Prove You Are a Die-Hard, Twi-Hard and Be Featured in People Magazine

EclispeSmallThis just in from People Magazine:

“How big of a Twilight fan are you? Is your room plastered with posters of Edward, Jacob and Bella? Do you sleep under a Bella-inspired purple comforter? Do you own those life-sized Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner body pillows?

If you’ve turned your bedroom or dorm room into a Twilight fantasy land, let us know. Go here to find out how you can submit your photo and info to PEOPLE for an upcoming story!


  1. That’s pretty sweet. I think my room would be plastered if my husband would let me have any stuff at home. So its all at work. My co-workers make fun of me, but they all seem to notice when I have something new up in my cube.

  2. robin dover says:

    i plan on spending my entire tax return next year on taking a trip to see if i can meet and mingle with rob. im consumed by his music, his movies or always on the internet keeping an eye out for him. wrote him two letters, and sent a birthday gift. I ADORE ROBERT PATTINSON………………..

    • gg talor says:


    • gg talor says:

      talor lautner… i can hardly say his name without fainting… but yes my room is coverd with posters of twilight ceiling to floor ‘ wall to wall , my friends say my locker isent a locker its “the hall of talor lautner… sooo ya im obsesove

  3. Michelle says:

    I am a grown adult and YES my spare room (which is the reading room ) is decorated in Twilight memorabilia every where. You feel like you are in thier world when you walk into this room. Which enhances your reading as well. Its my favorite room in the house. My family and company that visits adores it. I am a true fan and when all is said and done I will still be a fan of Stephenie’s writings.

  4. they have body pillows of rob and taylor? ok that’s pretty much taking it to a stalker level….

    • Where did you get those???? I want an Edward one!!!!

      • I just did a search on the internet & saw the body pillows. If these are the ones the article is referring to then yuck! Not at all what I expected. I’d definitely wait until something more, shall we say, that actually looks like them, comes along.

  5. My room is not covered BUT my cubical at work it’s covered with Twilight.

  6. mrs.blacktwilightlover4ever says:

    omg im so exited for eclipse to come, and even tho i love edward but omg jacob is so HOT!! but i still love edward tho and emmet and carlisle and all of em!my room is like filled with twilight pics

  7. bernadette says:

    Lol.. I will submit my own.. even though it is not so nice but I am proud of my work.. hehehh I have my youtube too.. that all pics are inside of my scrapbook…

    The title of the song is Vanilla Twilight.. you can see the reason why is this song I choose.. heheheh

  8. Christina says:

    What about TwiMoms? This amazing love story is absolutely intoxicating; and the actors are phenominal! I’m completely infatuated w/Edward [what a romantic guy Stephanie created] and ofcourse the fact the Rob is so gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.

    My favorite character is Alice. Who wouldn’t want a best friend/sister/-in-law just like her?

    I’ve covered my 9 yr old daughter’s room in Twiposters to hide my infactuation from my husband, even though I’m a bigger fan than she is.

    My daughter and Twilight have sparked my interest in acting…Oh how I’d love to be an extra and meet the cast!

    • julianna22560 says:

      i loved to meet the cast too!!!! XD twilght is awsome !!!!!

    • julianna22560 says:

      i reallly would love tooo havvve alice as a beesst friend she rocks.!!!! sefphenie rocks for making these charaters

      what a charater alice is 🙂

  9. I am SO entering!!!!!!

  10. julianna22560 says:

    I cant belive bella has to wear a wig XD

  11. julianna22560 says:

    i am a twilightaholic because i mermized the words to all of the movies and books !!!!!

    twilight saga rockssssss !!! xD

  12. julianna22560 says:

    my locker is full of twilight !!!!!

  13. Kate Funk says:

    that pretty much descries my whole life….My room is full of posters of Edward and Jacob…I own the 6′ cardboard cut outs of both of them and I have Edward on my pillows…I don’t have Bella comforter ….but might get it now lol….What can I say I love Twilight and I’m proud of it!!

  14. chelsea says:

    I can’t even let my friends see my bedroom anymore because they always laugh and make me feel like a major loser….which I guess I have turned out to be. I have both edward cardboard cut-outs in my room, 12 posters, the edward duvet cover and sheets, edward throw pillow, pillow cases, music boxes, jewelry, bella’s jacket and dress and replica jewelry,band-aids, my lighters even have twilight stickers on them….Wow I’m a sick sad person…but I love twilight so much. I would totally send in pictures but I don’t need the whole world and robert pattinson to know how obsessed I am. I really need to get a life

    • Just keep on enjoying your life. And NO you are not a loser either. I am greatful to Stephenie for creating the Twilight Series, lets just say that if she hadnt done it I myself would not be having as much fun. Her fantasy world keeps me happy and content..believe it or not?

    • Twisomething says:

      I’m actually glad to see someone here respects Rob.

  15. AmandaNicole says:

    I tried sending in my pictures but the email that they put to send them too dosent work…It keeps sending an email back saying that sending failed….FML

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