryce fills that role from here, with out seeing any clips of her trying to portray the vengeful vampire. She has those sharp cut edges that are frightening but is still very beautiful, she doesn’t look so bubbly and happy. But that’s just my opinion…or rant.

  42. And honestly how can you all blame this on a money thing. Has any one discussed the change based on acting performance?? Even then theres not much you can go off of….she was only in one scene…and she didn’t even do that like Victoria. I’m sure once the make up artist put her in the right clothes and throw some leaves in her hair everyone will see the vengeful vampire that Victoria is. She doesn’t have a “wicked curve ball”. She’s lethal, she doesnt need to say anything. So this is why I dont understand how so many people can say that Rachelle is the perfect Victoria. It’s not like with Jacob, he was in multiple scenes and changing him at that point was wrong. But Victoria really had such a small part I barley noticed her….another rant, sorry!!

  43. One more thing..I promise. But you all realize your assuming that this recasting is super fishy and theres something EVIL going on because Rachelle has “Tweeted” since July 23rd. ……………………………. “Avid tweeter” or not, that doesn’t mean theres some big conspiracy going on. This is how rumors get started… maybe instead of tracking “tweets” we could all [re]read the books, and get to know Victoria before she makes her debut…cause she’s definitely not bubbly.

  44. blondie says:

    i’m sad rachelle isn’t going 2 be victoria in eclipse i loved her in twilight i also didn’t know who bryce dallas howard was until 2day i had never heard of her i hope she does goood as victoria though i’ll alway miss rachelle as victoria i wonder why they recasted victoria

  45. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? No f….g way!!!!! How can I look at someone else and pretend its Rachelle/Victoria… no way, cant happen…. it annoys the heck out me when this happens

  46. I’m still shocked because I loved Rachelle as Victoria, and she seemed very into the role judging by her various interviews! I still cannot believe it, first Sam and then Victoria….that’s just lame!

  47. If this e news article is true I really hope Rachelle sues summitt


  48. I think it was a hard decision for Rachelle but the other movie she is doing seems more of an Oscar movie than a fan-blockbuster and for her to secure her future in acting, I think she needed to do it. If not she may have just become that evil chick from the vampire movies and not get any serious work.

    Im still disappointed but I understand how she did it.


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