Best Kiss Seems Safely in the Twilight Quarter

The MTV Movie Awards will be happening in June and no doubt Breaking Dawn Part One will again be nominated for Best Kiss (that would mean for years in a row of nominations and wins). What do the Hunger Games stars think their chances are of taking away this award? Also, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, the nominations haven’t come out yet.


  1. The question is, which BD kiss gets the nomination? There were some pretty steamy ones. I vote for the wedding kiss.

  2. Hunger Games shouldn’t be nominated since it came out this year !

  3. I agree! the wedding kiss was hot!!

  4. Still shows how idotic the MTV movie awards are.hey lexicon if you dont know this but once upon a time great movies like the lord of the rings,pulp fiction and gladitor won MTV movies awards.

    Now MTV spends their time giving awards to awful films like twilight because they need te rating from dumb fan girls.


    People dont vote it is clearly rigged in twilighT’s favour because there is no way movie goers will vote badly rated films like the Twilight movies as best film


    • You want a cookie, you seem awfully angsty and pent up. How about a hug. It’ll be okay little hater. It really will, have some sugar and a couple of deep breaths and that perspective thing might return.

      • Nope just saying the truth….Deal with it.

        It’s funny because you did not deny everything I just said because you know it’s the truth. Seriously can you tell me truthfully that the public voted as best movie

        Twilight over The Dark Knight

        New Moon over Avatar

        Eclipse over Inception

        Really we all know the MTV awards are rigged….you know it, I know it, the whole world knows it and that is why real movie lovers like myself are speaking out.

        Go and look at MTV movie awards past winners…o wait let me give you a list

        Pulp Fiction
        The fellowship of the Rings
        The Two Towers
        Return of the King

        All this great film all won MTV awards not too long ago…no twilight film with it awful ratings and bad reviews comes to close to this films.

        MTV awards are a pure disgrace and I say this because I used to be a 90’S and early 2000’s MTV fan when great movies….OSCAR NOMINATED and WINING MOVIES WON MTV MOVIE AWARDS.

        Now it all about pleasing dumb down teenage girls that like Twilight the actors because they are hot and they take of their shirts.


        • None, you seem to be on the rant, that Twilight is going, if not already going, to destroy culture as you know it? I’m a right?

          A few days ago, I found a 1960’s BBC show on Youtube. It’s primary focus was the negative impact that “Lord of the Rings” was bestowing on the world, and especially in the USofA. They interviewed several scholars who termed Tolkien’s fans as occultists, and stated that his books were overtly simple, seductive to witchcraft, and had officially destroyed modern fantasy.

          It then cut to Tolkien talking with some fans, and how they were happy to be able to be with each other and not be bashed by the world at large…

          Sounds familiar?

          Of course, those same types of scholars who trashed Tolkien in the 60’s, now hold classes in respect to his works! Tolkien is seen as one of the greatest writers of last generation, and his books are hailed world-wide as a crowning achievement in literature. He is know as many as the father of fantasy, and it was his works that led to the creation of Dungeons and Dragons, and inspired countless millions of young readers to become fantasy writers and film makers.

          Am I saying that the Twilight saga is as well written as Lord of the Rings… heavens no, and you’d be surprised to find any Twi-hard making that assumption.

          Twilight is pulp-culture. Plain and simple. As has already been stated, there are morons in every fandom…if you doubt this, just look at Star Wars and Star Trek. I know people in both fandoms that know more about these fictional worlds, then their own, and don’t get me started about the Euro group trying to get state funding for the Jedi religion…

          If Lord of the Rings didn’t destroy the world… If Star Wars didn’t destroy the world… I STRONGLY doubt Twilight will.

      • Hey Laura where you did one that said Bella was a better character than Hermione and Twilight will have a lasting legacy over HP because it is a love story?


        Coparing HP to Twilight is like comparing John Lenon to Justin Bieber.

        Hermione Granger is the greatest fictional heroine of my generation, she is an independent 3 dimension chaarcter who does not need a man to survive.

        you honestly as a woman think Man dependent Bella (Mary Sue) Swan who has no goals or aspiration in life than to sparkle with her fairy boyfriend forever is a better charcater than Hermione Granger?



        Please go and look at Scholars and Feminist reception of both characters and throw in Katniss as well.

        Hermione and Katniss are good role models for girls

        Bella is a disgrace to girls.

        • Twilight_News says:

          Yawn…honey you don’t know me, but you seem awfully pent up over FICTION. I’m popping some popcorn and LMAO at watching the angsty little wind-up toy go. Sooner or later either your Duracell or key will run out…that or you’re going to have a aneurism. seriously..chill darlin, it aint worth all your ire. Save it for something like feeding the homeless, human trafficking, or I don’t know…SOMETHING THAT WILL ACTUALLY MATTER SAY 20 years from now.

          Twilight isn’t consuming my life, making me anything other than a fansite operator who has a hobby. But it does seem to be affecting yours. Why are you even bothering on a website that a fansite that you aren’t a fan of? You don’t see me over on The Jersey Shore or Kardashian sites schooling their fans. That’s a lot of wasted time and energy on your part.

          Anyway, debate, yes that was me. i could have argued either side of that issue as I used to run a Potter fansite. The thing about debate is that good debater can take either side of the issue and win on oratory skills, logic, knowing their opponent, knowing their audience, and being quick on their feet. It’s an inherent skill taught in Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, and Public Forum Debate…perchance I should have mentioned to my opponent that day I was a debate former coach, but alas no one asked.

          Oh and last thought, i may have a lot of things, but I’ve never claimed to have the truth. cause that’s something pretty much no one has when it comes to aesthetics or just about anything else. It’s the mark of a zealot and damn scary!

          • Fictional Setting has an influence on the real world and Twilight is a negative influence in our world.

            1. What is scaring is the idiotic teenage twilight fan girls that threatened legendary writer like Stephen king for saying the truth about Stephanie meyer’s mediocre writhing

            2. what is scary is the twilight fan that throw acid on people for saying how bullshit twilight is.

            3. what is scary is young girls embracing suicidal attempts and dumping their flawed boyfriends because he is not the perfect fairy princess that is Edward Cullen.

            4. What is scary is teen girls now believe if a guy is hot, him stalking you and watching you when sleep is okay


        • You don’t need to compare Twilight’s characters with others, they are different story, different genre, different characters.
          The way you bashing Twilight and then you compare it with another movie is just so PATHETIC!

          • smitten_by_twilight says:

            Frankly, None, what is scary is your grammar and spelling, which detract from your seriousness. Twilight is a huge fandom and has some idiots, like any large group. We get it – you don’t like Twilight; but we don’t care. So go read or watch something else.

        • LadyLovesLeo says:

          Blah, blah, blah. So what’s the deal None? Are you a kid or someone from outside the US? It is really hard to read your comments which are consumed with bad grammer, punctuation, and spelling.

        • (Hunger Games spoiler) Katniss spends the last two books of the trilogy hiding in closets and crying her eyes out. Then she has kids with Peeta just because he wants them. I don’t see that as very heroic.
          Back on topic, I voted in the MTV awards and I think I only voted for Twilight in one category. Others obviously voted for it more. It’s personal taste and who votes the most (as awards shows based on popular vote should be) Justin Beiber had the most jaw dropping moment.? At the people’s choice award Adam Sandler won best comedic actor. (based on his recent films??) At the Scream awards Green Lantern was winner of most anticipated movie and it flopped horribly. It’s all just personal taste and who votes, and it’s meant to be fun. No need to get bent out of shape. If you want something that’s not based on popular vote, watch the Oscars. The winners rarely match up with popular opinion.

          • “Katniss spends the last two books of the trilogy hiding in closets and crying her eyes out. Then she has kids with Peeta just because he wants them. I don’t see that as very heroic.”

            I’m sorry, you must have read a book that said Catching Fire or Mockingjay on it but wasn’t really the real thing.

            Katniss spends half of CF in the arena, fighting for her life, and spends 3/4 of Mockingjay leading an entire nation in a FRIGGIN REBELLION against a dictatorship government! That’d be pretty hard to do if you stow yourself away in a closet.

            And if you’re referring to when she goes into an almost catatonic state at the end of Mockingjay, well gee, the person she loved most-her sister-was murdered right before her very eyes. Her reaction is reasonable, especially considering all of the mind *&^$%&( she’s been through by the end of the series in not being able to tell when people are trying to help her and what people are just using her and what she represents for others for their own gain.

            And, speaking of girls that sit around and cry in closets, what are you calling Katniss out on this for when Bella spends 3/4 of New Moon in a boring depressive state that implies that her life revolves around a guy. I mean, geez, how people are surprised that Bella is criticized as being such a horrid role model for girls is beyond me when she clearly delivers the message that your life is over FOREVER if the guy you love breaks up with you, and the fact that she puts herself in friggin danger just to see his mirage is completely reckless and does anything but deliver a good message for girls looking for a heroine to admire.

            Whatever for the awards, but don’t be implying false advertising of The Hunger Games, especially when it comes off as completely hypocritical as your statement does, considering the obvious fact that New Moon Bella totally embodies the boring, depressed character that you’re accusing Katniss as being.

        • Rachel Garber says:

          You know, as a former member of NOW, National Organization for Women, I have to tell you I don’t give two hoots for what THE feminists have to say abt Bella Swan, who as has already been pointed out is a fictictious character. It is amazing to me, as one who considers herself a feminist, that THEY want girls and women to be able to make their own choices. That is provided the choices that are made are choices they approve of. Some women want to get married and raise children. I remember the saddest story I read back in the ’90s, when Al Gore’s WIFE, said the feminsit movement always made me feel ashamed of my choice to be a stay at home wife and mother and raise my children. Kind of sad critique on the women’s movement. That is probably why so many womenm, women who make unusual career choices, firefighter, lumberjack, mechanic, astronaut, make a point when they are interviewed, of saying “I am not a feminist” They don’t want to be associated with a group that puts women down for not make the RIGHT (read, feminst approved) choices. And as Lisa pointed out, it is a popular vote. Quite frankly, I don’t think much of the Academy Awards anyway. They skip over so many fine actors, for whatever reason, that someone like Paul Newman got an award for a movie that wasn’t his finest performance, because someone finally woke up and realized they had passed him over year after year, decade after decade. Same thing happens with movies that get overlooked for some crap that the studio spent money to promote.

          • The feminists aren’t railing on Bella Swan because she wants to be with Edward and have a family. They don’t like her because her character implies that without a man, your life is over. The reaction she has to Edward’s leaving is completely unhealthy (I mean, she practically goes catatonic for how many months?) and shouldn’t be an act that is admired, especially by young teenager girls, who at this point in their lives, are going to be meeting boys all the time and most likely having their “hearts broken” several times.

        • I did read all the Hunger Games books, and yes Katniss does spend a lot of time fighting. But for me (personal opinion here) her other behavior overshadowed everything. As for Bella, while I understood her behavior to a point, I had the same reaction to her as I did Katniss- pull yourself together already. I wished there was a little less brooding. But I know it’s all opinion. Other people could apparently totally relate more than I could. Maybe you read something different into Katniss behavior than I did. I don’t really get the idea of them being considered heroines though, honestly. I read LOTR too and I don’t recall anyone wondering about whether or not Galadriel was a hero. When I read the Vampire Chronicles, I certainly wasn’t looking to act like any of the ladies there. They are just books. My only point in commenting to you is that I didn’t see Katniss (or Bella) as heroines to aspire to be any more than I do any other fictional characters. Anyway, this is just even further off track, since the article was about best kiss. I agree that Hunger Games shouldn’t be nominated. They had a sweet, romantic kiss, but the awards are supposed to be for films from the previous season.

          • Christalee says:

            I read the hunger games as well. I liked them, until I got to the ending. It seemed like Katniss was just, with Peeta, just because. Not because she loved him. As for Bella at least she married someone she truly and deeply loved. I do consider her to be a hero. She made the choice to have her baby when everyone around her was telling her otherwise. That makes Bella a hero to me!

    • Rigged? I vote every year… and love my Twilight! By the way, what are YOU doing on the Twilight Lexicon if you are hating Twilight? Mixed signals here…lol

      • You’re right, I”ll never be able to understand, why haters visit fansites. If I don’t like a movie/book, I don’t visit its fansites, This simple.

    • Rachel Garber says:

      Bella, I agree with you, I think some ppl just like to spew their hatred. However, whether or not the movie was good, is irrelevant, it is the kiss that is being voted on, not the quality of the movie. Some people seem to totally miss the point. And I agree with K, I vote every year as well, so how it is rigged is beyond me. I have no interest in the Hunger Games, the whole concept is a bit repugnant to me, so believe me, I would never spend much time on a Hunger Games fansite. I have commented that if Rob is cast in a part I would probably see that one movie, but that would be it, but that was not even a Hunger Games fansite, is it good, I have no idea, And I have no interest in a fansite, not even to express my distaste for the whole idea of the film. Seriously, fans don’t need me to trash a movie I have no interest in seeing. I read the book blurb, maybe there is good acting, but I won’t even say that. People have a right to love their fav movie and I have no business commenting on a movie which holds no interest for me. Go Robsten

      • LadyLovesLeo says:

        Rachel, I understand completely how you feel about The Hunger Games. I used to feel that way myself, but after hearing so much about it here on the Lex and after my friend who introduced me to Twilight suggested it, I reluctantly started reading the first book. Then I was hooked! It’s fantastic and not at all what I expected. Stephenie even has glowing praise for THG that’s printed on the back of each book’s cover. Just as with Twilight, don’t let everyone else’s opinion or criticism influence you. Please check it out and give it a try yourself. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised as I have been.

  5. funny the only awards twilight can get nominated for is MTV movie awards when there counterparts like harry potter get OSCAR NOMINATIONS.

    hopfully good movies like deathly hallows 2 ,rise of the apes,Hugo, and hunger games win win MTV awards this year.

    Breking Dawn 1 was horrible Raies alumi for worst film. it is a CERTIFED ROTTEN on RT. How can that win best movie?

    • None, you have to understand something, the MTV Movie Awards isn’t about voting for “quality” as much as it is, voting on what the youth likes…what is in the now… No other award show, save possibly the Scream Awards, would dare to even have a catagory such as “Best Kiss”. Most people, in all reality, don’t take the MTV Movie Awards seriously due to its pop-culture bend… but alas… it’s about fun… something I don’t think you’re truly grasping.

      Does MTV cator specifically to the Twi-Generation… Yes, and I would to, if millions of viewers were watching my program, to get Twilight glipses. It’s good business.

      In respect to Best Kiss… Since there is virtually no competition, BD is going to win this one for sure, as well as probably every other catagory it is nominated in…

      I’ll be honest, I’ll probably skip this year’s MTV Movie Awards, as it seems that unless you think extreme crude humor, tasteless bands, and blantant vulgarity is fun… you don’t have a good time. As a guy who grew up with MTV, it has become less about the music, and more about how far they can push what can be seen on TV… ugh…

      • Twilight_News says:

        I want my MTV…right there with you!

      • LMAO. You think there’s no competition. You’re kidding, right? THG already beat Breaking Dawn in the Most Anticipated Movie of the Year Bracket that MTV held. Plus, in case you haven’t heard, the movie has already broken BD Part 1’s record in box office and in being the leading number one movie for 3 weeks straight. Therefore, Twilight fans better keep up their voting, and I know they will. But, THG fans are sick of Twilight being in the spotlight, and Twihards better believe that THG fan sites or going to be pushing for voting in those awards just as much as the Lexicon will. Quite the contrary is true: Twilight finally has real competition that could very well pull the rug out from underneath its feet.

        • Twilight_News says:

          On other categories yes, best kiss no. Also FYI, you do realize that all the Hunger games websites, and I do mean all of them, are run by Twilight site operators right?

          • T_N, I do realize that. I also realize that most Twilight fans were also huge Harry Potter fans, but that didn’t stop Eclipse from winning every single award it was nominated in, beating out Deathly Hallows Part 1…

            There’s no denying it, when it comes to Twilight, Twi-fans come out in groves. 🙂

            Oddly and very ironically enough, it reminds me of the Tributes in Catching Fire. They all stand with each other at first…but then the games begin, and its a blood bath.

            HG or HP:DH2 might beat Twilight in a few catagories this year, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m just preparing myself. 🙂

          • LadyLovesLeo says:

            Hey Laura, do you guys have a fan site for THG?

            To JLR – if you will recall, not all of the tributes in Catching Fire entered the blood bath mentality. Hence, the character and plotline carryover into Mockingjay. Yes, I finally broke down and read THG series. Wow! I LOVE it, but it doesn’t mean I love Twilight any less. Some of us fans – including those of us who aren’t teenage girls – can have admiration and devotion to more than one thing at a time and still carry on full lives outside of all this.

            REPLY FROM LAURA: We don’t have a Hunger Games site (way too much work to do two big sites IOHO) but His Golden Eyes runs, Twilight Moms runs the HOB, TwiFans runs Citizens of Panem, Breaking Dawn Movie runs Hunger Games Movie, and I know the Team Twilight Crew runs a site but I forget which.

        • What do you know about it? I won’t move to another fandom so easily just because a new booming movie! It’s the matter of loyalty. If you don’t like the way Twilight always over the top, don’t say anything about it! Wasting time!

  6. All I know is i’d be very disappointed if Hunger Games won. The few kisses were awkward and Josh & Jennifer have no chemistry.

    • Well, you’ve clearly not read the books, as their kisses aren’t supposed to be spectacular in that first book. Katniss, for the most part, is playing a part when she kisses Peeta; she does it for the sponsors, so to an extent, if they seem a bit awkward, just goes to show just how well Jenn was playing her part. As for the chemistry, you could not be more wrong. The chemistry between their characters isn’t meant to be super duper romantic and hard core in the first book. It’s the friendship that forms between them that is most important and how they are able to help each other out, and Jen and Josh did five times better in their character roles in this case than Kstew and Rob have as B&E in any of the Twilight movies. Even if you were to take the lower quality plot and character development of the Twilight books out of the picture, Jenn and Josh still gave a damn better performance in their acting than Rob and Kristen have in the Twilight franchise characterization aside. However, really this should not come as any surprise; I mean Jennifer Lawrence has already proven herself as being Oscar worthy; neither Rob or Kristen can say the same.

      • The title of the award is Best Kiss…so we have to choose the very best kiss….if there’s no chemistry at all in the kiss, how come it could win the award? #justsaying

      • smitten_by_twilight says:

        Sarah, I have read and enjoyed THG. The kisses were supposed to lack chemistry and did, thus are poor contenders for Best Kiss. While I thought Jen’s and Josh’s acting quite good, I have to defend Kris and Rob. Kris’ characterization has been wonderful, and Rob has done excellent work in a uniquely challenging role; not only a modern vampire, which other Oscar-worthy actors have found difficult, but a modern vampire who is perfect, or nearly so.

  7. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Hunger Games chances are not good. The wedding kiss from BD will have no contest. 🙂

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Have never seen a better movie kiss than BD1 wedding, and I’m neither dumb nor a teenager 🙂 The cinematography made that kiss.

    • Twibecca says:

      The wedding kiss from BD Pt. 1 will win Best Kiss. What other kiss can claim to make an entire party of wedding guests disappear with its pure intensity? Now THAT’s a kiss!

      “Have I found you?
      Flightless Bird….”

      You can hate all-things Twilight. But denying the power of that kiss on the big screen, especially in comparison to any other movie kiss this year, surely makes the hater, well, a one-dimensional, soulless simpleton, too.

  9. Cristina says:

    Sorry but some comments are true. Breaking Dawn was awful!!
    I love the books but honestly, It was boring, presumptuous and quite predictable. I just read Hunger Games. My daughter made me read it and it was good. The movie was acceptable. Hopefully, BD 2 will be better. Some people dont understand the whole concept of imprinting. They have to be very careful about this.

  10. Hey None or whatever, you shd post your comments to MTV and ask them if its rigged, wrong address none!

    Read the book, Bella is a tough girl and knows what she wants. Go to HP site if you don’t like Twilight or have a valium!

  11. Ohh pleasse stop this !! Its making me nostalgic !!

  12. I would say that THG doesn’t stand a good chance because it came out in 2012.

    None, you’re reminding us that this same awards show that had the public voting for LoTR three years running and then immediately picked a winner like “Napoleon Dynamite” as best movie over “Kill Bill vol. 2” and “Spider-Man 2” ?!?! Riiiiight…this award is very prestigious and ranks right up there with the Oscars and the Emmys…/eyeroll.

    Regardless of whether or not it’s rigged, it is still a fan based award show similar to the People’s Choice awards and there’s not a lot of people who will be swayed by someone ranting. Especially if that person is ranting on a fan site.

  13. rhiannon ratliff says:

    im sorry but help me out
    if you people hate twilight so much then WTH are you doing on a twlight website??

  14. Well, whatever we all think of the above persons negative comment he sure did get us all fired up and talking.. lol BD deserves every vote it gets, I do not for one minute believe anything is rigged, it just has really supportive fan base who are passionate about these characters regardless of how they feel about the movies, who vote, Not that it deserved more or less than Harry Potter (which was fabulous) its just more BD fans voted than did Harry fans in this case. Emma is a phenominal actress, I agree. But more Kristin fans voted.. its that simple. But its not a matter of rigged, robbed, or anything else. Its just like the Presidency of the Unoted States, whoever moves people to get out there and vote always wins. EVERYTIME…

  15. This is the funniest postings I have ever read. Really your life is so boring you have time to waste on things you hate.I keep my life positive and only take the time for things I love…that’s why I am here.

  16. LadyLovesLeo says:

    In the end, the only thing that matters are our individual opinions about any movie. Hmmm, guess what a movie critics job is . . . to be critical. Lots of movies that play regularly on tv as “movies everybody loves” and lots of movies that we remember and help define certain decades and eras began as critical flops and box offices successes – Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing. Anyone still watching spaghetti westerns on Saturday morning cable? And guess what, I’m sure we can all admit to keeping track of the actors that were in those movies – Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Patrick Swayze, Clint Eastwood – that’s what propels them into the superstar category.

    That said, what’s wrong with an award show that, although fun and sometimes campy, actually celebrates what’s popular in current culture?

  17. I am so going to vote for breaking dawn. I know for sure having twiloight saga in my life for the last 5 years has been great.

  18. Does anybody know WHEN the nominee voting is due to start!? I want to be able to vote on the wider range of possibilities for each category FIRST before voting for the winner among the nominees! I think Ralph Fiennes, Patrick Dempsey, and Alexander Ludwig (if Hunger Games is in the equation) will definitely be among those considered for BEST VILLAIN! AS for Best Kiss, two runner ups are definitely DH Part 2 and Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and I like Twilight, but am more FOR Harry Potter.

  19. Brittany says:

    I’ve got to say, the Ron/Hermione kiss will be hard to beat. I know it didn’t look quite as satisfying as any of the Edward/Bella kisses in BD1, but we Harry Potter fans had been waiting since 1998 for Ron and Hermione.

    Just sayin’.

  20. Sounds like None is a NUT. That person should come out of their parents basement and stay away from the computer and join the real world. None does not have a life. Why come to a Fansite to trash something. Your rantings are falling on deaf ears, so try to make better use of your time. MTV is like the People Choice Awards. It is for the fans. The fans vote. You think Hugo or the Artist would have won a MTV award? No because the people who vote at the MTV awards probably had never heard or even saw those movies. The Oscars, Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild awards, make sure that those “critically acclaim” movies are recognized. You think the Oscars will ever have a Best Kiss category. MTV is perfect for the fans. It gives them a say in something. We all know that the Twilight movies are poorly made and poorly acted. Yes, as a fan i said it. They are bad movies but i have all the DVD’s and watch them over and over. They are fun, mindless entertainment.

  21. I think it will be a tight race between Bella/Edward & Ron/Hermione (Or even Harry/Hermione!)

    Anyway I really don’t understand either, why someone who doesn’t like a movie/book/comic whatever, visits a FANsite to spew their loathing. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would never go to another fandom and diss them b/c I don’t like “X”. IDK, just me.. I barely have time to check here much less search of fandoms!

    AFA Twilight. yeah it might not be the best written book, or best acted but it is a FANTASY. For 2+ hours I am engrossed in another world.
    And I don’t give a rats behind about movie gross. Theaters in different parts of the region charge different prices. What they need to do is tell you how many tickets were sold overall. But money talks… And another movie will come along and top THG (quite possibly Dark Knight Rises). In my newest Entertainment Weekly magazine, even though THG is still #1 here, it has taken a smaller gross internationally. Twilight seems to have a worldwide appeal vs THG.

  22. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Laura, thanks for THG / Twilight site info. I’m definitely going to check out all these sites.

  23. i am not sure why there are so many THG fans are Twilight haters? i am not sure if as many twilight fans behave as crazy as THG fans to go around other fan site to “bark”?

    What i am sure is because of these haters, Twilight fans will really vote hard to support Twilight!! so, it is not totally a bad thing after all.

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