People Magazine: Volturi Feature

This issue of People Magazine that hits news stands today has a major Volturi feature.  The picture of Charlie Bewley menacingly clutching Ashley Greene’s throat is particularly fabulous!  According to People:

“In New Moon, the second installment in Stephenie Meyer’s wildly popular Twilight saga, readers are first introduced to the ancient ruling class of vampires known as the Volturi. Determined to capture their creepy menace for his screen version opening Nov. 20, New Moon director Chris Weitz has given them custom-crafted blood-red eyes.

“They’re all hand-painted, specially manufactured contacts,” Weitz tells PEOPLE. “They’re opaque red, almost like preying mantis eyes. You can’t really see into them. There’s something terribly off-putting about it.”

There are fabulous high quality pictures on the People site, way better than the scans that leaked earlier in the week. Go check it out on People. We are not posting the pictures here at the request of People magazine.


  1. Very cool! Caius’ look has definitely grown on me, Demetri looks great… but still not loving Aro’s suit. He reminds me of some dirtbag that would stare at your boobs in a club…

    • Aro would probably be some dirtbag to stare at your boobs in a club. lol. I love it all, I really love how they tweeked things but also left most the same. I understand that most fans want everything to be the same, but honeslty since they have started making movies from books when has everything been word for word the exact same … um NEVER. So what makes this any different? We just need to except that fact.

  2. Yes!Finally we get a look at the Volturi and they look amazing!The eyes are their best feature.Their costumes look amazing too.

  3. Yisel Cullen says

    Oh! you have to love the bad vamps…they are way too gorgeous…and you have to worship Chris Weitz hahahaha for the incredible job he is doing…I mean…he has manage to put his fingerprint changing (for good) a little bit the costumes, etc…while preserving the essence of the book.
    I’m loving the sophistication of this guys…the costume, makeup, red eyes…the chairs! and the fact that the environment is not so dark and somber as I imagined it …it is more elegant but menacing and deadly nonetheless.
    And I also love the fact that they all look so sexy and gorgeous lol…Alec in particular! I can’t wait to see the movie…I can’t wait to have the DVD lol!!!

  4. Major SQUEE!!!!!!!

  5. They…look…AMAZING!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. i think dakota fanning makes the perfect jane!

  7. woah I think they look amazing! Very creepy…

  8. Dakota looks amazing as Jane and so does Jamie as Caius.. I think Alec looks too tall and Alice’s hair is all wrong!

  9. Miss Miriam says

    They all look great. But shouldn’t Alec’s hair be blond if he’s a twin? That may be my only issue with the Volturis look.

    • Well, I don’t know if it has been specified by SM, but there is a possibility Jane and Alec can be fraternal twins (both who look different).

      • POSSIBLY fraternal? lol! Of course they’re fraternal!!

      • They’d have to be fraternal. Identical twins are always the same sex, where as fraternal twins can be girl/boy, boy/boy, or girl/girl and don’t necessarily even resemble each other in the slightest. O.K. I’m done with the genetics..;)

      • I love the look of the Volturi. Chris Weitz has brought them to life for me. Whenever I read the books I can never really seem to form a picture in my mind-they are always elusive.
        That is no longer the case.
        I’ve got an eye and mind full.
        The characters are now fleshed out and jumping of the page. I especially love the look of Cameron/Alec and Dakota/Jane. He’s stand-offish and brooding, while she’s innocently maniacal. Brilliant. Now, if November would just arrive..

  10. The set pictures look amazing! Those red contacts are just brillant.

  11. twiightgirl68 says

    TEAM ARO !! Love Michael Sheen !!

  12. Wow I have to admit the Volturi look pretty sick! In the best way possible.

  13. Not to put down the work Hardwick did for the first movie, but combined with these pictures and the the other media I’ve seen for “New Moon”, this second installment looks to be much higher quality of a film than “Twilight” was. I’m looking forward to it more from a movie experience as opposed to just seeing the characters on screen. They all look amazing! Wow!

  14. Demitri . . . *Drools*

  15. the alice picture with Charlie choking her looks awesome..i love Alicces gloves

  16. Wowza! Major SQUEEE. they look amazingly awesome!

  17. I am liking how they are keeping true to the book but have a few surprises as well. It would not be as fun becuase most of us would already know what is happening but for them to add new things or small parts which were not in the book is great, as any book-adapted movie should be like.
    LIke the picture where Demitri is holding onto AlicE. I an curious to know what is going on in that scene!!!

  18. Oooh! I just CAN’T wait!! I do think Jane should have been a redhead though, or maybe brunette, but hey if that’s the only thing I can find wrong with the Volturi, I am a happy woman!! Hurry up November!!

  19. I am super excited! Everyone looks great! I don’t mind the little things that aren’t spot on to the book, I’m not gonna let little things like that spoil my fun. I’m just so excited about seeing the movie and putting all the little pieces ,of what we’ve been getting shown ,together. awesome!

  20. Just have to say that if of course Jane and Alec would be fraternal twins, they are male and female. So it is possible that they would have different color of hair, not that it matters though 🙂

  21. I’m loving the look for his movie so far, I am just terrifed that it’ll end out really bad, I have a bit of hit and miss with chris weitz, I loved american pie and about a boy is one of my fave films, however I hated the golden compass, but I’m still excited!!

    • Hang in there! I think Chris Weitz gets it. The cast has said so, repeatedly. I think he was completely dedicated in the making of this film and truly repected the love we have for the Saga. Besides, Stephanie has stated that when it comes to New Moon, we haven’t see anything yet! I’ll take that as a seal of approval… Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fantastic 😉

  22. Alec and Demetri look quite handsome <3

  23. also has a new poll, for who should get their next People page
    Kellan Lutz is one of the three to choose from

  24. I think everything is amazing except for one single fact, why aren’t they all wearing robes? It’s the only thing that’s bugging me.

    • I’m chaulking that up to personal style,
      individuality,etc. Some would wear the cloak as an extention of themselves and hide or revel in it where as others would find it hinders them.
      I’m thinking power trip. 😉

  25. Edwardcullen4life says

    This is looking really amazing… the only problem i have is that it looks way too light. didn’t it say in the book that the volturi chamber is supposed to be like a dungeon. it also looks like the sun is hitting all of them. hmm….

  26. I don’t think they’re wearing robes because chris weitz recently said he wanted to move away from the whole traditional “dracula” look. and besides, who freaking cares?! they look awesome regardless.

  27. I’m loving the look of the Volturi! 😀 I think in this case, they wanted to interpret the costumes a bit differently… Otherwise every single Volturi character would be in the exact same robes. It would make them look like a united force, but it wouldn’t show much about the characters as individuals. (Personally, I think the second part is more important in this case, since they have limited screen time.)

    For example, Aro’s suit conveys his character perfectly. He’s a smooth-talking and apparently gracious host who lies through his teeth constantly. You know, kind of like a car salesman, haha. Except his suit looks expensive, possibly Italian. 😉 I also think it makes sense for him to be in slightly more modern clothes. Out of the three leaders, he seems to be the most enthusiastic about the outside word, after all.

    Anyway, this is as much to say… I love these photos, and I am beyond excited to see these scenes in November! 😀

    • Awesome way to put that. These are also just pictures, we don’t know what is actually going on in the movie. For all we know they could have the robes in the movies. These pictures are probably just from photo shoots.

    • movie** oops

    • Well, when you put everything like that, I guess it doesn’t matter if they wear robes or not.

  28. I love the Volturi, i really do. The pictures made me laugh though. Aro looks like he has indigestion or something…he looks uncomfortable. For some reason Caius’s scarf strikes me as odd. Lean, mean, blond, killing maching….with a scarf?

    Well, i have faith in the movie still.

    • Well, you know, something had to rub off on Carlisle after living among the Volturi for a time…Why not Caius’ fashion sense/accessary? 😉

  29. I actually always pictured Jane with blond hair for some reason… so she looks perfect to me

  30. I don’t like how red their eyes are.
    In the book they were about to feed, and their eyes look super red.
    But other than that, I think they look perfect! 🙂

  31. Omg! I can not wait till New Moon comes out! I think the Volturri look amazing!!!! Idk though, Aro looks like a creeper and i think they should have done something a little more interesting with his suit. He looks like a…idk, he just looks funky. Other than that though, their makeup looks fantastic! kudos to chris weitz and his vision for the volturri. I love Hardwick and all but this movie is probably going to be a little more awesome in the effects department than twilight. Thank God. I just hope they dont do that cheesy lame sparkling noise in the later movies. And i hope that the sparkling is going to be a hell of alot better than twilight. cuz that was just shameful to steph’s work. not only that but it kinda made me ashamed lol.
    I know im way off topic but I tend to ramble sometimes! 😉

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