Russell Brand to host MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand is slated  to host the MTV Movie Awards. We’re sure it will go better this time. Anyone remember when he actually cut Robert Pattinson off from talking back in 2008 at the VMA’s when MTV debuted the Twilight clip?

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  1. I wasn’t planning on watching the show this year anyways. The HUGE snub to Breaking Dawn pt1, is total BS!!! MTV is only re-affirming my disappointment with them, and frankly, they obviously either DO NOT have their fingers on the pulse of the twilight fandom anymore, or just want to let it die altogether. Seriously, with the snubs, and now THIS (I cannot even say his name, he is a waste of space). First it very rudely cut off Robert Pattinson before, but that’s not the problem. Rob & Kristin are (apparently) close friends with Katy Perry!!! And I am sure they have been trying to be there for her during the divorce from the ‘thing’.

    Cmon MTV!!!

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