People Magazine 100 Sexy Men

This is feature gives the expression “blink and you miss it” a whole new meaning. We think we saw clear images of Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Robert Pattinson. We’re not really sure, but we think Alex Meraz was in one of the fast sections.

Check if out on People. It’s part of their lead in to their annual Sexiest Man issue.


  1. did i also see Alex Meraz? i’m not sure. haha it went by too fast. but i do know for a fact there is another video on the website where Alex is talking about what he thinks is sexy, etc.

  2. That was a gross pic of Robert. Every time I see that pic I cringe….There are so,so,so many that are so,so,so much better. Still looks better than a lot of the dorks on there, though! 2010 Sexist Man Alive????? Maaaayyybeeee!

    • i disagree!
      i like that picture of him. his hair’s not all gross, he actually looks like an actor instead of a hobo.

    • so much hot…
      so little brain cells left…

      did you hear that?
      that was my brain exploding from hotness overload.

  3. Those pictures went so fast, I don’t know if I really did see Alex.

  4. go kellan!!! haha. In my book, he wins hands down.

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