Twitter Contest to Win Twilight Saga Autographed Scripts

Here is how you do it!

Tweet your #FaveTwilightQuote & the hashtag for a chance to win all 5 scripts!

Welcome Dakota Fanning to Twitter!

Dakota Fanning has officially joined Twitter. It is verified by the little check mark that is beside her name. You can follow her @DakotaFanning.  


For the complete list of everyone in the Twilight Saga that does have a twitter or other social media site, check out our master list.  And before anyone asks – No!  Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Stephenie DO NOT HAVE a twitter or a facebook.  

Welcome Liz Reaser to Twitter!

We’ve seen quite a bit of action on twitter this week in the Twi-World. Now we’re adding one more member of the Cullen family to our official list: Elizabeth Reaser! You can follow her @reasereaser.  Even though she isn’t fully verified by twitter, the news came from Peter Facinelli himself.  Given how prolific Peter is on twitter and how close he is with Liz, I can’t see that he would be pulling our leg!  


Twitter Trends for the Breaking Dawn Teaser

Depending at what time you hit Twitter, different items trended. Here is the collection taken between roughly 6:00am and 7:00am pacific time.

Also in case you need a rundown of which actors are on Twitter check the official list!