Don’t Forget Cheer and Baseball Throw Contests

We are running a series of contests along with the folks over at Twilight Fan Trips. As many of you know, this group has a variety of trips that they run in the Portland and Forks areas. This year they have an extra special event that benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They have several actors from the film participating in a baseball game.

So here is a rundown on the contests:

Throw the first ball for the Cast/Crew Vampire Baseball game!

Date of promotion: 5/28/09-6/28/09


Order your tickets from one of the two links below depending on what package you want (if you have already ordered tickets someone will be contacting you to ask what site you saw the event advertised on. Be sure and mention us and you’ll be entered.)

Day –


The fansite (of course we are hoping that it is us) that has the most people who buy their tickets and note their fansite’s promotional code will have the opportunity to randomly select (from our ticket purchasers) the fan who will get to throw the first ball for the Cast/Crew Vampire Baseball game.

Vampire Baseball Cheer Promotion

Date: Organize and submit your cheer by 6/25/09. Do your cheer with your fans 7/4/09!


This is a fun promotion to have the Lexicon be a part of the event itself and to get fans get together and cheer at the stadium – showing their solidarity for the Lex!

Our site will be given 2 minutes during the Vampire Baseball event where we can do a customized cheer. So we figured the only way to have people from all over the place learn a cheer it would have to be something they could immediately be comfortable with. And then the light sparked. The Lexicon cheer will be to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Be as creative as you want! Just rearrage the classic lyrics to include mentions of the Lex and Twilight. Fans attending the game can then belt out the Lex cheer. we’ll provide a discussion area in the forums so if people want to talk about dressing on theme, bringing support posters, whatever, they can get organized.

At the appointed time, the Lex fans fans get to do their cheer at the game! FanTrips.Travel will work with us to rope off areas for our fans to sit together during the game.

Best part is you don’t need to attend to participate in this contest. Whoever provides the winning lyrics will get the item of their choosing from the Lexicon Cafepress shop. Send the lyrics to


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  6. Did you know there is a Twilight Game! I just got it at borders! It is a board game!


  1. […] Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here. […]

  2. […] Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here. […]

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