Twilight Makes Two of MTV’s Most Memorable Movie Award Moments

MTV has a retrospective of the most memorable moments of the MTV Movies Awards over the years. Twilight contributed to two of the.

2011: ‘Twilight’ Stars Finally Make Out

No, not Best Kiss winners Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who prefer keeping their relationship on the DL. But while R.Pattz and K.Stew enjoying being coy about their rumored romance — teasing MTV Movie Awards audiences with an onstage kiss, yet never quite doing the deed — Rob had no problem locking lips with someone who would “appreciate it a little more”: his other “Twilight” costar, Taylor Lautner. Did we just witness the start of a new movement? Team Edward + Jacob?

2010: Les Grossman: Movie Awards Producer

He’s back! The oily, tough-talking exec played so memorably by Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder” made a surprise appearance to open the 2010 Movie Awards, as he tried to sell “Twilight” hunks Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner an action flick called “Bad-Ass Cops” and cajoled Jaden Smith (with papa Will watching) into breaking his arm. The unsung genius of the Grossman sketch: Bill Hader, reprising his role as Grossman’s studio underling, Rob Slolum, who kisses up to his tyrannical boss even though he’s clearly horrified by his tactics.

Check out the rest of the list at MTV.

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Reasons To Vote Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards

The Twilight Examiner just put up a list of reasons to vote Twilight at the MTV Movie Awrds

Prove ‘Em Wrong: Robert Pattinson said recently that the Twilight fervor is “dying down” and becoming replaced by The Hunger Games. If you think that’s an incorrect statement, well, there’s only one way to prove him wrong!

Don’t Let Kristen Down: Kristen Stewart will be presenting at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, this we already know. We don’t want to let our gal go home empty-handed, now do we?

See her other reasons here.

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Which MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Acceptance Speech is Your Favorite

I have to say, even though I do enjoy the over-the-top The Notebook reenactment, I have a soft spot for the Pattinson and Lautner snog see below. Vote for your favorite on MTV and remember to vote daily for Twilight in the Best Kiss and Best Movie categories on MTV.

Anna Kendrick Featured in MTV Movie Awards Promo

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Russell Brand to host MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand is slated  to host the MTV Movie Awards. We’re sure it will go better this time. Anyone remember when he actually cut Robert Pattinson off from talking back in 2008 at the VMA’s when MTV debuted the Twilight clip?

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Kristen Stewart to Present MTV Movie Award

According to MTV

Thankfully, Wednesday (May 9) MTV announced that the first lineup of presenters would come from four of the season’s most anticipated blockbusters, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Prometheus” and “Ted.”

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg will all be on hand on Sunday, June 3, to hand out the Golden Popcorn statuettes.

Breaking Dawn is up for two categories. Remember to vote DAILY!!!!!!!!!

The Top MTV Movie Award Twilight Moments

The Twilight Examiner has a rundown of the top moments over the years at the MTV Movie Awards involving the Twilight Cast.

This is our personal favorite:

Les Grossman Promos

Some of the funniest stuff from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards came along before the show by way of promotional teasers. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner linked up with Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder alter-ego “Les Grossman” for two of them, both of which had most Twilight fans rolling on the floor. Pattinson’s took jabs at the popularity of his hair (video here), while Lautner’s joked at what would happen if he couldn’t make it to the show.

There’s also the badass cops version here (Sorry we can’t embed it)
Check out more on Twilight Examiner

Best Kiss Seems Safely in the Twilight Quarter

The MTV Movie Awards will be happening in June and no doubt Breaking Dawn Part One will again be nominated for Best Kiss (that would mean for years in a row of nominations and wins). What do the Hunger Games stars think their chances are of taking away this award? Also, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, the nominations haven’t come out yet.