Rachelle Lefevre Defends Twilight

Rachelle Lefevre  guest stars on Vh1’s Free Radio on Thursday, May 7th at 11 PM.  According to the site’s press release, “Host Lance Krall rips into the movie and disses it’s departure from traditional Vampire “rules.””

This particular show is known for giving its guests a hard time, it’s kind of their trademark. The show has a toned-down shock jock feel, so we are assuming that Rachelle knew what she was getting herself into.  Anyway, no fear, Rachelle gave back as good as she got.


  1. Rosmelie says:

    Way to go Rachelle!

  2. Go Rachelle!! That guy kinda just needs to STFU…

  3. That guy is a butthead.

  4. kimberley says:

    Good for you Rachelle this guy is a Jerk…I am a big lover of Vampire movies and I love it. I read the books going on 13 times now and have seen the movie 11 times in the Theater..I have it on DVD and really he liked Blacula…Most stupid movie I ever saw..that explains a lot about him…

  5. so are we pretending to think that vampires are actually real and therefore its impossible for the vampires in twilight to exist? Dude calm down, read the books

  6. This actually made me giggle. A lot. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Twilight. But it was kinda funny.

  7. This video was hilarious to me and i DO love Twilight.
    I think Rachelle is one of the BEST interviewee out of all the twilgiht cast and way to go for sticking up for what you believe and not letting that butthead(who had HIS head in a toliet)make you think otherwise.

    • i second that

      but i couldnt stop giggling

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE! Rachelle consistently gives the best answers in any interviews, she’s always well spoken and entertaining and I’m glad she didn’t pull a Billy Bob Thornton and take anything personally, rather in stride. I don’t mind the interview, lots of people have that opinion about the films and books lol why not let some people be honest…(even if I don’t exactly agree with what he’s saying, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to say it)

    • *gives the look Bella gave to the flirty waitress in the restaurant scene*

  8. what a @#$%&*!!!

    stupid guyyy

  9. shareen says:

    nobody ‘force fed it down your throat’ dude. don’t watch and don’t read it..duh!

  10. Oh My God! How can this guy be on the radio? His voice was grating my nerves! Like nails on a chalk board! What a loser. Go Rachelle!!

  11. Way to go Rachelle. That guy is a meathead, he reminds me of some of my neighbors kids on a sugarhigh deprived of their riddlin …. 🙁

  12. Good on Rachelle for not simply sitting back and and pleasantly taking in his poorly composed criticisms. Many individuals would just smile politely in an effort to avoid drama. Well done Rachelle for actually challenging (politely and calmly) the obnoxious gentleman whose arguments lacked any real merit.

  13. Profit2829 says:

    HAHAHA he was very ‘passionate’ wasn’t he? Have an open mind dude you’ll see more things and who knows you’ll be more at ‘peace’.

    RACHELLE you were GREAT!! So cool and collected. Grace under fire – Well done!!

  14. All this from a guy in a light blue Members Only jacket.

  15. Kristin says:

    Rachelle is amazingg. Im a new fann <3

  16. Gothhic Goddess says:

    He should read more. Steph’s vamps aren’t the only “day walkers”.

  17. whitney says:

    Well done Rachelle, I love all vampire movies, I really enjoyed Twilight it was cool to see a different kind of vampire story.

  18. Elaine says:

    That guy is an idiot.

  19. ‘lets make king kong a frog exept he’ll be a giant hairy frog b/c thats better!’

    lol that was pretty funny

  20. AnnieCullen says:

    If he was a true vamp movie fan he would know that Twilight isn’t the first movie/book to have vamps walk out during the day. Has he ever seen Queen of the Damned? Akasha was able to go out during the day..and soon after so was Lestat. What an idiot (even though I’ve already knew that) GO RACHELLE!

  21. Misfit says:

    This is Funny Or Die this is not real media the camera cuts were too perfected this was scripted easily.


  22. i love rachelle. buti wouldnt hav let him go on like that. hes such ass. i would hav punched him or ripped his head off. either one.

  23. ACullen says:

    What an IDIOT! Way to go Rachelle!

  24. Sensei says:

    Um… Not even Bram Stoker’s original Dracula poofed in sunlight. It weakened him, but didn’t kill him. That myth came after. Seriously, vampire LEGENDS (!!!) have been around for thousands of years and the sun exposure deal is way new compared to a lot of the myths.

  25. Krystal says:

    haha what a jerk. Props to Rachelle.

  26. lindarenee says:

    Rachelle did really well!!!
    she didn’t even get frustrated!!
    i would have like jumped across the table and hit him 😛
    good work Rachelle!!

  27. claire says:

    talk about not knowing when to quit – his stupid joke went on and on and on, good for rachelle, i’m so glad she’s victoria, she did such and amazing job and she seems like such a nice person (i say that from all the interviews i’ve seen and what everyone else says about her) and i’m glad she’s proud to be in twilight, and to say that to someone who obviously thinks less of you for it is hard

  28. You guys, calm down, he’s kind of acting. He exaggerates his performance and opinions on anything. I think he disses practically every celebrity that walks into that thing. Lol!

  29. jvamp5 says:

    Does this guy know that millions of angry mob of twilight fans will be ready outside to kill him?

    I think he needs to STFU!

  30. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Hahaha that was hilarious! Great job Rachelle 😀

  31. Sara Marie says:

    Hmmm…I noticed the link was from FunnyorDie.com which is a site that has a lot of situations with stars that are all set up to make the audience laugh at it. Is this real? I don’t know.

    P.S. You guys should check out the video of Paris Hilton running for President and Lindsey Lohan putting herself on an online dating website.

  32. Rachelle, you are great and this guy sucks… Thank you for bringing Victoria to life so well on the big screen….your wonderful and one of my new favorite actresses…

  33. Envy loves Wrath says:



  34. nicole m. says:

    this guy is a total ahole.
    nobody forcefed you anything, captain.
    you were the one that chose to see the movie and paid for the ticket 😉

  35. ScarletRubie says:

    Wow he some nerve to trash her project in her face. I’d like to say that if i was being interviewed i would’ve done the same thing she did. She did not sit back and take his crap, i love her so much more for that. He was so rude, it wasn’t criticism it was a complete trashing of Twilight as a whole, it’s not just the movie he bashed.

  36. Bethany says:

    This guy seems like a nutcase who shouldn’t even be on the radio. This wasn’t giving Twilight a hard time, this was being rude to a guest who is getting him significantly higher ratings than he is used to. It’s simply uncalled for. Also, his taste in vampire movies isn’t all that impressive nor do they follow the vampire rules precisely. Blacula? Honestly? He lost all credibility when he claimed that as one of his favorite vampire films.

  37. Kudos to Rachelle because I would’ve sent this guy to hell. Who the heck held him at gun point and said that he had to watch the movie??!! Who “forced it down his throat”? Please…no one forces anything on anyone. If he watched it, it was from his own free will.

  38. Man, I hate narrow-minded people. My brother’s like that too.

    • Shannon says:

      What everyone has to remember is this is a TV show & these are just actors…it’s scripted. Hello people, the name of his radio show is called, “Moron in the Morning.” Would anyone really name their own show that??? The show, in my opinion, is hysterical & the fact that Lance is clueless is what makes the show so great.

  39. mschicklet says:

    I dunno, maybe it’s just not my kind of humor but I didn’t think that what that guy said was funny. And I know Rachelle was being interrupted by him a lot but I would have said more probably. She was pretty classy though… I guess you have to be when you’re a celeb.

  40. Wow!! That guy is an A@#!! Rachelle showed am enormous amout of self control! I on the other hand would have had his butt laid out on the floor!!

  41. WTF. He keeps interrupting Rachelle! It’s SO annoying. Lmao.

  42. Well done Rachelle, what an idiot this guy is and just rude. ‘Twilight’ is hot topic with everyone here(Tasmania, Australia) and has big diplays in our local book stores and DVD shops, the sales records speak for themselves. It reminds me of the huge following ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ had & still has, ‘Twilight’ will have a long standing success and become iconic in the same way.

  43. I’m sorry ya’ll but that was kind of hilarious! That guy was being such a douche bag it was pretty fake sounding. And dare I say “scripted”?? lol

  44. This guy needs to go die in a fire. She has her side of the argument but won’t even let her talk. Can’t be much a a debate the way in interrupts the whole time

  45. Gisselle says:

    That’s why we love you Rachelle!…

    She is definetely one of my favorite cast members! That guy is not more stupid because he doesn’t have more time! Way to go girl!

  46. higgin704 says:

    Hmmmm, for a guy who doesn’t like to break the rules, he sure does. For example, the “rule” that radio hosts should have a moderately pleasant voice…broke that one. Or the “rule” that they should, I don’t know, let their guests speak…broke that one. Or the “rule” that says adult males shouldn’t have inflection and mannerisms that mimic those of 12-year old girls…broke that one.

    There are plenty of people who didn’t like the movie who I respect. This guy just isn’t one of them.

  47. VampireLover says:

    the guys a turd. Go rachelle

  48. You guys Calm down! it’s just a TV show. and he is just acting. Jeez if you actually watched the show you would know that he does that to all his guests. the whole TV show is just one big joke, so don’t take it too seriously.

    once you get past the fact that it is all fake, you have to admit that part of what he is saying is true, I mean come on, Sparkly Vampires? that’s kinda lame. and the King Kong thing is hilarious!

    • Yes, but as I said to the comments on that companies video page. Vampires AREN’T REAL. So the “rules” can be changed whenever and however because they AREN’T REAL-there isn’t a set of laws when writing vampire FICTION that certain rules need to be followed. So I think if SM felt like having sparkly vampires, well then good for her.

      • Though I stated before the guy is an ass, I do understand that its acting. I though it was funny.
        And yes, it FICTION. There are NO rules. SO if SM felt like changing things than d**n, she can do what she wants.

    • AMANDA AMANDA AMANDA – Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

      These clueless people were posting such amazing dorky things until you let the cat out of the bag.

    • Melisa says:

      Amanda, forget it, it’s fallen on deaf ears. The ridiculous comments alone are funnier than the video.

    • I completely agree with you Amanda. I’m laughing at all the people who commented on this right now because you clearly don’t even understand the premise of the show. Maybe if you watched more than just your beloved Twilight DVD and interviews with the actors, you’d understand that this show is basically about messing around with people. Clearly you need to get your heads out of those books and look around at the real world.

      And to all of you who keep going on and on about how people are so close-minded, look at yourself? You’re refusing to accept any sort of criticism about your beloved “fandom” which makes you just as close-minded as you think everyone else is.

  49. Loveit says:

    He’s annoying, not only Anne Rice had vamps in the daylight. Joss Wheton had Angel in the daylight at one point or another! It’s whatever the writter wants it to be! It’s Stephanies world! He needs to lighten up! That’s like saying all zombie movies should be alike, what’s the point in watching the same movie being remade?!


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