Reasons To Vote Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards

The Twilight Examiner just put up a list of reasons to vote Twilight at the MTV Movie Awrds

Prove ‘Em Wrong: Robert Pattinson said recently that the Twilight fervor is “dying down” and becoming replaced by The Hunger Games. If you think that’s an incorrect statement, well, there’s only one way to prove him wrong!

Don’t Let Kristen Down: Kristen Stewart will be presenting at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, this we already know. We don’t want to let our gal go home empty-handed, now do we?

See her other reasons here.

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  1. Aileen Leon says:

    When i click it, it doesnt let me see it !

  2. movie critic says:

    Rob Patinnson is ashamed and embarrassed by the Twilight series because of how terrible the critical reception has been. He is without a doubt happy that another superior series like the Hunger Games in now in the spotlight.

    If Twilight wins any awards it will be a disgrace to cinema and movies. A movie like Breaking Dawn which was named the worst film of the year by TIME and Rolling Stone Magazine should not get any awards.

    Am happy you called Twilight a fever because that is what it is,

    It is not a Phenomenon like Harry Potter or Star Wars….now this two series defined a generation. Twilight created a bunch of screaming dumb fan girls and soccer housewives who are lusting after teen guys like Taylor Lautner.

    • You must be the hater “none” that has no life posting on a fan site that you aren’t even a fan of. jealous much?

    • If you hate Twilight so much, why the hell are you at a website dedicated to Twilight??? And the MTV movie awards is a FAN VOTED award show. Its not as if its the Oscars. So get over it. Twilight fans are a dedicated fanbase that no matter what you say will go to that website just to prove how much we love it and to prove that we are the best fans out there. So f*** off.

    • Hellohoudini says:

      *yawn* apparently you also have the fever or you wouldnt have wasted your time coming onto to Twilight fansite to post your opinion. The “fever” has had a run of over 7 yrs which is no small fete…will it die down? Sure everything does…but Twilight has found its way into pop culture….so pop an asprin and call us in the morning….

      • movie critic says:

        Twilight sure has found its way to popular culture.

        YES in an embarrassing mannner.

        If you think that the SPARKLING VAMPIRE will be held with respect to other popular culture characters like Harry, Yoda, Buffy or Frodo


        • Hellohoudini says:

          Nice to see the only way you can express your opinion is to call others dumb….and your opinion is just that…YOUR opinion….

        • The irony of course being that “movie critic” spelled the word “dumber” incorrectly which should indicate how much weight we should all give to his/her opinion. ***eyeroll***

    • Tammy Votrain says:

      Why are you on this web site if you don’t like Twilight???? Stalker much. Twihards are some of the greatest people in the world, one trip to a Twilight convention and maybe you would see that. We have a group of GREAT actors & actresses, who do a great job. We love Twilight, so maybe your just jealous of all the women and men who follow it and not YOU!

    • Twilight_News says:

      On behalf of the Twilight Lexicon admin team I’d just personally like to thank you for posting here. Every time you do, we make more ad revenue to help keep this site running because lots of people look at your idiocy. So thank you so much for ECONOMICALLY SUPPORTING TWILIGHT. How do you like them apples, sparky?

      For someone who keeps changing their name and IP (none, truth, and several other monikers) you’re easy to spot because your grammar is horrendous and you never proofread. Someone really needs to reevaluate their definition of dumb.

      I personally find the Kardashians ludicrous, Snooki and JWoww inane, and don’t even get me started on reality TV shows like The Bachelor. The difference between me an you is that A) I’m not on a mission to tell people what to like, B) I don’t assume I understand the attitude and motivations of all fans who enjoy something I personally dislike, and C) I don’t waste my time visiting a site of something I’m not a fan of to get emotional about THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS! It’s fluff, good natured fun. The most it is is bragging rights. NO ONE but apparently you is taking this seriously. Gandalf hasn’t turned purple, Dumbledore hasn’t risen from the grave, Harry hasn’t crucioed our site…amazingly, stunningly, NO ONE BUT YOU CARES!

      Go have a cookie, a scotch, possibly both and find PERSPECTIVE…and while you are at it maybe get a life too. I really hope you are under age 18, cause let’s face it kids do some dumb things like what you’ve been at for the past two months. If you are over 18 get professional help, you need it.

      • movie critic says:

        It’s the Twihards that needs profession help. They throw acid and slash people tires because they tell them how awful twilight is and they threaten Anne Rice and probably my favourite author Stephen King for saying how horrible written the twilight books are.

        The TWIHARD ARE CRAZY especially the TWI-MOMS. I mean how can you think it’s sane for middle age women to be lusting after teen boys like Taylor Lautner?

        • Twilight_News says:

          God you are a thick as thick as thick can be. Were you absent the day they taught logical fallacy in your high school or was the curriculum just that lacking? At the very least lessons on noun and verb agreement, spell check, and proofreading seem to have been missing as well.

          There are all sorts of fans of everything from Major League Baseball, to Star Trek, to name ANYTHING whose actions are regrettable, inexcusable, illegal,and don’t define everyone. Do us all a favor while you are on your soapbox. Go and yell at every man lusting after an under 18 models in a Victoria’s Secret or similar catalog…double standard much?

          As for Rice and King they are entitled to their opinions as is anyone else. On the other hand, you may also want to reread the King article where he says pulp fiction isn’t a bad thing. It has its place. Also Anne Rice has been pissing people off for decades on any number of issues. Twilight is barely a blip on her open mouth and insert foot radar; Google it. The point that seems to evade your comprehension is that we are just as entitled to ours as you are to yours.

          …Wait, wait,maybe this will make you feel better if I live up to your stereotype. “OMG. It’s RPATTZ SQUEEEEEEEEE he’s sooo HAWT, you dont make no fun of the RPATTZ or I’ll cut you BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!! THATS RGHT i know where you live an I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sparkle, Sparkle, glimmer

          ….excuse me while I detox…there, are you happy now cupcake?

          • movie critic says:

            I can’t be bothered to edit any language errosr since I am not writing an academic paper.

            At least I am not an un-deserved millionaire like Stephanie Meyer, who according to the great Stephen King CAN’T WRITE WORTH A DARN.

            You want to know why I strongly despise the Twilight series?

            One of your deranged fan girls on YouTube threatened to track me down in my home town and beat me up because I told her the Edward and Bella love story was awful.


            They have the nerves to threaten legendary writers like Stephen King.

            WASH RINSE REPEAT..because Miley and Bieber and Lady Gaga don’t have over the edge fans. One more time with feeling darlin..Twilight isn’t unique. This happens every fandom…GOOGLE it. As far as people threatening you CALL THE POLICE. If you have actually been verbally/physically threatened it’s a crime. Again thank for the ad rev, every time you post we make money.

  3. I just read that a couple of HP and HG fans think Breaking Dawn doesn’t have a chance, let’s prove they’re wrong. Very wrong.

  4. I agree Twilight deserves to win Best Kiss, Harry Potter should go home with best film since its their last year, and Hunger Games, though I haven’t seen it, should go home with best on screen transformation and another one.
    It only seems fair and logical.

  5. The link for the other reason does not work. Goes to error missing page.

  6. movie critic says:

    I post on this site every time it has an MTV related TOPIC……I am a big MTV fan so I know all the MTV articles that are published online.

    Unfortunately Twilight has this idiotic relationship with MTV….So this site is always on my rader.







    This people all seem to agree since they all listed Breaking Dawn was one of the worst movie of 2011.

    As someone who loves popular culture, no one will shut me up and I will continue to expose the deception that goes on at MTV (Twilight ) movie awards.

    • Listen kid, (forgive me if I have the age frame wrong, given your general demeanour it’s the impression you put out) you need to give it up now. I’m not ‘having a go’, because whether I agree with your opinion or not there is no denying that you are indeed, entitled to it.

      It’s just you seem kind of angry, and posting on a fansite of a franchise you so despise in order to illicit angry responses from fans seems a little immature and wasteful.
      We fans visit The Lex because we love the whole Twilight thing, we come to this website because it’s where we get our fix.

      Why do you come here?

      Being that angry can’t be healthy.

      It’s unfortunate that you once had an uncomfortable encounter with a Twilight fan.

      I once had my fender ripped off by an elderly couple driving a car with an ‘I love Jesus’ sticker in it’s window, yet I supress the need to stand outside the local christian* church on a sunday so that I can let down the tyres of all it’s patrons in a pre-emptive strike in order to protect my own vehicle from future attacks by these fender hating cretins.
      We’re not trying to hurt anybody, or do irreparable damage to awards ceremonies. So breathe. You are setting yourself up for a future full of grey hair, wrinkles and heart disease.

      Best wishes and hopes for an anger free future. 🙂

      *Other religious denominations are available.

      • movie critic says:

        How can you Twilight fans say you are not trying to hurt anybody?

        1. I have gotten death threats from the TWIHARDS and one of your fans threw acid on a teen boy in high school for saying he didn’t like Twilight.

        2. Twilight fan girls ganged up and beat up another teen girl at another school just because she hated Twilight

        3. You guys even launched an attack on Miley Cyrus and discouraged other teens (especially K-Stew fans) not to buy her albums or watch her movies again because Miley said she hated Twilight.

        4. Many of you Twihards have lashed out at MTV and are saying you are not going to watch the movie awards this year because they didn’t nominate Breaking Dawn which was indeed a terrible film and a CRITIAL FAILURE.

        • Hellohoudini says:

          If you’ve gotten any death threats its because you’re going around posting your Twi-hate on Twilight fansite…you’re a hater and you think its cool to be a hater …are there a few Twihards are alittle over the top? Yes…but the same thing can be said about HP Fans…Justin Bieber Fans…Kiss Fans…Dallas Cowboy Fans…Red Socks Fans…Laga Gaga Fans…its not just Twilight….you’re a hater and you are letting your hate for something consume your so-called life….let it go and devote your time to doing something good….jezzz

        • I CAN say this because I like to think I’m a rational human being.

          1. Ok, so some very unstable people carry out attacks and this reflects on an entire fandom?
          Then by your reasoning this would mean all germans are Nazis, all men rapists and all teenagers are violent, scary thugs. I could go on all day…. But I’m a little worried that I’m going to offend someone.

          DISCLAIMER: I love all above mentioned people I’m simply proving a point. So death threats are entirely unnecessary, and quite frankly a bit scary.

          2. See above point. Also bullies will bully no matter what they use as an excuse.

          3.’ You guys’ kind of infers that I personally had something to do with said attack on one Miley Cyrus. I didn’t! I have witnesses that will testify to that effect. She, like you AND I is entitled to an opinion. I have no argument with the girl.

          4. Personally (because I don’t claim to be speaking on behalf of the twilight fandom here) I think MTV made a bad call on omitting Breaking Dawn pt1 from many of the categories. I’m clearly not alone in this view and some fans may choose to make their annoyance known to MTV with their feet (or fingers). We feel shafted, this is our right.
          Unfortunately it seems there are haters even amongst film critics, where one would hope to find impartial reviews but alas this isn’t so.

          Have a nice day.

          • Uh…… I don’t actually love thugs, rapists or nazis. So when I said ‘all’… You get the point ,right?

      • Hellohoudini says:

        Love you Karen…

  7. Amen.

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