25th Anniversary Sexiest Man Alive Countdown

People Magazine has been doing features every three days or so to promote their 25th anniversary of their Sexiest Man Alive issue. This year, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kellan Lutz have all made the short list.

People has a video up of the 100 sexiest in a minute. Check it out.

While you are at it, also check out the cover guys over the past 25 years. Do you think their choices have stood up over time?

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Prove You Are a Die-Hard, Twi-Hard and Be Featured in People Magazine

EclispeSmallThis just in from People Magazine:

“How big of a Twilight fan are you? Is your room plastered with posters of Edward, Jacob and Bella? Do you sleep under a Bella-inspired purple comforter? Do you own those life-sized Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner body pillows?

If you’ve turned your bedroom or dorm room into a Twilight fantasy land, let us know. Go here to find out how you can submit your photo and info to PEOPLE for an upcoming story!

People Magazine 100 Sexy Men

This is feature gives the expression “blink and you miss it” a whole new meaning. We think we saw clear images of Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Robert Pattinson. We’re not really sure, but we think Alex Meraz was in one of the fast sections.

Check if out on People. It’s part of their lead in to their annual Sexiest Man issue.

People Magazine Pet Costume Contest

This is one of the more unique things we’ve been sent.  Check out this new contest by People Magazine:

“Is your pet an Edward Cullen on four paws? The best-looking doggy Dracula outside of Transylvania? Show us what you’ve got! Halloween is little more than a week away, and we’ve been seeing lots of pirates, witches and even a Yoda! Now we’re looking for vampires.

Send us your best photos of your pet(pet photo tips)— if they sparkle in the sun, even better — and your little garlicphobe could be featured in an upcoming gallery on PEOPLEPets.com.

Click here to join PeoplePets.com and upload a photo to our contest:  https://www.peoplepets.com/login.

Let me know what you think! If you guys have pets, you should definitely do it, so fun!”

People Magazine Special Edition

People Magazine just sent over some great info and a coupon to go with it!

SPECIAL PROMO:  We wanted to offer you and all Twilight fans a $1.00 off this special collector’s edition!  Just go to this site, http://subs.people.com/PE/newmoon3.jhtml, click on “Save $1.00 Off Newsstand,” print out the coupon & use it!

This issue is really fun  & definitely a must-have for any true fan so hope you will go out and get a copy this weekend and encourage everyone else to do the same!


Exclusive Interviews, Never-Before-Seen Photos, and Behind-the-Scenes Scoop


(NEW YORK) – This week, PEOPLE publishes a special newsstand-only issue all about the Twilight sequel New Moon.  The biggest day of the year for vampires is usually Halloween, but this fall it’s Nov. 20 – the debut of the film New Moon.  For those who can’t wait, PEOPLE put together this special issue filled with exclusive on-set photos, interviews with the cast and a preview of all the suspenseful – and steamy – scenes in Twilight’s next chapter.

After Twilight raked in almost $200 million last year, producers quickly got the cast – including insta-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – back together to film the next chapter of Bella Swan’s species-crossed love affair with Edward Cullen.  “Twilight is about first love; New Moon is about heartbreak,” director Chris Weitz tells PEOPLE.  “That requires the actors to go to some very dark places.”

New Moon “is the beginning of a love triangle,” says Taylor Lautner who plays Bella’s best friend and werewolf Jacob.  “I get nervous trying to represent Team Jacob in the right way.  This guy is some pretty good competition,” admitted Lautner (before a scene with Robert Pattinson).   “The fans would love anybody who played Jacob.  I’m just lucky to be the one who got the chance.”  Thanks to flashbacks, “there is more Edward in the film,” says Weitz.  “Viewers will see him more often than Bella sees him in the book.”

This special collector’s edition also takes a look at the chemistry between Kristen and Robert in both their professional and personal lives.  Director-turned-matchmaker Catherine Hardwicke says that Pattinson and Stewart had sparks flying between them from the first “Action!”  Everyone noticed the connection instantly – especially Pattinson himself.  “When I read Twilight, and there are these moony descriptions of Edward as a godlike figure, I thought there was no way I could play him,” he recalls.  “But when I got in the room with Kristen, there was a certain chemistry.  She’s basically the reason I did the movie.”  While filming Twilight, one romantic scene between Pattinson and Stewart told Hardwicke everything she needed to know.  “When they were kissing,” she recalls with a smile, “Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed!”  Despite concerns about mixing love and work, the two finally succumbed to their feelings.  “They’re genuine, and they’re very talented,” explains costar Ashley Greene of the common ground they share.  “It’s like a secret potion that you can’t really pinpoint, but they both have it.”

PEOPLE also reports about all the hoopla surrounding the Twilight phenomenon – the screaming teens, the buzzing chat rooms, the collector dolls.  Take it from Ashley Greene, the Twilight frenzy is out of control.  “Kellan Lutz and I look at each other and go, ‘What is going on? This is so insane!’” says the actress who plays Alice.  “It’s very different from anything that I’ve experienced.  But the fans are so passionate.  Seriously, this is the coolest job in the world with the best fans.”  Craziest Twilight tie-in?  Two adjacent corn mazes in Utah, expertly landscaped to spell out Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The cast is already filming part three of the saga, Eclipse, and hopes to begin work on part four, Breaking Dawn, in the not-too-distant future.  “We’re all crossing our fingers, and we all want to finish the series,” says Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen.  “And we want Stephenie [Meyer, author] to write more books if she could!”

PEOPLE’s New Moon special issue will be available on newsstands from Friday, October 16 – Monday, November 30.

New Moon Companion Guide Preview

People magazine that hits stands today has a preview guide of some of the photos that that you can expect to see in the book and the film.

Mark Cotta Vaz, who wrote the previous Twilight movie companion guide, is back again as the creative force putting together this project.

People Magazine: Volturi Feature

This issue of People Magazine that hits news stands today has a major Volturi feature.  The picture of Charlie Bewley menacingly clutching Ashley Greene’s throat is particularly fabulous!  According to People:

“In New Moon, the second installment in Stephenie Meyer’s wildly popular Twilight saga, readers are first introduced to the ancient ruling class of vampires known as the Volturi. Determined to capture their creepy menace for his screen version opening Nov. 20, New Moon director Chris Weitz has given them custom-crafted blood-red eyes.

“They’re all hand-painted, specially manufactured contacts,” Weitz tells PEOPLE. “They’re opaque red, almost like preying mantis eyes. You can’t really see into them. There’s something terribly off-putting about it.”

There are fabulous high quality pictures on the People site, way better than the scans that leaked earlier in the week. Go check it out on People. We are not posting the pictures here at the request of People magazine.

People’s Most Eligible Bachelors

People magazine’s most eligible bachelor issue hits stands this Friday.  They have a sneak preview up online at what to expect. The list includes the predicable like Chris Pine, but also has a few surprises like Dwayne Johnson.

Kellan Lutz comes in at number at number 5 with 90210 castmate Ryan Eggold.

Robert Pattinson lands in the number 10 position.

Taylor Lautner Gets Own People Page

The last minute voting rush did it. Taylor Lautner now has his very own page on People.

Click here to check it out.

Taylor Lautner’s People Page Needs Your vote!

OK, not that we have anything against Dustin Milligan and Matt Dallas, but at the moment(as I am writing this), they are in the lead over Taylor Lautner to get their own page on People Magazine. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart already have their own pages. So if you want Taylor to get his own, get over there and vote, NOW! The voting ends April 27th!