New Moon Companion Guide Preview

People magazine that hits stands today has a preview guide of some of the photos that that you can expect to see in the book and the film.

Mark Cotta Vaz, who wrote the previous Twilight movie companion guide, is back again as the creative force putting together this project.


  1. Well, not nearly as good as the New York Times pics from a few days ago, those were gorgeous, these have been out there for the most part. If you didn’t see the ones from a few days ago, dig till you find them, they are worth it.

  2. Besides the pic on this blog post, the rest are old.

  3. what’s with the tattoo?

    • The tattoo is the same one all the wolf brothers get in New Moon.

      I think it’s pretty hot and not one that you’d regret in a couple of years (tweety on your butt anyone!)

    • The tattoo is apparently of two wolves and is based on a Quileute legend. I guess they decided to give the wolves a “family” crest because the Cullens have one. On the new moon movie website you have to click on the crests to enter the Cullens house or the Quileute reservation. Personally I like the tattoos and the Cullens jewelry. It reminds me that Bella isn’t just deciding between two boys, she is deciding between two families.

  4. I was not as impressed with this edition…the last one, for Twilight, was much better. And *groan* enough with the cheesy Tiger Beat stuff – “crush quiz”??? LOL

  5. i am preordering this but im not gona read it till the movie cuz i dont like to look at evrything b4 the movie and then nothing seems new wen u watch it i want the first time iwatch it to be brand new and exciting

  6. I don’t want to be spoiled either. I think watching the trailers ten thousand milions of times is spoilery enough.

  7. I feel so bad i say ugh i don’t want to see these pictures and little clips that almost all the shows are showing but, when im in line at the grocery store i shure pick up the magz. and every time i hear the t.v say new moon i turn it up… sooo bad yet so good i just wish nov. would come all ready>>>> B)

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