Twitter Contest to Win Twilight Saga Autographed Scripts

Here is how you do it!

Tweet your #FaveTwilightQuote & the hashtag for a chance to win all 5 scripts!

Welcome Dakota Fanning to Twitter!

Dakota Fanning has officially joined Twitter. It is verified by the little check mark that is beside her name. You can follow her @DakotaFanning.  


For the complete list of everyone in the Twilight Saga that does have a twitter or other social media site, check out our master list.  And before anyone asks РNo!  Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Stephenie DO NOT HAVE a twitter or a facebook.  

Welcome Liz Reaser to Twitter!

We’ve seen quite a bit of action on twitter this week in the Twi-World. Now we’re adding one more member of the Cullen family to our official list: Elizabeth Reaser! You can follow her @reasereaser. ¬†Even though she isn’t fully verified by twitter, the news came from Peter Facinelli himself. ¬†Given how prolific Peter is on twitter and how close he is with Liz, I can’t see that he would be pulling our leg! ¬†


Twitter Trends for the Breaking Dawn Teaser

Depending at what time you hit Twitter, different items trended. Here is the collection taken between roughly 6:00am and 7:00am pacific time.

Also in case you need a rundown of which actors are on Twitter check the official list!