Jack Morrissey Answers more Breaking Dawn 2 Questions at Team Jack

Team Jack released another set of questions and answers from Jack Morrissey about Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Here are some of the highlights.   

Will Heart of Stone be on the BD2 soundtrack?

Jack: Yes, it will.

At Comic Con press conference Kristen said vamp sex was rated R, so no sex scenes in BD2 at all?!

Jack: Um, you’re gonna get what you want, believe me.

Where are Edward, Bella and Renesmee when everyone else is gathered around the fire? In the tent?

Jack: Bella and Renesmee are, yes – you’ve seen that still. Edward is right outside, talking with Carlisle.

Will we hear Bella’s Lullaby in Carter Burwell’s score?

Jack: Yes, of course. That’s always been a main theme as it’s essentially Bella’s story, isn’t it.

What does Renesmee call her parents? Mom and Dad? Or momma like in the book?

Jack: Momma, I think.

Are we going to see some Charlie/Sue love during the Christmas scenes?

Jack: Yes, you will!

Will we see the necklace Aro sent to Bella as a wedding gift? It wasn’t in the trailer.

Jack: Yes you will. 99.9999999 percent of the movie is not in any trailer or still.

Read the whole Q&A at Team Jack.  

Bill Condon Wraps Breaking Dawn 2 Score With Carter Burwell

Bill Condon missed out on going to Comic Con this year because he was in London at the famous Abbey Road Studio recording the score to Breaking Dawn 2 with Carter Burwell. The trip was a huge success. The Team Jack Twitter just released the following info about Bill Condon’s time there.

Just got off the phone with Bill. He and Carter finished scoring at Abbey Road Studios today and Carter has rocked the score AGAIN: his third TWILIGHT score for those counting, fourth score for Bill. Bill is in love with it. They had 70 musicians playing away on Sunday. MyAnna (Buring, who plays Tanya) has also been hanging out, so that’s been fun.

TY to @Team Jack

you can also find them at http://www.teamjack.com/

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Info from Team Jack

Once again, Jack Morrissey has come through with answering fan’s questions at his Team Jack twitter account.  Here are some of the ones that really stood out.


Q: By the teaser, I can say that there will be A LOT of the Volturi, am I right? I LOVE THEM [Aro and Jane, specially]

Jack: Yep, a whole field full of ’em. “They even brought the wives.”;-D P.S. SO MUCH Aro and Jane for you to look forward to.


Q: Does Nessie get a Cullen Crest Necklace?

Jack: Not quite – she wears another accessory of significance.


Q:  Will we see more of baby Nessie w/ Edward and Bella or will it be everything with Mackenzie?

Jack: Both, and also other growth between. Half-human/half-vampire kids – they grow up so fast!!!!


Q:  Is this the last trailer we will see?

Jack: Nope – still have a final trailer and all those talk show clips and TV spots to freeze-frame in the fall! — J.


Q:  Is there a Bella’s birthday mention in BD2?

Jack: Yes.


Q:  Was a Zafrina-Renesmee scene shot? I mean, when Zafrina shows Nessie her powers. 🙂 PS The trailer is epic! I love it so much!!

Jack: Thank you for saying so! A variation on that scene was shot, yes.


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Team Jack Gets His Own Blog

Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, is rather prolific on Twitter. Now a new website, with his blessing, has sprung up to summarize all the goodies that Jack drops on Twitter so you won’t lose anything. Their signature image is Jack and Bill’s dog named Pigletmake that Pigpen (I’m so not going to hear the end of that from Jack…maybe he won’t notice). The site is called Team Jack FTW and you can check them out here.