People’s Most Eligible Bachelors

People magazine’s most eligible bachelor issue hits stands this Friday.  They have a sneak preview up online at what to expect. The list includes the predicable like Chris Pine, but also has a few surprises like Dwayne Johnson.

Kellan Lutz comes in at number at number 5 with 90210 castmate Ryan Eggold.

Robert Pattinson lands in the number 10 position.


  1. Kristen! says:

    OMG! awesome!! i love them both but Kelln Lutz at least of been 2nd! duh!! but they are both hott!!!

  2. Kellen Lutz is the most handsome of the two. Rob is my favorite should be #1 on the list.


  4. I agree! Rob is certainly the most awesome man in this list!

  5. WannaBeMrs.Cullen says:

    Judging by the Rob was mauled in NYC yesterday I would have to say he should be #1. Kellan is hot too, but there is no way he is above Rob. People got this one WRONG!!

  6. pami11195 says:

    chace crawford? really?!?!?! shia lebeof (or however u spell his name) wud be a WAY better #1. then robert at #2 n kellan at #3 people either hav 2 get sum new glasses or a better common sense

  7. lirael cullen says:

    ah… hahah…. sorry Kellan is a lot hotter than rob. Glad he’s 5th and Rob, at least he’s in there. Congrats boys!!

  8. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    I agree with lirael, Rob is hot but people mess him up with his character all the time. I like Rob, but actually Kellan is hotter – he should have been #2 or #3, but I also love Chace – yammm ;P I’m from Norway so I don’t know about all cause I haven’t seen them before, but the list is fine by me. Kellan is hotter than Rob, Edward is hotter than Emmett ;p don’t mess them up with characters people <3

  9. how is it even possible that Kellan came above Rob?
    it’s unbelievable … hmm.

  10. AlbertaJenn says:

    I have to say, the rest of the list unimpresses me.

  11. What the ? Rob number 10 ? I love Kellan and I think he should be on here but before Rob ?
    PEOPLE PEOPLE this list is disappointing !!!
    Kellan is handsome but Rob still deserves to be number 1 at least and then Kellan second hehe …
    Maybe Rob was 10 because he really isn’t a bachelor haha ..

  12. WannaBeMrs.Cullen says:

    I am not confusing Rob with Edward, I know the difference between real life and “reel” life. In my opinion, Rob is better looking than Kellan and therefore I feel like Rob should be above Kellan.

  13. I think Rob should have been #1. By far, he is the hottest actor around. He creates the most frenzy wherever he goes. Not to mention he is sex-on-a-stick. I’m glad Kellan was on the list, he’s a hotty as well. Just does not have the sizzle that Robert has.


    HELP PETER OUT GUYS HE’S AT 200,000 he needs 300,000 more PLEASE !!!!

  15. wtfff? adam lambert??? wooow. ed westwick is way above them alll! haha

    • Envy loves Wrath says:

      The Adam Lambert surprised me too… Elgible, maybe… Just not in the way we were thinking 😉

      • Adam Lambert is so hot. I want to see him in movies then I want to hear more of those gold vocals of his.I hope there will be enough of him quick enough…

  16. I really don’t think the order on the site is indicative of their rankings in the mag. I would guess Rob is last to get people to flip though the whole series. Not mentioning the other actors, to have Brody Jenner ranked above Rob? Not even People is that stupid.

  17. Cara B. says:

    I was seriously shocked when I saw rob was 10th, as someone else mentioned the poor man was almost ripped to pieces trying to get to his trailer !

  18. did anyone see the video of Robs 30 sexiest stares? Its was kinda scarry! LOL!

  19. Oh, and when you think about Rob being number 10…remember when no one thought he should be Edward? lol….its all taste peeps! P.S. I always thought he was perfect! I only had one other choice and now I’m glad it was him.

  20. i cant believe that rob is number ten!! REALLY!!! he definitely should be number one or at laeast higher than number 10! He looks so good in that picture

  21. littleyellowporsche says:

    Go Kellan!

  22. Cara B. says:

    Oh & what about Jackson? I feel like he’s always left out. :C

  23. ILoveEC says:

    I thought to be a bachelor, you have to be single, but Kellan has a GF… And anyways (for me), Rob is way hotter.

  24. I’m SO buying this issue.

  25. Melanie says:

    That is the best picture I have yet seen of Rob since Twilight came out. Love the photographer, they made him look great.

  26. this list is big LOL adam lamber, who would want that?! c’mon, Dwayne Jhonson another LOL… i can’t stop laughing, Chace Crawford is hot but lacks personality… anyways there are better guys out there…

  27. Like most of you I’m just simply baffled as to why Adam Lambert is above Rob…come on…I seriously think the people who put this list together is either 1 anti Twilight or 2 needs to get their head out of whatever hole it’s buried in.

  28. Kellan has a hot bod, but no way is his face better looking than Rob’s.

    I also would have put several men before Chace. Blick.

  29. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I love Rob he should have been #5 or 6, but idk about Chase he is a total cutey but i hate his voice.

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