Twilight Makes Two of MTV’s Most Memorable Movie Award Moments

MTV has a retrospective of the most memorable moments of the MTV Movies Awards over the years. Twilight contributed to two of the.

2011: ‘Twilight’ Stars Finally Make Out

No, not Best Kiss winners Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who prefer keeping their relationship on the DL. But while R.Pattz and K.Stew enjoying being coy about their rumored romance — teasing MTV Movie Awards audiences with an onstage kiss, yet never quite doing the deed — Rob had no problem locking lips with someone who would “appreciate it a little more”: his other “Twilight” costar, Taylor Lautner. Did we just witness the start of a new movement? Team Edward + Jacob?

2010: Les Grossman: Movie Awards Producer

He’s back! The oily, tough-talking exec played so memorably by Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder” made a surprise appearance to open the 2010 Movie Awards, as he tried to sell “Twilight” hunks Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner an action flick called “Bad-Ass Cops” and cajoled Jaden Smith (with papa Will watching) into breaking his arm. The unsung genius of the Grossman sketch: Bill Hader, reprising his role as Grossman’s studio underling, Rob Slolum, who kisses up to his tyrannical boss even though he’s clearly horrified by his tactics.

Check out the rest of the list at MTV.

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  1. Great, fun memories! =D

    Too bad MTV is being a dick this year. ><

  2. Is Rob attending the MMAs or not? There has been no confirmation uptil this point.

  3. i kinda thought that both vids were alittle wierd

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