MTV movie awards 2012


  1. Tina Holewinski says:

    I’m not going to debate with you whether or not you think Twilight is good. What i will say is that your arguement is…well…for lack of a better term: STUPID.

    You said the MTV movie awards are rigged. That’s right they are: by the fans who vote. If you would take the time to realize what the demographic is that’s watching and voting for the MTVMA and what movies they watch you could easily see why Twilight wins over those other movies.

    I understand that you’re a troll that lives under a little bridge, BUT, take sometime to deductivly form your arguement.

    Everyone can disagree on what movies they do and dont’ like. But it does not take a mathmetician graduate from Harvard that now works for the NSA to understand why Twilight wins the MTV awards: Fans. Plain and simple.

    Now go find your other troll friends and vote for the movies you like.

    Buh bye!

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