Make History and Vote for Breaking Dawn in the MTV Movie Awards!

The folks at Summit are encouraging all the fans to vote for Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the MTV movie awards in the hopes of pulling off a historic 4-peat!  The Twilight Saga has taken home the best movie of the year award for the last three years, and this year we want to make it number four!  You can vote at MTV by visiting this link.  Given that Breaking Dawn is only nominated in two categories (movie of the year and best kiss) , fans have to rally around the film to show their support in these two categories.

To encourage others to vote, you can use the twitter hashtag #Twilight4Peat and this bity URL for ease  .

Feel free to use the image in this post if you run a blog or on your face book page or whatever type of social media you connect to other Twilight friends with.

Remember, the rules allow a vote per day, so it’s important to vote each each day. Fans of other franchises are also rallying their bases, so make our votes count!

And be sure to watch the show on June 3rd to see if the fandom pulled off the 4-peat!


  1. twilight to israel – fans page~ D:

  2. I am voting once a day! Come on gys let’s do this!


    Don’t you twilight fans get it…MTV are ashamed and embarrassed by their award show, why do you think they did not nominated twilight year.


    Thanks to the awful twilight films winning over Oscar nominated Films

    Twihards are you blind …how can a movie that is a

    26/100 on Rotten tomatoes

    45/100 on Metacritic

    4.7/10 on IMDB

    A movie that scored 8 razzies nominations including worst picture

    A movie that MSN named worst movie of 2011

    A movie that Rolling Stone named worst movie of 2011

    A movies that TIME magazine named one of the worst films of 2011

    A movie that Robert Partison himself is embarrassed by and tires as much as he can to distant himself from all the horrible twilight films

    How can breaking dawn win best movie after of all this.


    Breaking dawn was awful

    • Twilight_News says:

      Dude MTV awards are fun fluff just like the People’s Choice awards, that’s why the public can vote and vote daily on them. I hate to break this to you but it is a popularity contest, it’s always been a popularity contest, it’s a show where Sasha Baron Cohen’s bare ass lands in Eminem’s face, Justin Timberlake does a rehearsed double boob grab, and MTV makes money off the viewership and web hits from people voting.

      You’re taking this awfully seriously. Get a grip. Also I’m fairly certain that other than The Help none of the other films were best picture noms. I’m also confident that movie goers intelligence is well in hand, though I’m not sure the same can be said for “MOVIE GOERS INTELLENCE.” or for “THERE AWARDS SHOW LOST CREDIBILTY” . A piece of advice: grab a cookie, have some sugar, you’ll feel better. The next time you troll (which seems to be a pattern her every time we cover the MTV Awards) spell and grammar check are your friends!

      • SilverTongueDevil says:

        Lexicon needs a “like” button.

      • First of all…I am a girl, a strong independent girl like Hermione, Buffy and Princess Leia. I am not a man dependent girl that is Bella mary sue swan

        The so called fun awards once awarded great films like

        Lord of the rings

        pulp fiction



        MTV have rigged the votes for the past 4 years in favour of twilight because they need the ratings and they were called out for it. In a last ditch effort to save their credibility MTV decided not to nominate the horrible and poorly rated twilight films.

        why will a bad film like breaking dawn be awarded best movie?

        this movie was embarrassing even for the actors. why do you think R-PATZ is trying as much as he can to distant himself from twilight?

        • Just sayin' says:

          what the hell is your problem.. If u don’t like the Twilight then fine but show some respect (well Im not sure if u really know what RESPECT is) I mean, why do u hve to humiliate the twilight? does it make u feel better? (well good 4 u) or does it change everything, the fact that twilight is one of the best movie ever. Just accept the fact and move on.

          For short, SHUT UP!

      • The Help

        Deathly Hallows 2


        All this films were nominated for Oscars and won Bafta and Director Guild Awards and are all highy rated by MOVIE GOERS.

        This three awards are he most pretgeious awards in films

        Name one prestigious awards Twilight has been nominated for.



        Also MOVIE GOERS have spoken visit:




        Tell me the how movie goers rated the Twilight films?


        You hate me because I am exposing the fraud that is going on on at the MTV AWARD

        Am a pop culture expert, so yes I take this stuff seriously and its time people know the truth.

        • Twilight_News says:

          I don’t hate you, I just think you are ridiculously foolish wasting your time on a Twilight fansite trying to save the Twilight fans from their supposed deluded thinking when obviously you have cornered the market on the subjective truth of entertainment awards shows.

          You don’t see me on the Kardashian or Jersey Shore websites trying to tell those fans those items are trash and they shouldn’t waste their time.

          It’s fun entertainment up for an award that NEWSFLASH has always been rigged as a popularity contest since they were started. MTV AWARDS SURFBOARDS…repeat after me…SURFBOARDS…POPCORN CONTAINERS WITH MOONMEN…that’s right MOONMEN.

          This is the show that did a homage to the word *uck, lowered Sasha Baron Cohen from the ceiling and put his bare asscrack in Eminem’s face, and on another memorable show Justin Timberlake talking to a naked Andy Sanberg uttering the immortal line “Your penis looks like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.”..don’t worry, last year her graduated to grabbing Mila Kunis’ boobs.

          I know I’ve put all of this into the proper perspective, maybe you should do the same.

          • Nope what is foolish is bad films like twilight winning awards over great films.

            You…yourself can’t even write the ratings and score of the Twilight films on Meatcritic, rottentomatoes and IMDB because you are too ashamed to admit that movie goers rated the twilight films badly.

            You are also ignorant about the MTV awards since you dont know its history..well let me refresh your memory about all the winners. In fact let me put it into proper prospective for you twihards.

            Lord of the rings the fellowhip of the ring
            Lord of the rings the two towers
            Lord of the rings the return of the king
            Pulp fiction
            The Matrix
            A few good men

            This are all MTV awards winners for best movie…It is foolish to put twilight films on the same list.

            The only people that think the twilight films are great are dumb down teen girls and middle aged housewives fantasising about teen boys like Taylor Lautner.

            Thats disturbing and Pathetic.

            Robert Partz will rather be remembered as Cedric Diggory than the sparkling fairy that is Edward Cullen.

            Funny how Robert’s highest grossing and most critical acclaimed film is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


            Where do I even begin with Kristen Stewart?

            The girl was excellent in Panic Room and now she is viewed as one of the worst actress in Hollywood with no facial expression in addition to 3 consecutive razzies nominations for WORST ACTRESS.

            All thanks to the Twilight films.

            Am very sorry for saying the TRUTH.

        • What are you doing on a Twilight fansite? Quit trolling.

          • Not Trolling.

            What better place to tell the truth about Twilight and MTV’s history of rigging their awards in favour of it?


            This is funny


  4. Twilight_News says:

    Yeah, take a look back at the awards they started in 1992. Here were the nominees for best movie in 1992:

    Terminator 2
    Boyz N The Hood
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    What won…Terminator 2.

    Then there was that time in 2007 when Megan Fox presented with Rainn Wilson who was wearing nothing but a teddy bear on his crotch,

    But wait 2006 was epic with nominees for best movie being (BTW this was the year of Brokeback Mountain)

    Batman Begins
    King Kong
    Sin City
    The 40-Year Old Virgin
    Wedding Crashers …which won

    Like I said fluff awards show that occasionally recognizes artistic merit if only by accident. It is what it is.

    Oh and piece of advice, “the truth is rarely pure and never simple”

    • wedding crasher is not a poorly rated film with bad reviews neither is terminator 2..

      wedding crashers is a 75/100 on rottentomatoes…breaking dawn is a 26/100 on rotten tomatoes

      wedding crasher is still critical acclaimed unlike breaking dawn which was universally panned by critics and movie goers.

      The TRUTH is pure and simple….MTV have rigged the voted for the past 3 years and are now trying to save their credibility.

      • Sabrina13 says:

        WHO CARES! None of us fans do. We live Twilight and it doesn’t matter how many stars it’s rated on rotten tomatoes. We are going to vote daily and BD is is going to win whether you like it or not. A rating on a website or what critics say about the Twilight movies won’t stop us from enjoying a book and movies series.

      • Just like the Energizer bunny . . . they keep going and going and going . . .

        This is a Twilight fan site, filled with Twilight fans. Just what argument are you making that you think anyone here will care about? Are you expecting someone to agree that we shouldn’t enjoy something simply because you don’t or because someone else didn’t?

        Also, I think you may be the only person in the world who confuses the MTV Movie Awards with the Oscars.

        But here’s a hug, ’cause I feel kind of sorry for you. (((boy)))

      • Twilight_News says:

        I love how you selectively look at things that only back your point. Let’s all rally around those enduring and quality movies Robing Hood, Backdraft, and Sin City!

        Like I said it’s a fluff award. You seem to be the only person around who thinks these things are real and you’re spending an awful lot of time on our site. do you think anyone actually cares about winning best fight or best WTF scene. it’s not what you’d call a resume builder!

        Good luck with enjoying life with all that negative energy. Oh and BTW I get ad revenue every time you post here. So thanks for adding to my site maintenance bankroll and for supporting Twilight 🙂

  5. It doesn’t really matter for a show like MTV awards or People’s choice what anything was rated or how it did with fans or non-fans. The only thing that matters is who votes and how many times. The system is automated. I mean, look at who won best jaw dropping moment last year- Justin Beiber. I’m still shaking my head at that one. But hey, that’s how fans voted. They only way in which the show could be rigged is in which movies are up for fans to vote on. It didn’t bother me to see Twilight not in some categories this year, there are some good contenders there, but it did seem odd that it wasn’t up for consideration in “Best on screen transformation.” I voted for HP as best film, but if Twilight had been up for Best transformation, I think it deserved that one. Stewart’s change the last half of the film was gut wrenching and cringeworthy. Nothing else struck me as odd, but that did.

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